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Watching Cum Shots Turned me Bi ?

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By nolongercurious [Ignore] at 31,May,17 16:50   Pageviews: 166

Wow, the last couple weeks have been a whirlwind of change. I posted something on Craig's List wanting a guy who had sent some masterbation vids to send me more. My post drew responses from other guys. We exchanged dick pics and suddenly things were set up for meetings with guys.

The first guy never showed up and I was kind of relieved but disappointed too.

I met with the next guy, we blew each other, I sucked cock for the first time and there was no doubt in my mind that I was going to finish him in my mouth and swallow his cum. I did and I loved it.

The next day I met up with a guy that only wanted a blow job, he even wanted me to keep my clothes on. I loved being used like that. His cock was so tasty and he came a lot. I swallowed it all which surprised, me being a rookie cock sucker. I guess I was officially bi after that weekend.

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By bobsmall [Ignore] at 06,Jan,19 06:00
hey I just found your blog. I'm very similar. married very frustrated at home. I started meeting guys to suck on craigslist, now working on alternatives. iv e sucked a total of eight different guys, but 3 are repeats. more would be but I lost them with craigslist.

so look me up if you wanna blow job in Maine! no reciprocity expected

and keep up the good work
By nolongercurious [Ignore] at 11,Jan,19 19:25
Doublelist has worked well for me as does adam4adam

By JimmyFunBoy [Ignore] at 24,Feb,18 18:03
Before going behind closed doors, I always meet for the first time in a safe public place such as at a restaurant or a coffee shop.
By nolongercurious [Ignore] at 07,Mar,18 08:50
Better safe than sorry, what state do you live in?
By JimmyFunBoy [Ignore] at 09,Mar,18 13:25
Central coast of California.

By #525094 [Ignore] at 26,Jun,17 04:50
Im scared of craigs list. I met this one guy for some car sex in a parkinglot and i got raped. It was fun but they took my ass hard 3 0f them. So i dont do that anymore. They did me bareback.
By nolongercurious [Ignore] at 26,Jun,17 11:51
Damn, that sucks.

By homemadeexibitionist [Ignore] at 10,Jun,17 19:54
i really need you to suck me bi curious never have but id only want a bj right now too that ok/
By nolongercurious [Ignore] at 10,Jun,17 21:54
Heck yes, happy to

By #446110 [Ignore] at 02,Jun,17 13:18
congrats NLC, I'm considering the same thing as you. I've sent out a couple of feelers and am being cautious. thnx for sharing your story; it's nice to know we're not alone!
By nolongercurious [Ignore] at 09,Jun,17 06:08
Good luck

By stickyknickers [Ignore] at 09,Jun,17 05:05
I'd love you to suck my cock you clothed and me naked!
By nolongercurious [Ignore] at 09,Jun,17 06:07

By bella! [Ignore] at 31,May,17 18:32
It's nice that you enjoyed your experiences but what took you so long?
By nolongercurious [Ignore] at 01,Jun,17 07:15
I guess that when the student is ready the teacher will appear.

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