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By Chrissy2012 [Ignore] at 08,Jan,17 07:35   Pageviews: 61

So I agree to drop of the parcel on the way back from the North. Arriving at the private house I get no answer so wait. Then he arrives in his posh car, looking very fit in his suit.

Friendly welcome he asks me to come in so the parcel can be checked. As he checks it I can't help but notice the large bulge in his trousers, I mean he looks big and excited. I look up and see he caught where I was staring, he asks if I like it.

Nodding nervously he leans back against the counter and says take it out have a closer look, I hesitate and in a louder tone he orders "do it"

I kneel down and unzip his trousers, then reach in and fold out his long cock, it must be 10". I don't hesitate now and kiss the head then suck and tease as I slide my hand down the length. Before long I am sliding my mouth up and down but only taking about 1/3 before it makes me gag.

After a short while of moaning Sir grabs my head ordering me to relax and open my mouth, now he literally forces his cock down my throat, I try to breath through my nose and to not gag too much but Sir no longer care she is now thrusting, fucking my mouth.

As my tears flow and I manage to control my gag reflex he groans and I feel his cock pumping, first down my throat then he pulls back filling my mouth and finishing with a spray over my face.

I lick his cock clean and put it back in his trousers, then thank him.

As I leave he says that next time he will fuck me as his wife watches. Then he tells me to fuck off.

Some Men are just so fucking Hot

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By cruisebi [Ignore] at 11,Jan,17 17:23

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