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My Rocker Girl Fantasy Sex Story

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By brettalt21 [Ignore] at 06,Jan,18 13:36   Pageviews: 22

So, dude and dudettes, rock on. Well, your boy Brett Alt has one hell of a fuck story for you. Well, as you know, my band The Ministry of Evil was touring the states, and we came to the hellraising community of Waterloo. So, we set up shop in McElroy Auditorium, which was on the ground of some cattle congress bullshit, oh and trust me, with what i am gonna tell you, a lot of beefsteak was shared. So, we rocked the place out. During one of the Ministry's hit songs, as i was rocking to the instrumental, there was this hot looking girl who wore these sexy black fishnet ripped stockings, with a punk schoolgirl skirt, with a dark pink rocker corset top, and goth rebel boots. She lifted her top and she flashed me on stage and did the call me hand gesture. After the show was over, i told my manager, "Yo, get this girl to come to my tour bus."

So, I was chilling in my bus, drinking a mountain dew, and my manager called and told me that girl was here. I told him to let her in. She came walking in and damn, she looked hot as hell. I said, "Hey, you sexy girl, come sit on Ace's lap, and tell me your name." She said, "Well, you big stud, my name is Scarlet, and I had this dream of fucking a rocker like you." I was stunned. She strateled me and proceeded to get out a pair of pink fuzzy handcuffs. She told me, "I want to be that hot babe you cuff in your show." So, I cuffed Scarlet and playfully bit her and she moaned with pleasure. She had me uncuff her, and she lifted her skirt and showed me her twice pierced pussy, and it was dripping wet. I dropped to my knees and started to lick my tongue on her pierced clit.

She moaned like crazy. She grabbed my head and f***ed my tongue deeper into her clit and pussy. I licked her furiously that she moaned so hard her pussy exploded all over my tongue. She grabbed me, threw me on the bed, cuffed me, and started to furiously suck my cock. I moaned as she sucked my cock with lustful fury, and the cuffs were hot. I moaned like crazy and my body shook. She noticed it and played with her pussy as she sucked my cock and deep throated me at the same time. She then pinned me on the bed, and told me, "I wanna fuck you so good and so hard that you'll never forget me."

Scarlet then proceeded to mount my cock and she rode it as hard and hot as a porn star that i see in the movies and on the internet on my tour bus. She rode my cock so hard and so fast and furious, and with the cuffs in place, I screamed with pleasure, and so did she. She then did reverse riding and she begged me to spank her ass. I smacked her ass very hard 5 times, and she rode harder each time she felt her ass hurt. She moaned so loudly that her pussy exploded 4 more times. She fucking rocked and rode my cock so hard again that i moaned and she knew that i was gonna cum. She rode harder and then she furiously sucked my cock and then ripped her top off and let my cock blow a huge load of cum on her tits. As she laid next to me, she said, "Can I join you on the bus, and we can fuck as much as you like?" I said, "Scarlet, after that, a part in my show opened up, so yes."

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By Angelofdeath [Ignore] at 17,Jan,18 13:43
Lmfao This kind of shit makes me glad Iím a metalhead not a rocker. You donít mix punk and goth clothing. Completely different genres. Plus your music is probably closer to nickleback or creed which sucks.

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