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By JoJoSeals [Ignore] at 30,Dec,17 07:08   Pageviews: 161

Maybe its just me but it seems like I'm seeing more couples on here which is great,I started here as a couple and after her embarrassed ass calmed down we had a lot of fun ,she didn't like chatting much because she said it felt like she was cheating, I told her this was just talking and fantasy and she could do anything she wanted on here, which brings me to a question that has come up ,if you are a couple and either one of you chat with other people when you are together do you think this would stop someone from cheating because they get to play with other people on here ? I don't know, will threesome's have that effect or drive a partner into affairs ? I don't know,I'd like to hear what you think. I really think its great for couples to be on here together, I know when I start dating again I'm going to bring her along and hope she likes it as much as I do, I have more fun on here when I have someone close to share this site with and a few months ago it was another member that I got extremely close with, I'll never forget the night that I was getting ready to log out and I quickly looked through the new members, there were four new women so I said high to all of them, the only one that responded was one without a photo which doesn't bother me but we both knew within ten minutes that this was different, we didn't know each other ,hadn't seen each other but we had so much in common and were even ending each others sentences ! For the next six weeks we chatted at least six hours a day but usually eight to ten but the point is I had so much fun with just her, this sight enhanced whatever we felt between us and that's what I mean, this is a great tool, I think, for couples to use and by all means please talk to other members I promise you that it will put some rocket fuel into your libido ! So cum one,cum all and please bring your significant other you might be really surprised at how much fun you will have on here.

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By spooky [Ignore] at 07,Apr,18 04:18
Interesting observations. I love to fuck a woman whilst we are either in Chaterbate on in this site or other pic post sites. I love it in Chaterbate because they can hear us fucking and reading the comments. Sometime we let someone call in, I put the phone on speaker so we don't have to deal with it and that everyone can listen. We love people telling how to postion ourselves so that they can see as much as possible. The interesting thing has been that more women call than men. The fun thing is that the woman I am fucking is talking to the woman on the phone who is telling us what she wants to see us do. The vast majority want to see my cock clearly going in and out of the woman's cunt. I love it, she loves it and it gets me so worked up that I cum way to quick.... I really get off on the fact that the women I fuck are getting off on it too. /zhabtsgrjf2fpic.html
By JoJoSeals [Ignore] at 07,Apr,18 04:26
Very fun and hot life ,yes women seem to be hiding a few **** desires which seem to be coming out more nowadays .women know what they want and evidently what we want also. Thanx for reading and your input, keep up the fucking !!!

By #516202 [Ignore] at 28,Feb,18 01:58
I agree with you.this site libido and we invited members for sex and they were kind to meet and had fun.
By JoJoSeals [Ignore] at 28,Feb,18 01:59
Yes, that's wonderful, this is a really great site !!!

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