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A drive, a sulk, a piss and sex!

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By Derby_Dong [Ignore] at 24,Dec,17 08:44   Pageviews: 65

Had a bit of a weird night.

Always hot and cold with the woman I see (spoke about lots in previous blogs) and have sex with. When it's good, it's amazing, when it's bad, it's horrific!

Anyhow...she was out for drinks with a friend, so I offered her a lift home when she was done. Picked up up in the car about 11pm and we went and grabbed a quick hot chocolate and gave her the usual choice:

1. Go home
2. Drive around

If she says home, it means she's 'off' and I've done something or said something wrong or she's just feeling guilty.

If she says 'drive around' it means we usually end up having mental sex somewhere. She loves the risk and being seen, so it's usually somewhere that's quiet, but public!

Drove around for a while and went into the countryside and found a quiet lane. Pulled over into a bit of a field and turned the engine off. We sat, joke, talked and laughed like always.

She sat there with her coat on - the car was hot as hell - pretty much set the tone that she wasn't about to do anything. Yawned, said she was tired after about 5 minutes and said she wanted to go.

Game over.

Started the engine and drove back towards home, when she tells me she's desperate for a wee!! Quite a distance from home, I laughed "should have gone where we were parked!!!".

She said it's the closest place, so quickly head back there. Turned the car around and drove back....parked up and she just sat next to me, pulled her boots off, her leggings and jean/short things and was totally naked from the waist down, sat next to me!!!

She got out the car, went around the back and obviously had a pee! She was stood outside for a few minutes, just off a main road (a quiet one) just utterly naked! She walked in front of the car, so I done the gentlemanly thing and put the lights on to light her up!

Clear as day, totally naked from the waist down - everything on show, it was awesome!

I was given the finger and she climbed back into the passenger side. I was expecting her to get dressed, but she stayed naked......feet up on the dashboard.

Never sure if it's a trap or if she's teasing, she just said "If you're not going to play with me, then I'll do it...." reached down and slipped her fingers between her pussy lips and started to play with herself!! Letting out some little gentle moans, I could see her start to get a finger or two in - her pussy was wet as fuck!

My cock was rock hard (had been for a while) and she could see this, so she reached over and helped it out of my bottoms and started to stroke it!

Wanting to return the favour, I reached over and started to kiss her and ran my hands down her body.....she grabbed my hand and made me push my 4 fingers inside her. It was tight as fuck, but she literally forced them into her, arching her back and letting out a massive dirty moan.

Once they were in, she looked at me and told me to fuck her with my fingers while she cums - she was so wet, the noise was amazing - my fingers were dripping wet and I done as she asked and just fucked her with my fingers.

She came - hard!!!! Her pussy practically ripped my fingers off and she just sat there shuddering on the passenger side. Her eyes rolled back into her head, flush red.

She came too, reached over and ripped my bottoms down - it's not often she's so forcefull - she knew what she wanted and was horny enough to just tell me.

She grabbed my rock hard cock and put it into her mouth and started to suck - hard!!!! She heard me gasp - she was being rough, really going to town!!! She must have felt me tense up which made her do it harder!!

She stopped, took it out resting on her lips and looked at me and just smiled. Turned back to my cock, spat on it and just rammed it into her mouth, sucking so hard my toes were curling.

IT was fucking epic - I've fucked her so hard before, she couldn't walk the next day, so this was clearly payback!!!

She stopped as quick as she started, reached up to me and just shoved her tongue into my mouth while climbing over to the drive seat, straddling me.

Never taking her tongue out of my mouth, I could taste what she'd been doing - I love fucking her and going down on her (never after I've came though), the juices get me proper going like they do to her.

She grabbed my cock and just slid it into her. We fucked. Hard!!! I grabbed her hair and pulled while pounding her....she was fucking me back, just as hard - the car windows were dripping the car was so hot!!

I'm amazed, but this carried on for about 10 minutes - relentless pounding, her reaching down and playing with her clit as we fucked and she came hard.

I said I was going to cum and she normally pulls off, but she didn't.....my cock started to pulse and I came inside her. What felt like shot after shot. She just collapsed on me and we were done.

She climbed back to her seat, had a bit of a rest, got dressed and said home with a big smile. I got a text later saying it was amazing.....with a little video of her fingering herself, with what I guess was my cum and putting her fingers into her mouth.

She told me to remember that spot.....she wants to go back!!!

Epic. Happy Christmas all!!!

(best of all - she's told me she wants to make some video....!! can't wait!

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By tb1 [Ignore] at 25,Dec,17 06:58
W W, good times

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