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By soccermomaudra [Ignore] at 22,Jan,18 16:59   Pageviews: 188

Happy Father's Day
I'm pretty lucky. I was able to go to college and get into a good, well-paying career that I've always found interesting. I found the ideal wife, she's pretty and sexy and loves to keep me a happy boy. I've never asked her for anything, blow jobs, hand jobs, sex, just whatever, she's always ahead of me. Perfect, right?

I also get along with Tara's family, another good thing. Her mom, Myra, is a nice woman and her dad, Dean, has become quite a good friend.

He and I talk about all sorts of things, sports, business, politics, even sex, and that's kind of where this story starts.

I'd gotten up to get us a couple more beers one afternoon when we were out by our pool and when I came back out and sat down, he asked me, "Ben, um, kind of keep this under your hat, but, well, do you know where a guy might get a good blow job?"

I looked at him, rather taken aback.

"Don't get me wrong, okay, nothing's wrong at home particularly, it's just that Myra doesn't especially like to do it and, well, she really doesn't want to. And, well, we also don't have sex much, either, and I'm getting more and more in need."

"Yeah, I can see how that might happen after a lot of years," I commiserated, "I guess it happens."

"Well, it's just that I'd like some relief and I don't know how these things work anymore, you know, finding someone to do it, and thought maybe you might know."

"Now you don't think I'm getting anything from anybody but Tara, do you?" I asked him.

"Oh, no, I didn't mean that at all. Just that you might know how I could find somebody to do it. Being discreet, of course."

"Well, let me think about it, Dean," I told him and our talk went to other things.

Poor guy, I thought. I was glad my wife didn't inherit her mother's dislike of a hard cock in the mouth, in fact, Tara was a splendid cocksucker.

She's told me that the first time she slid her lips down over a boy's dick she had an orgasm right then. And, from then on, she's just loved giving blow jobs.

I've already told you she loves sex, we pretty much do it every night unless she has her period, then she sucks me but, heck, she sucks me anyway. Like I said, she loves it.

Tara and I have done some playing with others, she even did a glory hole session once while I taped her taking cock after cock. She got herself off five times that afternoon.

We've also been at a few parties, adult parties, where she'd be blindfolded and try to guess which guy it was she was sucking off while the rest of us all watched. And, yes, she was naked. And, she usually didn't guess correctly when it was my cock in her mouth.

It was about three days later when I'd just come out of the shower when she came in to shower herself.

As was normal, I'd given my cock a few soapy strokes then finished showering so when I was standing there, I was about half-hard.

"What's this?" she said as she lifted it in her hand.

"I think it's a cock that's in need of some lovin'," I said and she knelt down and took me in her mouth.

As I stood there being sucked, the conversation with her father came back to me and, looking down, I thought, well, the best blow job I could ever arrange for him, was kneeling right before me sucking me off at that very moment.

She leaned back, held my shaft and began licking circles around the crown as I laid my head back so enjoying every feeling. She varied the licking with slow sucks to the head as I felt myself getting nearer to cumming.

As she sucked me, I had this mental image of her sucking her dad's cock and I know that the whole taboo eroticism of the idea caused me to cum before I normally would have.

After I'd cum, she stood up and said, "You were really horny this morning. Didn't I fuck you good enough last night?"

"Oh, hon, you fucked me as good as ever. Just some especially salacious thoughts in my head this morning."

"Oh, and what are they?"

"Mmm, just a guy that asked me if I could find him someone to give him a great blow job. I guess he never gets one at home."

"And you thought I'd be just the one, right?"

"The thought had occurred to me, yes."

"And it's someone nice, someone I might like?"

"Oh, I'm sure of that."

"And he's not getting blown at home, poor puppy. So you want little wifey to suck his cum out for him."

"Yeah, well, I'm sure he'd appreciate it."

"I guess it's been a while since I've had a new cock in my mouth. So, maybe I'd do it."

Well, we went about our day after that but it hadn't left my mind. It was two weeks before Father's Day and I'd told Dean I'd set something up with a woman I used to work with, true enough, Tara and I had met on the job, and that I would get a motel room for the Sunday after next, in the morning.

I told Tara that I had the guy lined-up and that he didn't want the woman to know who he was so she would wear the usual blindfold. She was fine with that and it all looked good to go.

I told Dean to come to the motel at ten in the morning and that I'd call him on his cell right before ten to tell him which room. I was to let him in, then he was to strip and put on a blindfold, then my friend would come out of the bathroom and suck him off.

I also told him I was going to make a video of it, keeping it so no one's faces showed and he really seemed to like that idea.

I regularly videoed Tara's exploits so she was expecting it.

We got to the motel about nine-thirty and I got the key and we went down the side of the building and I opened the room. It was a bit stuffy so I turned on the air conditioner, set it to bring in outside air while Tara got undressed.

I told her that neither one of them should speak while they were together and that I would tell them what to do if needed and would video the entire time so she could have a record of her sucking this grateful man.

Then, I stepped outside and called my father-in-law and told him the room number.

I got Tara into the bathroom and tied the blindfold securely around her head and went back into the room.

There was a soft rap at the door and I let in Dean and had him strip. I soon saw that he was greatly anticipating the morning's activities, his cock was hard and swollen.

I tied a blindfold on him as well, then moved him next to the wall.

"I'm going to bring her out now. No more talking, okay?" and I opened the bathroom door and led my wife out by the hand. She followed my lead right to him, bumping into him.

Her hand went down and took his cock, then she knelt down and slipped her mouth over him and began sucking him off while I videoed it, trying to keep her face out of the frame.

I've been sucked by Tara countless times and each time is a whole new experience. She loves to give head and constantly searches the porn sites for blow job vids to see if someone has thought of something she hasn't. She has learned well and now her father is on the receiving end of all her avid scholarship. She is masterful at extracting cum from a man.

I videoed her mouth, lips and tongue in closeup as she fellated her father, each of them totally unaware of the other's identity.

He was groaning pretty much, I knew just how good she was and it seemed that she even backed off some so he might enjoy it longer, but, of course, in sucking a cock, the inevitable arrives and he arched forward and she began swallowing her father's semen as quickly as it spurted into her mouth.

She sucked him a few more minutes, then stood up as his hands felt her breasts and she leaned forward to kiss him, tonguing his semen into his mouth as I knew she always loved to do.

Neither said a word to each other, just as had been agreed before they came together.

I led Tara back into the bathroom and told her I'd be right back, then went out and took off Dean's blindfold.

"Well, was she good?"

"Oh, Ben, I don't know where you found this woman but she is the best, the absolute best. It was the greatest. I guess I'd better be off, huh? See you later. Four o'clock, right?" he asked, referring to our Father's Day cookout later in the day.

I confirmed it and he was soon dressed and left.

Tara was dressed when I opened the bathroom door and we were soon in the car headed home.

"Did he like it?"

"Oh, he loved it, he said you were the best. Just the best," I told her as I reached over to squeeze her thigh. She spread open, moving my hand to her pussy which I rubbed all the way home.

As soon as I poured us some coffee, I showed her the video.

"That's pretty hot. Let's keep it, I'd like it on my computer. So, who's the lucky fellow?"

"Any ideas?" I asked her not knowing how she might accept the news that she'd just sucked off her father.

"Well, I think it might be an older man, older than you by some."

"Good so far."

"Nice cock, though, it was fun to suck but, you know me, I love them all, right?"

"Would you do it again?"

"Sure, you know me. He sure had a great orgasm, I love whenever a guy does, I love that throb in my mouth right as he starts cumming. Mmm. I'd like to do it again, get it out, Ben, I'll do you," she said and we quickly got out of our clothes and she knelt down, now for the second time that Sunday morning, to take a cock in her mouth to pleasure.

I sat on a kitchen chair with Tara between my legs as she held my cock and began to lick and lap circles around the head, something she knows gets me wound-up pretty fast.

Then, she took some sucks taking me almost all the way in her mouth, ending with sucking the head as her fingers circled my shaft jacking me up and down. It wasn't long before, just like her father earlier, I was cumming into Tara's mouth as she swallowed away.

After we were dressed, I made a disc of the video and loaded it on Tara's laptop with some other adventures she's had, she and I, actually, and she watched this morning's blow job with great interest, trying to guess who it might be. I also made a copy for her dad and emailed it to him.

"He's obviously an older guy, he doesn't shave around his cock and it looks like there might be a little gray hair blended in there."

So, I let her try to work it out of me but I was not about to do that.

Chapter 2

Later, her parents arrived and I'd fixed drinks all around and we'd all changed into swimming gear for our pool.

We were all standing out back, drinks in our hands, everyone talking, when I noticed that Tara had grown quiet.

I leaned to her and whispered, "You okay?"

She looked up at me, squinting her eyes and said, very quietly, "I was just noticing the three moles, the big one and the two smaller ones on my dad's stomach."

Oh, shit, I thought, those moles were pretty clearly visible on the video I took. Now what?

"Can you help me in the kitchen?" she cooed sweetly and I followed her inside as she turned and asked, "Was that my dad this morning?"

"Your dad? Geez, would that be a turnoff?"

"Um, not exactly but I want to know."

"It was."

"Does he know? Know it was me?"


A smile went across her face, much to my relief.

"Did you ever meet Deidre Marie Thomas, I went to high school with her?"

"No, I don't think so," I told her glad that she didn't seem pissed off at me.

"She told me once that she sucked her dad off every night. God, I was so jealous, I just wanted the same for me. Well, look what's happened. Bet you didn't know that, did you?" and she reached up and kissed me. "Now when I watch that tape I'll really get off from it knowing it was Dad."

Amazing, truly amazing. I guess I'll just never really fully know my wife, she just continues to show me new sides of her wonderful self.

We went back outside and the change was subtle but I'm long used to observing Tara and she seemed more, well, a little more touchy-feely with her dad.

Later, after we ate, Dean came over to me and asked, "Um, do you think you could set me up again with that woman from this morning? Maybe in a few weeks, you know, when I might need servicing again? I'd be happy to pay whatever she wants. That was some video, by the way. She's got a beautiful body."

"I can check with her and let you know. I don't know that she accepts money but I'll ask," I told him and he added, "She was phenomenal, I just never knew a woman could be that good."

"Oh, this one is, she's proud of her skills and it shows."

He agreed and we changed the subject.

Later, in bed, after some super-sex with Tara, I really think this whole thing with her dad had turned her on, I told her that he had asked me to set up a second session.

"He even offered to pay whatever you wanted," I told her.

She laughed, saying, "Why break a perfect record of doing it for free. But he liked it, huh?"

"Oh, he loved it, hon. What guy wouldn't?"

"Yeah, well, I am good. Little does Daddy know it was his sweet little daughter sucking down his cum this morning. God, this all makes me so horny," she said and rolled me on my back straddling me as she pushed down, driving me up into her for another wonderful fuck.

As we lay there, totally spent, she asked, "What would you think if I just offered my dad sex whenever he wanted?"

"I guess I wouldn't mind, I mean, I don't see it as threatening or anything like that. And, you said you always wanted to suck him off. Now you have and, well, I know that he'd love more."

"But, how do you think he'd take it?"

"Hard to say. Maybe I can think of a way to find that out?"

She agreed and the next day, I called Dean and the first thing he said was, "Ben, tell me the truth, was that Tara? I've been looking at the video you sent me and, well, the shape of her ear with that little notch on the lobe, well?"

I laughed, asking, "Would that be the worst thing possible if it were?"

"Now don't take this the wrong way, Ben, but, well, your wife, my daughter, is one of the sexiest women I've ever known, something I'm sure you'd agree with. I personally think it would be quite wonderful if it was Tara."

"You mean you've maybe had sexy thoughts about your daughter?"

"Ben, you get to see her naked all the time, I'm sure. So, what man wouldn't have sexy thoughts about her, she's just a super-sexy woman. If it was her, well, you are such a lucky man. And, I am as well. At least once. Well, was it her?"

"It was."

"God, she gives a stunning blow job, Ben."

"That she does. She wants to know if you'd like another?"

"Another, a second one? Are you kidding?"

I told him I wasn't and that I would arrange it.

So, I told Tara and she said she'd call her dad and set it up.

Well, a week or so went by and I asked her if anything had happened yet.

"Oh, yeah, well, it did. Last Thursday, I left work early and went to Mom and Dad's house to meet him. Mom was away for the day at my Aunt Meg's."

"So, he got his blow job?"

"Um, no, not really," she said coyly.

"Okay, tell me what happened, this sounds interesting."

"This time, of course, we both knew who each other was and we could see each other when we got naked and, well, things went further than a blow job."

"You fucked your dad?"

"It was quite nice, actually, lots sexier than I would have thought. I assume you're not mad, after all we've both had fun both on our own and together before."

I wasn't angry, not in the least, and I told her so.

"I think we should have your dad over so the both of us could have our way with you. Bet you'd like that, huh?"

"Even better, I think I'd just love that. Maybe we could do a whole day like that, that I would really love."

"I can talk with your dad and see what we might be able to do," I told her and she gave me a fucking I'd remember for a while after that.

I did talk with Tara's dad and he told me that Myra was going to visit an old college friend she'd recently found again for the weekend after next. So, that was the date.

Tara was also talking with her dad a lot, mostly phone sex while they both masturbated and she kept teasing him that his day was coming, a whole two days to have sex with her with me adding in my share.

Well, the day finally did come and right after Myra drove off to go see her friend, Dean got in his car and drove to our house.

Tara was ready, she'd showered and shaved and primped herself, smelling lovely as she pulled on a pair of thigh-high black stockings to greet her father in.

As soon as he drove into the driveway, she was positioned behind the front door, beautifully naked except for her long stockings and high heels. As his footsteps sounded on the porch, she swung the door open to an open-jawed and very happy looking father.

"Omigod, look at you. You are so beautiful, Tara, just stunning," he gasped as she closed the door behind him and took him in her arms.

They stood there kissing as I watched their hands caressing one another and soon she was leading him back to our bedroom as I followed.

She began undressing her dad, kissing where he was being uncovered and, finally, as she lowered his briefs, she kissed the tip of his hardened cock and slid her lips over it.

His eyes were closed as she began sucking him while I finished taking my clothes off. She sucked him a minute more then stood up and led him to our bed and they got in. I went to the other side and joined them as they kissed and groped one another.

"Are you ready to fuck me, Daddy," I heard her coo in her sultriest voice as she rolled back and spread open. He got up between her legs, looked down and told her, "I'd like to start by giving you oral, honey," and dropped down as she raised her legs onto his shoulders.

While he was licking and tonguing Tara, I was playing with her boobs and giving them sucks while she gripped my cock.

"Mmm, my Daddy knows how to make me feel good, just like you do, Ben," she said as she gave me a squeeze. "He's good, mmm, really good," she moaned softly.

Dean kept licking and tonguing her as she squirmed around moaning softly, a sure sign that he was giving her exactly what she wanted. I moved my head up and kissed her, tonguing her mouth so that one of us was on each end with our tongues in her.

There were shivers as I kissed her, surely coming from the kissing she was getting between her legs, something I'd done countless times, something she'd always loved immensely. And soon she was shuddering and groaning through a strong and vibrant orgasm.

Her father lost little time getting up and pushing his cock into her before she'd quite recovered from her climax, it seemed that he wanted to keep her going.

His hands and my lips were on her boobs as she lay there spread open as he moved back and forth. Her hand was down rubbing her clit but also along where they were connected together, where he was sliding in and out so slowly, her fingers were moving along his shaft right where it went inside her.

"Mmm, oh, this is so good, both the men I love the most, mmm," she moaned as we pleasured her on and on.

"I'm getting close, it just feels so good," Dean moaned as he moved back and forth, then he let out a deep groan and pushed hard into her as Tara shook her hips while he cummed. "Oh, wow, so good, so good."

"Oh, Daddy, I'm so glad I made you happy again. I love sex with you, Daddy, and your cum inside me like this."

He pulled out of her and asked me to take over which I was happy to do. I got between her legs and slid right down into her slippery pussy to begin fucking her. She was so wet and lubricated by her father's cum that I could take it all the way out and part her open entering her each time with a new stroke. It was how we loved to fuck when she was especially wet and open.

"That feels so good, hon, just keep doing it while I suck Daddy," she purred as Dean moved up to put his cock within range of her mouth. She took him in as I saw him close his eyes in pure pleasure. I know, I've been there in her soft, warm mouth many, many times.

She sucked her dad as I fucked her, I knew from times before with some others we'd had sex with that she loves sucking and fucking at the same time. She's told me it's her two favorite activities.

She was spread open as wide as she could go, something I knew meant she was super-horny and I slid my swollen cock straight down into her over and over and over.

Then, hearing whimpers from her, I knew she was close again so I went a little faster and pushed harder and held myself deeply inside, knowing that would get her off.

Her dad and I'd been making love to her for less than twenty minutes and we had her through her second orgasm.

One thing her dad had done was to bring a supply of those pills you see on the ads during the evening news programs and I've got to say, they made a difference. Not just with her father but with me. I could tell and so could Tara. She wants me now to get some of my own. I told you she loves sex and, well, it did give me a cock like I had when I was eighteen and is Tara pleased with that.

So Dean and I kept Tara in bed for most of the weekend, taking turns with her, giving her the loving that she so adores.

That was how I began sharing my wife with her father. And it all began on Father's Day.

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