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By riccismall [Ignore] at 20,Sep,15 17:58   Pageviews: 282

Yesterday I went fishing with an old friend, we have know each other for many years but were never real close. after meeting at the super market last week we decided to take my boat out and spend a day on the water. We had a good day fishing and caught several nice fish, We headed back to his house so I could drop him off and he asked me to come inside for a couple of drinks and to talk about old times in school. he has a nice home outside of town and has been divorced a few years like me. we mixed a couple of drinks and went out by the hot tub on the patio and just had small talk about the day fishing. after a couple of drinks he suggested we hit the hot tub and I explained I only had the clothes I was wear and didn't bring a swim suit. He said well you can borrow one of mine or get naked like I do and then he dropped his shorts and climbed into the hot tub! I noticed his cock was semi hard and uncut like mine. he told me come on in pussy!! I took off my clothes and sort of hid my smaller cock as I got into the water, we sat across from each other and I noticed he was playing with his cock! I was getting hard watching him and the jets were getting me excited! After a little while he got out naked and mixed another drink and then before getting back into the tub he held his cock and pissed by the fence and his cock was sticking straight out! He laughed and said I guess that Viagra is kicking in! he said I have been watching you look at my dick and I see you are hard, have you ever let a friend suck you cock? I said I have had a few Bi-sexual encounters! I couldn't take my eyes off his thick hairy uncut cock and he sat on the side of the deck and stroked his cock and said I know you want me!! I slid over and lowered my wet lips around his cock and sucked him, he started slow fucking my mouth and the feeling of his uncut foreskin sliding freely in my lips was awesome. I turned in the hot tub so that one of the water jets was shooting into my ass and sucked his cock until he filled my mouth with a full load o wet spunk and I came in the water without any stimulation other than being fucked in my mouth. We spent the next few hours pleasing each other, I will give more details later!

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By #537946 [Ignore] at 26,Aug,17 20:37
Great story wish I had been there to join the pleasure
By riccismall [Ignore] at 27,Aug,17 08:36
We could try this at your place

By stickyknickers [Ignore] at 04,Dec,16 10:16
I have had several orgasms in a friend's hot tub, just from the jets hitting my cock and ass. I love the thought of the cum floating around in the water. Wish I'd been in that tub with you two, as well. I think we could have produced a LOT of cum

By starjack [Ignore] at 04,May,16 04:58
Love to go fishing with you...

By edalguy [Ignore] at 05,Apr,16 19:56
Great story, sounds like a hot afternoon

By #495239 [Ignore] at 22,Nov,15 10:51
Love your story, very hot...

By #437938 [Ignore] at 20,Oct,15 17:38
That story made my sissy clit drip!Would love to spend the week being A sissy girl for both of you.

By #161462 [Ignore] at 24,Sep,15 23:43
you hot sexy guys! Awesome fun!

By #431800 [Ignore] at 23,Sep,15 13:09
got hard reading your story, ready or more

By foreskinlover52 [Ignore] at 21,Sep,15 13:30
Great story..Thanks!

By graeme [Ignore] at 21,Sep,15 05:23
great encounter.

By furluvr [Ignore] at 21,Sep,15 02:55
Looking forward to it!

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