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Pure BS

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By eager4oral [Ignore] at 12,Jan,18 20:17   Pageviews: 62

I recently added 3 new pic (this morning around 9AM) and when I returned on line the today (around 6:30PM), I saw that the administrator had deleted 10 points for each one for being in the wrong category.

That was all fine and well. But when I read what it means, it pissed me off. It said that the admin does not check on the pics and only hits your pic with the penalty IF 5 members flag your pics.

WELL - interesting, in less than 12 hours (9.5 hours to be precise), supposedly 5 people had viewed them and took exception enough to flag my pics. BS - BS - BS. According to the pic count, two pics had only been view 4 times and one pic was viewed only 1 time. So how in the world did the pic get flagged 5 times????

Well, if this is all true, then there are 5 people that did not like what I did, so I'm out. IF on the other hand, it is not true that I got flagged 5 times, then there is more shit going on and again, i'm out.

BS - BS - BS - BS

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