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By smoothcocky [Ignore] at 21,Dec,17 16:24   Pageviews: 117

I love being naked...I walk round my home naked as often as possible and I especially love being naked in nature. Being naked in public is also fantastic so I like nudist beaches or resorts or clubs - makes me feel totally free from all inhibitions.

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By #547873 [Ignore] at 23,Jan,18 05:10
I often go naked at home or when driving. Love being able to touch my cock so easily!
By smoothcocky [Ignore] at 23,Jan,18 16:13
Love to sit on my verandah naked....neighbours can see me if they look carefully !! Love your photos !
By #547873 [Ignore] at 27,Feb,18 03:17
Me too, i have a balcony and its great to feel the sun and breeze on my cock balls and ass! Although shielded from view, an occasional gust of wind reveals my naked cock to any passing neighbours. Love to masturbate outdoors!
By smoothcocky [Ignore] at 27,Feb,18 16:04
Wanking outdoors is my favourite pastime !! Even better if you can do it with someone !!

By dura2000 [Ignore] at 14,Feb,18 18:31
Me too, I go to my local nude beach as often as I can, love walking around naked in front of others.
By dura2000 [Ignore] at 14,Feb,18 18:31
I like it when they look at my cock.
By smoothcocky [Ignore] at 15,Feb,18 17:35
Well, I like looking at your cock as well!!

By smoothcocky [Ignore] at 28,Jan,18 16:17
Spent the larger part of today naked around the house...also on the veranda which is visible to neighbours. Got so horny I just had to help myself !!

By mywusch [Ignore] at 14,Jan,18 07:37
me too! allways neked at home and in garden /in summer like nude beaches too
By smoothcocky [Ignore] at 14,Jan,18 17:21
I spent almost the whole day today naked at home..fantastic !

By #543844 [Ignore] at 27,Dec,17 12:59
Being naked is the best feeling in the world
By smoothcocky [Ignore] at 27,Dec,17 17:36
You have great pics ! Love your smoothness ! Wouldn't say no to getting naked with you !

By Alwaysnude [Ignore] at 22,Dec,17 11:17
Me to I love being nude in front of others my best buddy and I go skinny dipping all over Ca so much fun even places that are not nude beaches
By smoothcocky [Ignore] at 22,Dec,17 17:16
Love a skinny dip ! A skinny walk in the bush is just as amazing !

By smokieb69 [Ignore] at 22,Dec,17 03:51
me too! I love being naked when i can. Used to go to Sandy bay when i could. also love being naked at gym, in the sauna or steam room
By smoothcocky [Ignore] at 22,Dec,17 17:13
Wow ! Your pics are amazing ! Wish I could join you on the beach !

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