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What I really want for Christmas this year

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By MM_DD [Ignore] at 18,Dec,17 22:20   Pageviews: 66

My husband hasn't had an orgasm in over a week—and as his devoted cocksucker husband, I'm going through some serious cum withdrawals.

Let me explain: Under normal circumstances, it's not difficult for him to have an orgasm. He usually has one when I'm giving him a blowjob, I swallow his load, and all is well. However, whenever he's sick—especially if he's come down with some sort of seasonal crud that hangs on, even if it's just a head cold—it's very difficult for him, if not outright impossible, to climax. Over the years I've learned that whenever this happens, it's best not to even try to get him off until he starts feeling better; otherwise, he just ends up feeling guilty and I end up feeling frustrated.

So early last week when he started feeling yucky with what appeared to be a head cold, I feared this might be one of those occasions—and sure enough, it is. Despite his best efforts to combat it, the seasonal crud settled in pretty solid by the end of the week, leaving him feeling miserable and me, as his sympathetic husband, to deal with the fact that my regular supply of cum was going to be cut off for a while.

The last time he was sick like this was last spring. He couldn't have an orgasm for almost two weeks. It was frustrating for us both, but we endured. After several futile efforts on my part to break the spell with my standard blowjob, the dam finally burst at the end of the two-week drought when I used a Hitachi Magic Wand massager on his penis. Those intense vibrations directly on his frenulum did the trick.

In our over two decades together, I can honestly say I don't think I've ever witnessed him have a more intense orgasm than the one he had that day. It was fucking incredible and hot as hell. His entire body tensed up, and when he came he cried out like he was experiencing the most intense pleasure and the most intense pain simultaneously. He continued crying out loudly throughout the entire climax. His body writhed and jerked like crazy, but I held the massager firmly in place. I wanted to make sure I milked him completely. His orgasm lasted two to three times longer than usual, and my God, the cum—the CUM—he shot more cum than I've ever seen him shoot. It just kept spurting out like a gusher. I regretted not putting my lips over the tip of his glans so I could swallow that incredible load, but in this instance I felt like the moment should be all about him—his release, his satisfaction—not about me being selfish and wanting all that cum for myself.

Finally, after what seemed almost like an eternity, his orgasm subsided. He was completely and totally swept. His stomach and chest were soaked in cum. He was panting heavily in sheer exhaustion and still moaning even though it was over. But the important thing was, he came. Finally, the drought was over. I gave him a warm, deep kiss and congratulated him and told him how much I loved him. Everything went back to normal after that.

...which brings us to our current situation. As of this writing, my husband still feels sick, so I suspect this will be a repeat of last spring: a two-week drought that will hopefully be brought to an end thanks to the effective vibrations of the Hitachi Magic Wand on his sweet spot.

So it will be just like last spring—but with one caveat.

This time, I'm going to be a little selfish. This time, I want a special Christmas present.

This time, when the dam breaks, my lips will be firmly attached to the tip of my husband's exposed glans. This time, I want that fucking gusher to shoot straight into my mouth. And this time, I will eagerly and voraciously devour every single sweet drop of cum as it shoots from his penis like I'm the hungriest gay man on the planet. This time, it's not all about him; it's also about me and what I want—and what I want is all that cum. My mouth is absolutely watering with anticipation of the sheer quantity of his load, not to mention the thrill of the intensity of his orgasm.

That's what I really want for Christmas this year. I truly can't wait.

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By tb1 [Ignore] at 18,Dec,17 23:59
I feel as though we have just had a wonderful present from MM, great write up my friend, thanks for sharing. Sadly, there will not likely be any pictures, you’ll each have too much to focus on
By MM_DD [Ignore] at 19,Dec,17 06:54
Thanks, my friend. It's amazing what a week of pent-up, unsatisfied sexual desire will do. Definitely no pics, but I hope knowing what's going to happen will give you something exciting to think about.
By tb1 [Ignore] at 19,Dec,17 07:15
oh yeah
By MM_DD [Ignore] at 19,Dec,17 07:39

By pifad [Ignore] at 19,Dec,17 05:34
For all the love you two share, I truly hope you get what you want this year for Christmas. ❤️
By MM_DD [Ignore] at 19,Dec,17 06:54
Thank you, my friend. I truly hope the same for you too. ❤️

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