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Amateur or Pro?

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By Shugga101 [Ignore] at 19,Dec,17 08:28   Pageviews: 108

I was wondering if I can get comments on Shugga, my wife. My question was, Amateur or Pro?

i.e. Housewife or Porn Star. Who gets the juices flowing more? To be honest, big silicone breasted gum chewing American porn stars turn me off a little. Give me a natural woman who does it not for money but simply because she loves to fuck.

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By kre8tor69 [Ignore] at 24,Feb,18 16:15
I live in the centre of porn central in California! I know many porn stars. Most are just fine gals that make their living in porn and or stipping. makes a lot more $$$ than any 9-5 job ever pays and only "works" a very few hours a month! Yes some are stupid as a rock and others are lexies sucking cock for the money only. But most are gals that love fucking and can not get enough from a couple of dumb cocks like most girls. So they got into porn for the sexy fun of it and the money. But the good ones sure can fuck and offer a lot of pleasure to who ever gets to play with them . They also have a lot of experience so that elps to. Your comment is taken to heart but I think it really only goes to the individual gal you play with. As a swinger we found lots of guys that had big cocks that did nothing with it except jam it in! Also many gals that only sucked cocks because they knew men wanted it done but they were terrible at most all sexy things they did. Again it all depends on the person you choose to play with. Pick better gals or guys and you will get better sex! Your lady sure does look like she would be very fun and most likely good at sucking cock as well. Maybe she has had a lot of practice on yours and man others too!
By Shugga101 [Ignore] at 26,Apr,18 08:56
Well said. Depends on the individual.

By leopoldij [Ignore] at 23,Feb,18 11:28
As for Shugga, she's hot, hot, hot! She's natural and hot!

By leopoldij [Ignore] at 23,Feb,18 11:27
Here's a natural pussy: /0l3ds16rdc8spic.html

By leopoldij [Ignore] at 23,Feb,18 11:25
"To be honest, big silicone breasted gum chewing American porn stars turn me off a little. Give me a natural woman who does it not for money but simply because she loves to fuck."


By kre8tor69 [Ignore] at 05,Jan,18 20:52
We here were swingers for many many years! The best and most fun for any sexy fun times are real people looking to enjoy themselves with others believing in the same thing. Sex can be just for fun and no need to be part of peoples romantic love life. We had lots of fun with couples and some M or F singles during that time. We made a lot of friends that we granted lots of benefits!

We live in the center of the porn industry and have met many gals in the business. Some are what you described and yet many are just lovely gals doing porn as a way to make a living. One we knew was very famous and said she leaned she could make more money in one movies shot than she could in one week at a "real" job and there she still had to fight off the sex advances of coworkers. In the business she got laid as much as she wanted by dicks the size she liked. She only worked a couple of days a month and the rest was just for her fun!

We loved most all of the folks we played with. The worst of them were always couples trying to add notches to their bed posts and dis not care at all for who ever they got them from. We bet they were not so nice folks any way and never even slept with any of them.

Had a couple of gals we knew that were working pros. Made living on their backs as they say. Also very nice young gals. They were kids of swingers we met at sex parties. I talked with them to find out the reason they did that job and how they learned to stay safe ans sane. Both turned out to be very nice kids (25+ each)

Also met one housewife that fucked for extra mony for her family during the day when kids were in school! It takes all kinds for sure!

By Frenal66 [Ignore] at 23,Dec,17 11:16
Definitely amateur! Like you said, pros get paid to fuck...housewifes and girlfriends do it because they love the cock! haha

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