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Bar Night

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By SelfSuckerr [Ignore] at 11,Jan,18 13:43   Pageviews: 192

My story starts off like any other. It's the weeked and im sitting at the bar with some friends. I've never been much of a bar-hopper, I consider myself a social drinker, which is a fancy way of saying I prefer to drink anywhere BUT the bar, but somehow my friends managed to drag me out with them. Its about 11 o'clock and mostly everyone is feeling pretty good. The bar is buzzing and the drinks are non-stop. I'm about 9 beers and a couple shots in, outside smoking a doob with some random people who was outside smoking at the same time as me and my friends. As we're finishing up I can't help but notice an older gentleman giving me the eyes from across the patio. Last time someone eyed me this hard at a bar, i had to fight my way back to my drink! Deciding it would be smarter to ignore it and finish my drink, I head back inside and put a few dollars in the jukebox. As I browse the song selection I realize (5 dollars too late) that mostly country and rock songs are on it. Not wanting to upset anyone, I decide to play a rap song. Something I (thought) everyone liked and knew. By now the drink in my hand is empty and I'm getting a little thirsty again! Better head to the rest-room to pee and "powder my nose" (wink-wink) before I head back to the bar. As I enter the empty restroom I notice the music is louder in there than it was out in the bar, probably because its located in the back of the building and 60 drunk people aren't in here trying to talk at the same time. I head to a stall, dig my baggie out of my pocket and line a few up. As i'm rolling my dollar I hear the bathroom door open and footsteps approach. In a panic I rail all 3 lines and rush to tie my baggie and put it in my pocket before anyone can hear me or possibly see me through the stall door. Bad move. Now i'm flushed, heart is racing and im ready to party! Trying to play it cool, I slide the lock on the stall door and slowly walk out. The bathroom is empty but, I could have sworn I heard someone walk in! I head to the mirror to check my nose, dont want a halo! As i tilt my head back to make sure, I notice the stall door open behind me. Trying to play it off like I wasnt just awkwardly looking into my nose, I begin washing my hands, attempting to look normal. At this point, the lines has my heart racing, my pupils dilated and my cock hard. Which I had no idea why! Before I could panic in my head any further, I hear a voice behind me say, "Do I know you from somewhere?". I turn around to see its the gentleman from across the patio, with the beer and the cig! "No, i don't believe so" I say. "I don't come here very often, you must have me confused with someone else." Looking me up and down, he gently nods, apologizes, and just as he's about to leave the restroom he turns around and asks, "did you play this song?", "yes" I reply. "I didnt know you liked rap, I've only ever seen you suck to techno music", then he winked at me and walked out. Now officially freaked out and heart about to burst, I nervously head back to the bar, wondering what he could have meant by that remark. Does he know who I am? Has he seen my online blog? Is he going to expose me? What should I do? I must have looked flustered because my friend looked over and asks, "Are you okay bro? You look like you just seena ghost!". I wish, I wish i did. Sweating from the line I took in the restroom, I decide to order another drink and head outside for some fresh air. Maybe the gentleman is back at his chair? Maybe he's drunk and has no idea what he's talking about! Yeah, that has to be it! Theres no way he knows who I am! Just as I begin to feel confident about the situation, I feel a hand on my shoulder. Thinking its one of my friends, I turn around, ready to punch him in the arm. Instead, its the gentleman from the restroom! "Whens the last time you sucked your own cock bud?" he asks, loud enough to be heard by the people sitting a few tables over. I choke on beer. 'Oh my god, he DOES know!' I thought. 'What should i do?!'. "I dont know what you're talking about sir" I said. "What are you even talking about?!". He smiles at me, grabbing my still rock hard cock through my jeans. "Don't play dumb with me, i've seen your videos. You're a real slut for cock" he says, as he shows me his phone that now has a video of me self-sucking playing, volume up and all. Now im nervous. What does he want from me? Is he going to show my friends? Is he going to tell everyone in the bar? The group of people at the table a few feet away are now looking our way and I can feel my face getting red. "Don't be shy now" he says, "You certainly look confident enough with a cock in your mouth! Maybe we can have that arranged." We begin walking to the parking lot. "You wouldn't want your buddies to find out what a cock-loving slut you are, now, do you?" Heart racing, I reluctantly reply with a quiet, "No". "Good! Now lets see what that mouth can really do!" he says, unzipping his pants. "Right here? Right now?" I ask. I mean, we were outside standing in between some parked cars. Wasn't quite sure who might be in one of them, having a smoke or just arriving. "Get on your knees" he says, pulling his cock out. At this point my adrenaline is pumping too hard to say no and I really dont want seen standing out here so, i begin to crouch on one knee. Before I could get my other to the ground he rams his cock into my mouth out of nowhere! *GULP* It was so sudden it startled me! I opened my mouth to yelp, only helping his cock lodge deeper into my throat, resulting in his balls pressed firmly against my chin. Before I have time to react he says, "Now show me what you got bitch boy" as he grabs me by the back of my head and begins thrusting his cock in and out of my mouth. 'I can't believe i'm doing this right now!' I thought. "You love this big hard cock in your mouth don't you sissy boy?" I hear him ask. "*GULP-mhm-GULP*" I try my best to reply as his cock thrust in and out of my mouth, balls smacking against my chin. I noticed my cock was as hard as its ever been, and I think he did too because he ordered me to take my jeans off. As he pulls his cock out of my mouth for the first time in what felt like hours, I notice its incredibly large! "That thing is HUGE!" I say, "I can't believe it even fit into my mouth!". He smiles and begins unbuckling my jeans. His cock distracted me! "Oh, right" I begin taking my shoes off, then my jeans. "Hey I'm going to keep my soc-" I look up to see only his jeans laying on the ground in front of me. In an instant he's behind me, quickly pulling me down to the ground from behind! As he sets me on top of him, he puts his arms under my legs and puts me in a full-nelson, shoving his cock deep into my ass. "Hows it feel in your asshole though slut?" Before I had the chance to reply he pushes my head down, shoving my cock into my own mouth. "You're quite the multi-tasker! I should have brought a friend with me!" He laughs. At this point i'm completely over-whelmed by the situation but, honestly enjoying it. I wasn't sure who was watching or where my friends were and frankly I didnt care. The only thing that mattered is what I was doing at that very moment. 'I guess practice DOES make perfect' I thought, getting choked to death by my own cock. For being outside on the ground, he really knew how to fuck because he had a hold of me so tight, every thrust of his cock up my ass shoved MY cock into MY mouth a little deeper, and he was REALLY giving it to me. "Just wait....almost..there...." I hear him say. Thank god! I wasnt sure how much longer I could get power fucked AND hold my breath!" I feel his cock swell up, 'here it comes!' I thought. Before I could do anything he rolls me over onto my chest, grabs my waist and begins drilling me into the pavement with his now throbbing, rock hard cock. "You thought I was finished, huh?" he says. I'm not even able to reply, his cock is going in and out so hard and fast our balls are touching! "I'" I begin to say, but before I can he hugs me from behind and stops thrusting. "You don't cum until I say you can bitch boy" he whispers into my ear. "Please..don't..stop" I say back, body twitching in anticipation. "You're such a cock whore" he says, grabbing my cock and shoving his back up into my ass one hard, last time. I feel his balls tighten and cock throbbing as his cum shoots into me. "Keep it there" I say, as he strokes my cock from behind. Just as i'm about to cum he slides his cock out of my ass, shooting my load all over the parked car in front of me. "Go buy yourself a drink" he says, throwing a few bucks on the ground in front of me. "Maybe next time let me finish a sentence" I mutter, as he quickly walks away, back into the bar. I put my clothes back on and head back into the bar, not-too close behind him. My friends are right where I left them, at the bar arm-wrestling. "Hey man where did you go? We thought you left." he drunkenly yells. "Just for a walk" I reply, "But I feel much, much better now! Who wants shots?

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By Enigma94 [Ignore] at 01,May,18 09:34
Mmmmmm wish it was me using your ass and mouth

By mikeinaz [Ignore] at 27,Mar,18 20:39
Some great writing!! You have talent with story telling, dude

By Stevehow [Ignore] at 26,Mar,18 21:43
Nice wish that would happen to me

By pifad [Ignore] at 22,Feb,18 16:19
I enjoyed that story. A night on the town with you would be awesome

By cfan2 [Ignore] at 09,Feb,18 08:39
Hot, hot story!
By SelfSuckerr [Ignore] at 09,Feb,18 09:10
Thank you!

By emanual [Ignore] at 13,Jan,18 10:24
wow that almost happened to me once
By SelfSuckerr [Ignore] at 13,Jan,18 10:36
What a night that would be!

By uncut1944 [Ignore] at 12,Jan,18 09:44
Very hot read
By SelfSuckerr [Ignore] at 12,Jan,18 10:26
Appreciate it sir! It was fun to write : )

By duncanidaho [Ignore] at 12,Jan,18 06:23
GReat should get it published!!!
By SelfSuckerr [Ignore] at 12,Jan,18 06:25
I wish! Haha I'm flattered you think so : )

By JustWill [Ignore] at 11,Jan,18 16:18
Great story!
By SelfSuckerr [Ignore] at 11,Jan,18 16:42
Thank you sir! I tried!

By ferret7615 [Ignore] at 11,Jan,18 15:54
Good story, bro!
By SelfSuckerr [Ignore] at 11,Jan,18 16:16
Thank you very much!!!

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