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By Derby_Dong [Ignore] at 21,Sep,16 11:15   Pageviews: 81

Back to square one again, best mate had an utter meltdown last week and has told me to never talk to her again. She's "remembered" how madly in love with her wonderful husband and so doesn't have the time of day for me anymore. That when days before, we had gone away and were yet again (don't shout Bella!) having the most wild sex.

I can't claim to understand what I'm supposed to have done this time....I'm not sure the worlds super computers could figure that mystery out.

Still, got me thinking......

Do you wish you'd had technology like snapchat, phone cameras, videos, etc when you were younger?

Mate was all happy for us to make some videos (providing I watch with her and give her a copy for her own finger entertainment) next time we had some 'time' together (shame that's not going to happen), but it makes you worried where the stuff ends up.

Doesn't take more than a few minutes to find all the leaked pictures, whatsapp, Facebook pictures all over the internet.

Women doing stuff, blokes doing stuff, hell, groups doing stuff - it's like young people just replicating porn. When it's on the internet, it's on for life - it even made that girl commit suicide the other week in Italy as she couldn't escape it.

Part of me thinks we had a lucky escape being able to have wild nights out without any evidence, pressure or complications.

The other half of me, well......I sortof wish I had the fun of my phone beeping and getting sent some of the filth that people share.


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By licksipsuckit [Ignore] at 23,Sep,16 21:32
good on you..lifes for living and you can fuck who ever you like as two consenting adults...fuck what that preaching bitch thinks..she hasn't had a fuck for years and wouldn't know a good time if she fell over it...lm sorry to hear your fuck isn't going to be back...but lm glad you enjoyed the moments you shared while they lasted...we're sexual beings and with or with out the modern devices, we'd find someone to fuck...
women are funny creatures...she might come back yet when she again realises the reason she left her husband in the first place...he was probably a lousy fuck or didn't put out enough...hope you find some more hot pussy to fuck real soon...good luck...*lix*
By Derby_Dong [Ignore] at 24,Sep,16 16:51
Cheers Lix,

I'm trying to not let it all bother me, as judging by the way she's shouting about how happy she is and in love with her most amazing man (I'm sure he wouldn't be so happy to know she was riding another bloke like a pony the other week), she doesn't care.

Such is life, I guess.

By bella! [Ignore] at 21,Sep,16 21:15
Yup, I'm not going to expound on the matter but I think that you are cray-cray!

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