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By twowarmtts [Ignore] at 03,Jan,18 16:38   Pageviews: 100

I was driving to Disney World with Charlie before i made him into my sissy. We were in a stretch of the Florida Turnpike that's pretty lonely and we were bored. Reception is bad for radio. Charlie was about to pass an eighteen wheeler when I decided to pull up my T shirt and expose my 36DD's. Charlie slowed down and asked me what was I doing. I said, "I want to show my jewels to this trucker. Go slow. He passed us before and he is good looking. I want him to get a good look." I always like to show myself off so I told Charlie to pass the truck again. When we got to the cab area I told Charlie to kept even with him. I cupped my breasts and turned towards the window. I reached over and honked the horn. The trucker saw me and started blowing his. Then, I did something that surprised even me. I donít know why I did it. I pulled up my skirt (no undies) and laid down on the seat with my feet on the doorposts and started to play with myself. After a minute I blew a kiss to the trucker and told Charlie to take off. He did. I noticed Charlie had a huge erection. I guess I connected with this trucker in a big way. Must have been love (or lust) at first sight because if we had been close to an exit, I would have invited the trucker for a threesome. I was "that close". LOL, I gave Charlie head all the way to Orlando.

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By t-rex [Ignore] at 04,Jan,18 03:58
Thatís a girl, I love when I get flashed

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