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By RealTitsLover [Ignore] at 06,Jan,18 19:54   Pageviews: 99

I get asked about the number of people that have me blacklisted a lot. I don't think I've blocked anyone that didn't do it to me first. So my reasons for blacklisting are all based on what I know about them or why they blocked me. That's why I'm posting my black list here with the reasons why.

May start posting screenshots of the chats too, whenever someone I'm talking to blocks me.
There's no reason for anyone to add me to their black list - I'm happy to not talk to anyone who wants that. I never send unsolicited dick pics, and I don't visit people's pages unless it's someone I'm talking to (or I'm seeing if I'm interested in talking to them). I also never report any members who I've started a conversation with, whether they're fake or not.

NOTE: Unless you know them well, I wouldn't recommend trusting members on this list.
I can safely recommend them as good suggestions for who to add to your own black list, though.

I know that some are guys pretending to be girls. All of the others that actually believe they have a reason, lack the common sense to say they don't wanna talk, or even to simply try leaving me alone, before rudely blocking me. Thinking logically and being polite are either things they're not capable of or just aren't interested in doing.

- Auntie
Reason: Blacklisted me after two PMs where I pointed out that the picture of a girl showing breasts was not him/her.

- Auscouple
Reason: I don't know this member, but they blacklisted me.

- AussieMan187
Reason: Never spoke to or about this person, only his nauseating girlfriend, in the forum. Blacklisted me.

- babe5000
Reason: Sent me raunchy pics of herself with random guys by text message. Stopped replying when I didn't say thanks or act turned on, blacklisted me.

- biancii
Reason: Blacklisted me after I sent two friendly PMs w/o anything negative or sexual.

- cando1
Reason: Got upset when they guessed wrong about a girl's breasts being "perfectly fake" and blacklisted me. They also hide the fact that they're a husband and wife sharing the account, and pretend to just be the wife.

- cd_sissy
Reason: I don't know this member, but they blacklisted me.

- CremeDeLaCreme
Reason: Responded to a couple polite, respectful compliments by blacklisting me, and didn't even say thanks.

- fatikhaulah
Reason: I don't know this member, but they blacklisted me.

- horny100
Reason: Blacklisted me when I asked if she was the same new member with the name 'horny100' that had already been closed/deleted.

- jwoo39072
Reason: I don't know this member, but they blacklisted me.

- ladydoc
Reason: Had one short, polite conversation that ended with her blacklisting me when I asked if she's ever been interested in guys. Sent me a message after that said "I don't like your superior tone."

- licksipsuckit
Reason: Blacklisted me without me ever talking to her. Upset because I mentioned in the forum that she made me nauseous.

- LuvGivingHead
Reason: Blacklisted without responding to three PMs where I introduced myself and mentioned knowing a former member we were both friends with.

- MistressT
Reason: I don't know this member, but they blacklisted me.

- needhugecock
Reason: Said "im a huge slut... not sayin that to see more appealing but i do fuck a lot" "i kno im good lookin... thats why almost every guy ive known since 6th grade has tried to fuck me" Blacklisted me after I replied "so just how slutty are you?"

- pinkpu55y
Reason: I don't know this member, but they blacklisted me.

- Prodded
Reason: I don't know this member, but they blacklisted me.

- Realdds
Reason: Obnoxious. Said nothing good about her, but she assumed I was interested, told me to take a hint. I said she was rude, she called me a dumbass and blacklisted.

- SkinKick
Reason: Male sending female pics to pretend he's a girl. Used the same girl's pics with me before, as 'NerdyGirl' on a previous account. Blacklisted me for letting him know I'm aware of it.

- Subgirl2519
Reason: Was being very nice and then blacklisted me suddenly, for no apparent reason. Says she considers herself non-binary, neither male nor female.

- TightCunt122
Reason: Formerly 'TxCuntryGrl' was nice until they insulted me, blacklisted me, and lied about me to another member.

- Wetpussy4u
Reason: I don't know this member, but they blacklisted me.

- xristoskat
Reason: Said she wanted to be part of a threesome with me and another girl, then immediately blacklisted me. Possibly due to her boyfriend, who she said wasn't paying attention.

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By RealTitsLover [Ignore] at 16,Feb,18 13:40
A new addition to the list...

- ashleyhed
Reason: Got angry and blacklisted me because I wasn't interested in making a video where I let air in my butt and fart it out, to turn her on.

By kebmo [Ignore] at 09,Jan,18 10:41
RTL, the site is called Show Your Dick not Show You're A Dick!
By RealTitsLover [Ignore] at 09,Jan,18 12:36
Shut up, ya dick!

By smallcockboy [Ignore] at 07,Jan,18 01:34
I don't even know who has blacklisted me. I have never blacklisted anyone.
By RealTitsLover [Ignore] at 07,Jan,18 03:23
Cool. Premium members are able to see everyone who's blacklisted them. Otherwise, I never would've known a bunch of these, since the only other way I know of is if you try going to their page, or click on a pic that's from theirs. I only block people back because if they did that, there's no reason they should care to visit mine (they can already view my reason for them that's shown here from their own).
By bella! [Ignore] at 07,Jan,18 05:53
It you are worried that someone who blackmists you is going to sneak peeks of your page, it can only happen if they unblacklist you. Also, if someone blacklists you, they will not be able to read your posts in the forum and vice versa, if you reciprocate. So by you blacklisting another member, you will never know what they are saying in the forum.
By smallcockboy [Ignore] at 09,Jan,18 00:32
I am happy not knowing what they are saying. There are lots of people here to talk to.
By RealTitsLover [Ignore] at 09,Jan,18 04:37
Yeah, I'm cool with that. Even better not having to see the pics they post of themselves.

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