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sexy week of fucking for my birthday

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By dragonthor48 [Ignore] at 09,Jan,18 19:05   Pageviews: 94

So its Saturday Dec 31 new ears eve So my friend and have reunited and gotten comfortable with each other, he asks what i want for my birthday and i tell him i want you and two other guys to fuck me all night and i want all of you to cumm at he same time so while i am cooking dinner he makes some calls and around 9 pm a knock at the door he says no i will get the door and its three guys he knows two of which I have fucked before. I say hello and mind you I am bare ass naked. So we go to my room and Dan asks is this cool and I am like hell yes i am getting so turned thinking about what is about to happen we light up and I start taking off there clothes and by the time i get to the 4th guy when his dick popped out his underpants he almost too my eye out, soo I open my mouth and swallowed his cock it felt so good, there I am on my knee's with 5 cocks in front of me i start sucking on the 1 ata a time while i jacked two off, and Dan starts the fucking by sliding under me asnd i settle in on his cock balls deep, one in my mouth and one in each hand and then th n5th guy slides in. As we fuck someone pulls out some liquid E and we all take some and the give me some rush poppers and we start fucking they all seemed a little larger well now i am starting to cummm and I orgasim out my ass, i am almost passted out i am so turned on Dan is the first to cum and then Larry cums in my ass everyone changes places and ben and sam squeeze into my ass and it doesn't take them long and they both cum in my ass the pull out and i lick all of them clean and paul is last but he is the thickest he puts his cock in and its big i am riding him and he flips me over so i am on my back ad two them grab my legs and spread me open and he is fucking me hard i start to cum again and sticks his- big cock deep in my ass and fills me up and puld out i suck his cock clean. so now its 30 min untill the ball drops so Dan is sitting at the end of my bed and I start sucking hid cock untl its hard and spit on the head and i sit down on him he starts kissing my neck and my chest i start going in to a trance io cant think straight all i want is all 5 of tthese guys to be fucking me some how by new years day well satands up so i can suck his cock another spreads my legs so my ass opens up and he is in and i am jacking them off so its almost time the all pull out and i kneel in front of the all and the all jack off for me and new years hits and i get five facials and swallowed a lot of sweet sticky cummmm. I got my b day wish. They all clear out and its just dan and I we hop into the shower and sta fooling around nd his cock gets hard again so we fuck again and he cums and fills my ass up i can fill it dripping from my ass, we dry off and smoke out last joint before we fall asleep

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By Jahuar05 [Ignore] at 11,Jan,18 19:10
Mmm wow

By #539433 [Ignore] at 11,Jan,18 01:58

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