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Third Gay Sexual Encounter

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By alanhuk [Ignore] at 27,Dec,17 15:23   Pageviews: 173

Third Gay Sexual Encounter

The day for an eagerly anticipated return visit to a fairly local Gay Sauna and Spa arrived!

The opportunity arose again last week and so I decided to go on a compulsory naked day (they have three each week) where clients are not allowed to wear anything, not even a towel wrapped around – just a 50cm/18” square hand towel!

The guy on reception was friendly and helpful, gave me a tiny towel and gave me a loyalty card, my second visit to Sheffield!

In preparation, I had totally shaved my under arms, chest, stomach, pubes, arse and thighs!

I had decided to go early, (it opens at 10am, special “early bird” price too) and I was about number 12 to arrive. There were two or three other guys stripping off, me down to my normal black thong, placed everything into the locker. Then my thong came off and I squeezed my manhood into a chunky donut stainless steel cockring!

I got chatting to a younger guy who later introduced himself as Colin.

We went upstairs to the showers together. Nice to freshen up, there was no contact!

I decided to explore upstairs as I had too little time on my first visit!

With a semi hardon, towel over my shoulder I walked across to one of the video rooms, tiered seats for maybe 15/20 guys – but only one other guy and me. We sat apart after giving each of our manhood’s admiring looks! We both remarked that the two young guys on the video having sex outdoors was a far cry from a dull Sheffield on a December Saturday morning!

From there, I ventured past some of the cabins but not much happening, nor was there in the sling or “X-frame” areas! One or two guys, like me, wandering around – surprisingly that day, almost everyone were totally shaved or least with very trimmed pubes! The dark room gave me a slight fright, it was darker than I expected and as I moved into it, all I could just about see was a guy approaching me – it was me – reflected in a large mirror!

I then went down to the hot tub. I stood for a minute or so looking around, no one there but me – but went in. It’s a nice tub!

Two young guys came into the room, stood around a bit and went on walkabout!

Both looked good, one smooth and slim and toned, the other not so tall and the only guy I saw with a full bush!

After a few minutes I went around to the (dry) sauna. This was hot. It is a “U” shaped sauna cabin with enough light in the first area but almost dark in the rear portion.

A few of us in the dark rear part, but as it was early, it was not as hot as I like so I moved into the lighter part. Colin was in there – he does not like dark sections he told me!

It was hot, very; we were both sweating well, sat together, touching actually. He said he liked me smooth and the cockring, could he touch me – “of course” I replied!

So we began to play, both nipples first and then each of us dropped a hand to explore chest and stomach, pubic area and now semi erect cocks! Colin’s pubic area was very well trimmed, not quite smooth but good to feel. He said he enjoyed nipple play but he had worked out that my cock is connected to my nipples and by now I was erect! We both moved the spare hand to touch our taint and hold each other’s scrotum, playing with the individual balls!

We then both were fondling our cockheads, my foreskin had been slipped fully down he was circumcised so was already there! We started to masturbate each other, precum appeared but Colin asked that I did not make him ejaculate as that would end his day! He continued with me, slowly, but inevitably, I ejaculated, over both out stomachs!!

A big guy was watching us, no more than an arm’s length away – we agreed with him it was fun! He was totally covered (heads, neck, chest, stomach, pubic area, cock, legs, back) in a jigsaw style tattoo. Normal size ‘pieces’ some plain, many making a scene, some coloured. Amazing!

We then parted, Colin to explore, me to shower and then into steam room!

Almost continuous pulses of steam this time which got very hot!

A few guys came in for a few minutes then left – it was hot!

I went back to the hot tub to relax and think about the moment when a guy I had never met had played with my nipples, masturbated me to the point of ejaculation within 30minutes of arriving!

Then back to sauna. Colin followed me in – not sure this was accidental!

It was busy now, so we sat together with another guy – fully shaved! We looked good together I thought!

I went straight to Colin’s nipple with an arm around his neck; the other hand was straight to his balls and cock! In turn he was grasping my now fully erect cock and also the guy on his left also – I therefore moved my hand from Colin’s nipple to the third guy!

We played for a few minutes and then my cock could take no more – I exploded two or three times all over my thigh as Colin was holding me downwards towards him!

After edging Colin again he was weeping cum!

We all rested and then went to showers to clean up!

I was pleased to have played with two guys at once and cum on two occasions – but I never found that difficult!!

I am planning two more Sauna visits, one in France and one in Germany in the New Year – on business trips!

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By mike50 [Ignore] at 11,Feb,18 15:03
wish I could have been there I would have set next you

By andy99 [Ignore] at 27,Dec,17 22:18
Interesting & stimulating story, I got hard reading! Did you kiss at all or was it all nipples & gentitals?
By alanhuk [Ignore] at 28,Dec,17 03:14
glad you were aroused...might have been a gentle kiss!!

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