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Edge of madness

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By JoJoSeals [Ignore] at 08,Jan,18 09:11   Pageviews: 175

OK, that may be a corny title but I am about to lose my mind ! I've been edging a little over three hours and I can't stand it, I need to CUM SO BAD !!! I had to stop and "blog" this cause I don't want to cum,even though I do need to cum, it just feels so damn good ! I've only been into edging for about 18 months and I'm hooked ! and the more I do it the longer I go,the better it feels and the harder I cum, I have almost feel of the couch several times the orgasms are so intense. I'm a half century old and you would think I would know it all, well no, this is the hardest and longest orgasms I have ever had, hold on I have to stroke a few times !damn! That feels incredible, I wish you could see, there is pretty cum everywhere including this phone lol, that's something else, I seem to have a lot more pre cum than o ever have ! anyway, I wish I could go out and edge everyone and say "see what you're missing ?" Fuck,I really don't want to cum yet so I'm gonna put this messy phone down and continue to torture myself until I'm begging myself to let me cum !!! Have a wonderful, horny day, I'll probably be doing this again in a while !

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By Hotcaramel91 [Ignore] at 10,Apr,18 18:23
Wow! 18 months!. I couldn't hold out for even half that long. Hell not even for a fraction of that. The most I can go without cumming is a few days tops. And trying not to cum even that long feels like torture to me. But I do have to agree that even holding off a little does make you cum harder when you finally do. it feels so amazing . Maybe I'll try to edge a little longer next time.
By JoJoSeals [Ignore] at 11,Apr,18 18:46
Any amount of edging time is great, it just seems the longer I go the more mind blowing it is !!! Keep up the fun work 👍

By #460523 [Ignore] at 02,Apr,18 18:56
I could not hold out that long
By JoJoSeals [Ignore] at 02,Apr,18 20:03
It was rough but o so worth it !!! Thank you
By #460523 [Ignore] at 02,Apr,18 21:16

By curious73 [Ignore] at 29,Mar,18 06:14
Edging is awesome
By JoJoSeals [Ignore] at 29,Mar,18 06:22
Damn I know !!! I am so hooked lol, I want to try edging someone else and see how long we can go !!! Thanx for reading and your input

By shlim [Ignore] at 12,Mar,18 17:50
By JoJoSeals [Ignore] at 12,Mar,18 17:52

By nolongercurious [Ignore] at 07,Mar,18 12:22
Wish U could watch and eventually take your load in my mouth.
By JoJoSeals [Ignore] at 07,Mar,18 12:24
Damn !!! I do too, I would luv that so much

By #460523 [Ignore] at 06,Mar,18 20:58
By JoJoSeals [Ignore] at 06,Mar,18 21:00
Thank you !!!

By jackd [Ignore] at 09,Feb,18 03:28
Edging is great.I can do it for a couple of days before I have to let go
By JoJoSeals [Ignore] at 09,Feb,18 03:32
Mmmmmmmmmmm that's wonderful, I bet you cum sooooooooo hard !!!
By jackd [Ignore] at 09,Feb,18 03:43
I do.Too bad there's no one to help me
By JoJoSeals [Ignore] at 09,Feb,18 03:44
Yes that's a shame, I would help if I could

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