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By Derby_Dong [Ignore] at 06,Jan,18 08:53   Pageviews: 53

Went to my friends house last night for a film and a bit of food while her husband was out.

He was supposed to be out all night, but he came back about 8pm I thought it'd put a stop to any messing around as she was scared he would come downstairs and getting caught is NOT an option!

We were watching the film and she stopped it and asked if we wanted another beer - yep, of course!

She went into the kitche, so I followed...'bumped' into the back of her with my hardon and she let out a little stifled moan.

I took that as an invite, so pushed up against her and put my hands round and put my hands up the back of her t-shirt....it surprised me, but she instantly put her hands down my jeans and grabbed my cock and squeezed!

She turned to me and we started to kiss, tongues sweeping all over - she still had hold of my cock and stroking it! She said we can't do much more as he could come down at any minute!

I said OK, but I'm going to play with your pussy as you've got my cock - fair's fair!!!

I put my hands down her bottoms and was expecting knickers....but there was none!!!! Just a moist, wet pussy!!!! I ran my hand down, over her wet lips and just pushed my fingers in - she's tight as fuck, but they just went straight in! She was horny as fuck, it turned out!

I took the opportunity to finger fuck her, while whispering into her ear that I wish it was my cock in her, fucking her hard which always gets her off. She was pushing and grinding into my hand and she came SO quick!

Flushed cheeks and looking a bit hot, I just took my hands out and eased her bottoms down, just below her perfect bum. She smiled and unzipped my jeans and pulled my cock out.

I turned her around, pushed her into leaning forward and she eased my cock into her. It felt fucking amazing!!! I was harder than a diamond and it was amazing just watching it go inside....

She started to moan and push back onto me, so I started to push back...fucking, harder and harder. I told her to play with herself - she can make herself cum really quick when she's horny and she didn't argue.

I felt her pussy pulsing and the sound of or fucking changed - she was so wet now, it was practically dripping!! I couldn't helpmyself now and just started to slam into her, she was utterly breathless and just took it bent over, trying to stop the moaning coming out of her mouth!!!

I got to the point where I was going to cum, told her and she pulled out, turned around and got on her hands and knees, took my soaking cock and started to suck. The sight of her tongue, warm mouth and her eyes staring straight into mine was too much - I came into her mouth again and again. The cum was just too much and as much as she tried, it ended up coming out of her mouth and running down her face - she was still sucking though and it was amazing!!!

We heard a stiring upstairs and just quickly dressed before we were caught. She gave me a cheeky little kiss - I could taste a little bit of cum - she pulled her bottoms up, but you could see how wet she had been - her pussy was just dripping.

Watched the end of the film and I left - big smile on my face. Looking forward to tonight now....we're out and she's already said she wants more and is horny as fuck!

Can't wait!!!!

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