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By Likedick [Ignore] at 08,Jan,18 02:10   Pageviews: 82

My dicks alright. Well I think so ?
Iíve what a medical term is called a grower. i e soft n worm 3-4Ē long & fully hard n throbbing 6-7 inch long with a healthy amount of girth. Iíve always wanted an inch or two more. Although Iím happy with what I have.
I did see a dickíspert once. Back in my late teens.
I was told the only way I could make my dick any longer Ď fatter !
Was to have an operation! Where the fat from other parts of my body was sucked out & injected into my penis.
( where by a 2ft hollow needle attached to a long fun pipe attached to a suction tank. ( a bit like a medical hoover ) collected the fat & **** as the doctor vigorously stabs into the fat cells & sucks it all up into theses huge glass jars. Then they separate the **** & the fat cells & any odd bits of flesh. The fat cells are collected & put into several huge seringes before injected into the penis.
Itís a lengthy opp & I do remember watching such a documentary about it & seeing the opp being preformed in on a guy.
He was told he wouldnít be able to use his penis for anything other then to pee with for about 6 yes six months!!
They showed his penis being measured before the opp & after the opp. This was in-cut ( so you got to see the guy naked & zooming in to show his 7.5Ē dick before opp. & same on after opp to reveal a 9Ē dick with more gerth.
Although the opp was exstreamly painfull he & his wife where extremely happy.
This is where I think the cock pump has its advantage. Not only is it heaps cheaper. It can be used on arrival. Thereís no painful opp. Maybe it could sting a little in the wallet lol.
( depending on price )
But what I really want to know ?!?
Dose the cock pumps really work????
Iíve only known of the opp being profound once or twice. And heaps of cock pumps of shapes n sizes sell all year round.
So can anyone please tell & poss show me if they work & if itís better for it to vibrate & suck. Do you use a cock ring with it ???

You can comment here or pm me. You can send pics n vids to my kik. Pantiesnthongs1

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By purple1 [Ignore] at 04,Mar,18 04:42
I tried a pump. It made me 10 percent bigger but only temporarily. I find it more fun for masturbation than anything else.
By Likedick [Ignore] at 04,Mar,18 22:15
I love to feel my cock in a toy. But it feels so much better in my hand. I must have a wank a day. The times Iím in public I try in the nearest toilet. Bit itís mostly in bed at home

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