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By hotgirl [Ignore] at 22,Jan,18 15:55   Pageviews: 170

I'm lying on the bed, naked. You're sitting in the chair at the end of the bed, watching me. "Touch your breasts" you order, and I comply. My hands roaming over the soft flesh of my breasts, the touch making my nipples harden. "Pinch them, roll them between your fingers," you tell me. I let out a soft gasp as I do so, my thighs rubbing together as the warmth spreads between them.
"Tell me how that feels" I hear you saying. "It feels so good, my pussy is contracting with every squeeze and pinch" I answer.
"Good girl....keep your left hand on your breasts, let the right wander down to carress your mound and inner thighs" I do what you tell me to, moaning as my left hand keeps torturing my nipples, my right hand roaming lower and lower. My back is arching a bit.
"Spread your legs baby, show me how you tease your thighs.” I obediently spread my legs as far as I can, showing you clearly that I'm very wet. My hand strokes my thighs, and I feel the wetness on them. You watch me tease myself, enjoying the moans you hear me make.
"Rub your juices over your cunt and ass, use your flat hand" I immediately do it, my hips pressing upwards as my palm grazes over my throbbing clit. I remove my hand to show you my glistening cunt and ass, a small trickle of my juices making its way down.
"Do you want to use your toy on your ass? You know what to say..." you tease.
"Please, may I fuck my ass with my toy?" I plead. "You better get it stretched and wet,” you say. “Get two fingers wet and start stretching that little hole of yours. Keep playing with your nipples too!”
Obediently I slide two fingers up my dripping cunt. You can hear the squelching. “Good girl, now, work them into your tight little arse.”
I rub my star a little with both fingers, then work them in slowly. “Remember to tell me how it feels,” you order.
As I work my fingers in till my palm is almost touching my pussy, I manage to groan out “I'm stretching my tight arse, so I can fuck it with my big dildo. It burns a little and it's making me so wet. Please can I fuck my arse while you watch.” I feel like I'm about to explode, I'm so horny.
“Such a good little slut,” you praise and hand me my big lubed up vibrator. "You may use both hands now to work it in, but don't touch your clit.”
I use my fingers to rub some more wetness on my ass, and slide the tip of my finger in to make sure it's wet and loose. You have the perfect view from where you're sitting.
I press the head against my ass, and slowly slide it in. I feel my ass stretching and then clamping around the ridge right under the head. "Oh god" I moan. My hips are bucking and grinding, eager to press my clit against my fingers, but you said no. I groan in frustration but don't touch it. I work it in even further, stretching my arse. My cunt is sopping wet, my clit almost painful.
"There's a good girl. You may rub your clit. Now tell me what you're doing, tell me what you are," you order me.
I start rubbing my clit while I fuck my ass with slow, deep strokes. "I'm fucking my ass while you watch me. I'm rubbing my clit for you. I'm following your orders. I'm your little slut" I manage to say in a whimper. "Yes, you're my little slut. Tell me how it feels!”
“Oh God it's burning and so good, you watching me while I stretch my ass and tease my clit. I feel so dirty. Oh God I'm so close, please!!”
“Go on, make yourself cum" you tell me.
"I'm loving this big cock in my ass, I'm fucking my ass for you." My breathing is getting ragged and you can see my pussy starts to pulsate. "Oh god I'm going to cum on this big cock!" My orgasm hits me like a hurricane, my cunt and ass spasming hard, more juices trickling down to my ass as I call your name.
I let the cock slide out with a little plop and smile as I feel your body next to me, your arms around me. “You're such a good girl.”

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By #537750 [Ignore] at 27,Jan,18 14:47
Hot story! Got me sort of hard!

By Yimmy [Ignore] at 23,Jan,18 17:20
You know I’m going to fuck you, right? So get ready for a thorough pounding! Starting with my dick in your pussy and my fingers up your arse! Then I’ll finish you off with my thick cock buried in your asshole while my fingers work your filthy little bad girl cunt! 😘
By hotgirl [Ignore] at 24,Jan,18 08:43

By #467446 [Ignore] at 23,Jan,18 09:31
Good job
By hotgirl [Ignore] at 23,Jan,18 11:17
Thanks :-)

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