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Better late than never

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By JoJoSeals [Ignore] at 30,Dec,17 10:05   Pageviews: 165

That's what my oldest daughter told me when I told her,after 16 years that i had started dating a 29 year old stripped and yes I know they liked to be called dancer's, I'm not being disrespectful as a matter of fact I won't go to strip joints because of the way women are treated but anyway yes me at my she dating a hot ,young dancer ! I couldn't believe it either and I was all by chance. My best friend at the time had some medical problems and needed rides back and fourth to the hospital several miles away so I was glad to help, I lived alone,kids grown and you heard me right, I had not dated or had sex for 16 years after my divorce, I had my daughter's most of the time and worked full time, I didn't want to **** a new woman on my kids,divorce is hard enough so I just focused on them.well time goes by and kids grow up and next thing I know its been that long,I had gotten comfortable with being alone,drinking with a couple good friends and working around the house so I wasn't looking for a woman and didn't even think about it the day I met her.we had came back from the hospital that cold day in March of 2016 ,I dropped him off,helped him inside his apartment and was standing in the kitchen by the door when in came this tall,slender gorgeous girl bouncing in wanting something out of the refrigerator which I was next to, she got a drink out of the fridge, bounced over to me only a couple inches from my face and said "You're good looking" she turned around and asked my buddy where he had been hiding me and bounced out the door over to another apartment where she was partying with some friends, my buddy laughed and told me who she was and I left and went home,a couple days later he told me she wanted to know if I would ask her out and I laughed and told him she was to young and forgot about it, this went on for a few weeks, she was staying with my friend to help him after his surgery, she and her family were friends of my buddy so the more time I spent with my friend the more I got to know his friend and soon yes I asked her to go to my house with me to watch a movie and well,she never left until she left for good.The reason this is so memorable is because she was the first person I had sex with in 16 years and I will never forget that as long as I live, it was like losing my virginity all over again, I couldn't believe sex felt so fucking good, I had honestly forgot ! We took it slow ,got to know each other and the most I did for a couple weeks was finger her which again was blowing my mind,16 years !!! Eventually though it happened and like out of some cheesy romance novel, music was playing, we were making out and something came up in me that I still can't describe, I stood up picking her up with me,carried her to the bed, undressed her and myself and buried my cock inside her almost in one move, from then on it was bliss ! A high that only that moment in my situation could give me, it really is a hazey memory but clear enough not to forget, we absolutely fucked each other silly for ,I don't know how long,maybe an hour or close to it, I ended up on the bottom, she in reverse cowgirl and I felt it coming, like a wave of sheer fucking ecstasy ,I was going to cum, after so long ,I was going to cum and she knew it, as my moans became shouts ,she pumped me harder until just at the exact moment, she hoped off me slid my cock into her mouth and sucked me as I came for what seemed like , well it seemed like time stopped, I was in slow motion, cumming like I had never done before and in that moment I knew what they were talking about in those cheesy romance novels. That was a fucking orgasm ! One that I will never forget and will always thank her for giving me,bringing me back to the land of personal contact in the most intimate way,we didn't stay together, after a couple months she needed to go, reconnect with family a few states away and eventually we lost touch all together but I will never forget her and sometimes when I think of her I can hear my daughter,"Its better late than never"

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By #540910 [Ignore] at 22,Mar,18 21:07
Wow! I'd say you had about the most exciting experience you could have, one that will provide wonderful fantasies forever! Lucky You!
By JoJoSeals [Ignore] at 22,Mar,18 21:09
Yes I was lucky, I would have never imagined such a great experience, thanx for hour time and input

By onthelose [Ignore] at 31,Dec,17 16:12
You are very lucky, some of us never will have that experience. Of course anything can happen in life, but I don't see it in my future.
By JoJoSeals [Ignore] at 31,Dec,17 17:13
Thank you, it kinda made up for going so long without, it is definitely something that I will never forget 😀

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