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Butt Plug

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By Deborah3512 [Ignore] at 08,Jan,18 21:54   Pageviews: 89

I have used this one a few times but have never had it in for any length of time tonight I pushed it in about an hour ago and it feels so good to sit on, although I would love to be sitting in a nice mans lap with his cock inside. I do rock back and forth a bit but with the wife on the futon a few feet away I have to be careful. She is not aware I love men as well as women, she is not into threesomes an does not suck cock at all. But that is not a problem as I get off when I suck cock or pussy, my main thing is giving pleasure to whom ever I am with.

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By Sicilian1 [Ignore] at 04,Jan,19 08:36
I am totally with you. My wife wonít suck period, but loves me sucking her off. Prefers it actually. But, like you, thatís ok. I get some pretty decent blow jobs from guys which makes up for it. I think I prefer giving them, but, hey, I just love to feel them respond, hear them moan then watch them shoot their load. Yummmm....
By Deborah3512 [Ignore] at 23,Jan,19 02:30
I love to please, and I love the taste and texture of cum in my mouth
By Sicilian1 [Ignore] at 23,Jan,19 08:21
I do enjoy it when they cum in my mouth, the taste, etc. itís just seeing a nice load gets me going....

By surferharry [Ignore] at 08,Jan,18 22:21
love having my butt plug in for hours, even all day, yes I enjoy sitting on it too
By Deborah3512 [Ignore] at 23,Jan,19 02:32
I may try doing it all day next week my wife is going on a trip so I can play with my toy's, wish I could play with a man then, but not likely to happen, I will keep trying though

By le56jn [Ignore] at 18,Jan,18 06:50
I am not into anal play unless it's to watch.But I would love to pull your panties down and stroke/suck you!
By Deborah3512 [Ignore] at 23,Jan,19 02:29
I wish you could do that for me and I would love to do you

By bi1953 [Ignore] at 08,Oct,18 22:35
Try going grocery shopping with a plug in your ass. Very exciting!
By Deborah3512 [Ignore] at 09,Dec,18 01:46
Not sure I could do that, afraid it would pop out, maybe with a girdle it would help hold it in. Do love walking around the house with the large one in, maybe the small one would work better for a longer trip.
By JimmyFunBoy [Ignore] at 10,Dec,18 00:31
It takes lots of trial and error to find a butt plug that doesn't pop out. The Ace small and large works best for me.

By JimmyFunBoy [Ignore] at 29,Jun,18 12:45
Butt plugs are good training for being fucked.
By Deborah3512 [Ignore] at 09,Dec,18 01:48
I love a nice gentle fuck, but its been so long since I have had one in my butt.

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