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Surprised me....

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By Derby_Dong [Ignore] at 02,Sep,16 06:26   Pageviews: 92

*EDIT* - apologies, but I'm not proof reading this....I just wrote it in one go from memory. I'm off for a wank now as I'm STILL totally bewildered with what happened.

It's been one of those weeks. I've been working hard, but managed a visit out to see 'my friend'.

Things have been tense, we've not spoken much and I wasn't expecting a in depth how-it-used-to-be conversation. The sun was out, she was sunbathing in the garden (little shorts and a bikini top).

Not much was said, we kind of just sat there for a few hours with the odd bits of conversation.

It was time to go, so I took my stuff back into the kitchen and was about to leave. Turned around and she'd followed me inside.

Not a work was said and she came up and put her arms around me for a hug, her lips against my neck. She had that wonderful smell of skin that you get while outside in the sun.

She squeezed me, quite hard and gave my neck a little kiss. Still nothing was said. I never know what I'm supposed to do in situation like this, so my arms went around her and gave her those little squeezes (I **** those dead hugs where you just stand).

She kissed me again and her hands started to move down my back, towards the bottom of my shorts. Sortof skipping as they went. It was that feeling of electricity where I'm wondering what she's doing and she's not sure.

Her hand hit my leg, at the bottom of my shorts and stopped dead.

I reached down and gave her bum a squeeze. My god it's amazing. She was still kissing my neck, still close.

My fingers went to the top of her shorts and I put my thumb into the waist band....ran it around the top and pushed her back a bit so I could see her face....I looked at her and her lips gently touched mine, still nothing was said.

I felt her hands moving up my leg and I think she realised at this point that I had no underwear cock throbbing hard, pushing into her and she let out a little moan and just put her slender fingers around it and squeezed. The moan she let out was straight into my ear and it just made me harder.

I moved my hands into her little shorts.....down to her bum to check it was still amazingly awesome (it was) and then round to her say it was wet is an understatement.

She started to slowly wank me off before pulling my shorts down, exposing everything, so I done the same to her. Still nothing was said!

The time next just went to a was mind blowingly hot. She came so hard, my fingers and hand was soaking wet. She reached down and started to suck my cock, looking up at me with her eyes, never breaking contact the whole time.

It was amazing, the feeling of seeing her sucking away, playing with my balls and squeezign them as she sucked. I told her I was coming and she finished me off all over her top and between her tits. It was like a tsunami!!!

She stood up and just just put her arms around me again. My cock still twitching, pushing into her soaking wet pussy lips and she let out a moan again.

We just stood there, still saying nothing. I could feel her pussy twitching the whole time my cock was there.....she kept moving her hips and I could feel my head just getting wet.

We had the most intense kiss (I could have quite easily just bent her over the counter and fucked her!!!), then she just bent down, sucked my cock a little bit (which must have been covered in her own juices....that made me even harder), pulled my shorts up and led me to the front door.

We kissed, she smiled and essentially just pushed me out the door.

Horny, confused, happy, satisfied and completely oblivious to what just happened. I got in my car. I just drove home, big smile on my face, totally wet shorts and the smell of an amazing pussy on about everything I had touched/worn.

Women really are not from this solar system. At all.

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By bella! [Ignore] at 02,Sep,16 09:03
This blog surprised me. I thought I read somewhere that you had hoped to go back to being "just" best mates.
By Derby_Dong [Ignore] at 02,Sep,16 09:26
Not as much as it surprised me

It's now more awkward than ever. Barely a word spoke since. I think what makes us close is going to be the thing that drives us apart and ends any kind of friendship.

I think it'll be the last of my friend related blogs, for sure.

By JustWondring [Ignore] at 02,Sep,16 06:31

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