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By bigboypel [Ignore] at 01,Jun,17 19:44   Pageviews: 231

This seriously just happened. ..
I checked into my hotel room early so I can get some computer work done before it got late. I put mu bag down, undressed to my underwear to be comfortable, and started emailing away.
Work done...time to relax. I finished getting undressed, sat on the sofa, logged on to load some pics that I had just taken...
I guess I left the door unlocked. I guess the front desk assigned this lady my room by mistake.
So, here I am, looking at your pics, stroking myself to get hard, and in walks MILF! "Uh...hi! Can I help you with that?", was all she said. I'm thinking, "well, sure" But, still unable to speak, I just stood up as she walked further iinto the room. Now she has my stubby hard on in her hands, continuing to stroke it, and smiling like a little girl in a candy store. "Keep going" I said, and removed her blouse and bra. What lovely full breasts she had. I dropped my head to start sucking on her nipples, alternating, giving each ample action.
She pulled away, unbuttoned her pants, and let them drop to the floor. I had to finish the task. So, I turned her around to view her full round ass and slowly lowered her panties. As I reached between her thighs, i noticed just how excited she was. Wet with anticipation, I bent her over and began tasting her glorious womanhood. Licking pussy is my favorite sexual act! I held her hips tight and worked my tongue, vigorously, around her swollen clit until she couldn't handle it. Her knees shaking. Biting her lip.
she furned around, grebbed my hand, and lead me to the bed. We kissed forthe first time as we fell to the mattress , fondling each other. Wanting to taste my cock, she moved around and climbed into a glorious 69 position. We continued to orally express our pleasure of meeting this way...her sucking all of my little dick into her licking and sucking on her button. Both of us are panting with lust, eager to thrill the other and be victorious.
I WON! She started holding her breath, and I knew she was ready. I sucked on her clit until her body started shaking . She sas holding back for as long as possible before she had to let go. Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh! But she didn't slow down for long! Back on my shaft, herd mouth and hands worked furiously to finish what she started! She got what she wanted. ..and i don't think I've shot that much cum in years. Like a good little MILF, she swallowed it all.
i looked at her and said, Well, that was fun" Smiling graciously, she got dressed and replied, "See you later." before walking out of the room.
Through the peep-hole, i spied her enterimg the room across the hall.

I hope to see her later...

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By mywusch [Ignore] at 22,Apr,18 12:51
would you like to have a taste from GF pussy?
By bigboypel [Ignore] at 22,Apr,18 12:59
If I get to Germany, I'd like to have several tastes of her pussy!

By #446110 [Ignore] at 02,Jun,17 13:07
lucky you!
By bigboypel [Ignore] at 02,Jun,17 20:08
Unfortunately (and unluckily ) I didn't see her later...oh well. At least our first meeting was a blast!

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