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1st Time - Houston

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By Lynn461 [Ignore] at 09,Jan,17 14:02   Pageviews: 121

I was on a project in Houston. To house the team, we had corporate apartments, 2 to an apartment. One evening, we were out celebrating meeting a major milestone, got a little drunk. My roommate and I returned to our apartment, we decided to keep the celebration going, made some drinks and got very comfortable.

We were sitting around, when he stood up and stripped; then sat back on the couch and dared me to strip. I asked him why? He said I had a nice body, he wanted to have sex with me. He sad he knew I wanted to be laid. I was shocked by the answer. I was looking at a very nice looking naked male. It had been many years for me. I had been introduced to gay sex, several years before. At the time, I was not sure of myself or my feelings. My introduction had started as a forced encounter. I was introduced in the beginning, against my wishes. I discovered I had enjoyed myself, but in the end I had hidden my feelings away for many years. When I saw him naked, it all came back, I made my decision very quickly. I wanted him. I wanted to give him sexual pleasure. I wondered what he was going to think when he found out I was wearing panties and what would happened when my true self come out; as I knew it did where ever I got naked.

I stood, I turned my back to him, let my short drop to floor; reached under my shirt and starting taking my panties off, slowing over one hip at a time, letting them drop to the floor, then stepping out of them. I started unbuttoning my shirt, slipping it off; over one shoulder at a time; letting it fall to the floor. Standing naked, I stood there putting on a show for him. I was feeling very feminine and sensual. I was enjoying letting him take in my naked body, I was posing for him. I turned around and let him look at me. His body told me he liked what he was seeing, his cock was getting hard. I was getting turned, I was enjoying myself. I started walking toward him; I felt my softer, feminine personality taking control of me. A change in my movements, the flow of my walk, my emotions.

I wanted to be with him. I stopped, drank a couple of shots to give me a little liquid courage; then I started moving toward him. When I reached him, I pushed my body against his, then I took his face in my hands and gave a long and deep kiss. I pushed him back on the couch, went to my knees; pushed his legs apart; I could see his glorious cock waiting for me. I moved in between his legs, slowly using my tongue, I worked my way slowly up and down the shaft, finally taking him into my mouth. I started licking the tip, working it slowly into my mouth, taking him deep into my mouth. I loved the taste of his cock, the feeling as it slide in and out. When he was ready to cum, he started to pull his cock out; I think I surprised him, by holding him in my mouth; letting him cum in my mouth; swallowed, then I finished him, by sucking him dry and licking every drop off of his cock. I was doing it the way I had been taught, to please him.

When I finished him, I sat facing him on the couch, I wrapped my arms around his neck and French kissed him, long and deep. As our bodies came together and touched, a thrill shot through me. We kissed, explored each other, he sucked and licked my nipples. He told me to lie down on the couch, he laid on top me, I wrapped my legs around him pulling him close to me. I loved the feel of his body on me. After a while, he stood up took my hand, pulled me up, put his arm around my waist and led me toward the bedroom. I was excited, nervous and afraid; but I was so aroused; all I could think of was getting him into bed.

We went into the bedroom, got in bed, I cuddled to him and we played around a while longer. After a while; he handed me a bottle of oil and told me to rub it on his cock. He moved me onto to back, then move in between my legs, pulling my legs up and around him, then slowly inserted his cock into me; it felt so good, so very natural. I let out a squeal of excitement. I pushed against him to **** his cock in deeper. I loved the feel of his cock and the sensation of it being in me. I was loving every movement of it. I was very pleased with myself. I had never felt so sexually aroused, pleasured or satisfied from sex. He kissed me as he cum, I felt complete. I had never had sex with my partner on top of me. I loved it, I could see him, he played with my breasts, licked and sucked my nipples. I realized this was a part of me that had been missing and I was thrilled with the re-discover of it and knew this would not be the last time; but a beginning.

When our bodies first touched, a wave of emotions came over me. It was thrilling, filled me with overwhelming desires. I felt desirable, feminine, and very sexy. I knew I would never be the same; I had fulfilled **** wants and sexual desires deep within me. I knew I had discovered something about myself; I had never enjoyed myself as much as I had being with a man; having him use me for sexual pleasure, to please him. I had never before felt so satisfied or complete from sex as I did that night. I was excited discovering this desire and personality, I wanted this change in me; I knew I was being changed forever.

I came to understand I had made a subconscious decision; I had accepted being a bottom; and feminine. I had accepted this part of me. I wanted to enjoy the role to its fullest. I was conscious of my feminine personality and found no problem with letting it control of me. From the beginning it came out strong. I found I was quite comfortable and pleased. I had experience my feminine side with my previous teacher; but never like this night.

As the nights pasted, I fully embraced my new personality. Shaving my legs, started wearing lingerie, nylons, some make-up. I loved this persona; I was enjoyed exploring and expanding the personality; letting it develop and take control of me.

I had always wore my hair long; I decided to let it grow out longer, expand my wardrobe, make-up, and lost a little weight to improve my figure, all to complete my transformation. I enjoyed traveling the path to my transformation, exploring and developing my feminine self. I was very pleased with the new me. I found I liked nothing better than being dressed and being with a man. I have stayed with my preference for the man being on top; but once in a while, I let a partner take me from behind; especially in the shower..

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By #446110 [Ignore] at 24,May,17 20:30
hot story, thnx for sharing.

By mywusch [Ignore] at 25,Mar,17 09:21
this story turns me on
By Lynn461 [Ignore] at 28,Apr,17 09:38
Glad it did

By uncut1944 [Ignore] at 09,Jan,17 15:09
Only a guy can really please another guy. Know what it takes to be turned on.
By Lynn461 [Ignore] at 28,Apr,17 09:38
That is so right. Only a man knows what to do and please, also enjoy. My ex wife always complained about performing oral. I have never understood why, I have find performing very enjoyable, from the first time. I find it a very nice pleasure and enjoy giving it as much as the person receiving.

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