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By fucktoy96 [Ignore] at 22,Jan,18 17:05   Pageviews: 440

Tell me......

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By 1matguy [Ignore] at 02,Jan,19 10:27
My cock would easily reach your cervix. I'll be sure to push my oozing cocktip into it so that it easily passes all my sperm-laden semen when I ejaculate.
By fucktoy96 [Ignore] at 02,Jan,19 10:41
Mmmm breed my pussy deep yum

By waves [Ignore] at 02,Jan,19 09:55
Baby I would so love to fill your sexy cunt with my fertile sperm, and watch your belly grow with OUR love child
By fucktoy96 [Ignore] at 02,Jan,19 10:05
Mmmm fill me up!

By #568113 [Ignore] at 02,Dec,18 05:31
I want to breed it deep and hard till a big hot wet creampie
By fucktoy96 [Ignore] at 03,Dec,18 08:00
Mmmmm love that so much
By #568113 [Ignore] at 03,Dec,18 08:29
Mmm suck that clit after that creampie make u really moan baby
By fucktoy96 [Ignore] at 01,Jan,19 22:00
Mmmm oh my yes

By Naw27 [Ignore] at 29,Nov,18 17:05
I'd love to fuck your throat first and then cum deep in that pussy of yours.
By fucktoy96 [Ignore] at 03,Dec,18 08:00
Mmmm please fuck and fill every hole with cum

By #568113 [Ignore] at 13,Nov,18 21:24
Me so bad baby
By fucktoy96 [Ignore] at 13,Nov,18 21:56
Mmmm please fill my cunt

By PoloFields [Ignore] at 26,Oct,18 17:32
Want to blow a massive load of cum deep inside your pussy. Won't stop until my cock gives out ... then keep it in to make sure no sperm escapes. And if I'm still hard, we'll do it all again.
By fucktoy96 [Ignore] at 10,Nov,18 20:34
Oh my yes
By PoloFields [Ignore] at 10,Nov,18 23:47
harder and deeper
By fucktoy96 [Ignore] at 13,Nov,18 20:38

By Rumpranger [Ignore] at 07,Nov,18 12:13
Fuck I'm cumming now let me cum deep in your pussy baby
By fucktoy96 [Ignore] at 10,Nov,18 20:34
Please do

By DEVILISHMILES1 [Ignore] at 12,Sep,18 07:50
I want to bruise your womb and flood you with my thick fertile cum.......
By fucktoy96 [Ignore] at 12,Sep,18 07:52
Mmmmm fill me deep
By DEVILISHMILES1 [Ignore] at 12,Sep,18 08:07
Indeed. Iíll bite your cunt afterwards an£ eat the dripping mess from you......
By fucktoy96 [Ignore] at 12,Sep,18 08:09
Oh my ,yes yes

By Thickandfat [Ignore] at 12,Sep,18 08:02
I would fill that fat little cunt with a nice warm load over and over and watch you pushing it out and make you suck my thick hard cock clean when I was done.
By fucktoy96 [Ignore] at 12,Sep,18 08:09
Mmm yes i would

By #566680 [Ignore] at 11,Sep,18 20:03
That's a rhetorical question? Just let me know where, when and how often!
By fucktoy96 [Ignore] at 11,Sep,18 20:31
All day, every day!
By #566680 [Ignore] at 12,Sep,18 03:05
Count me in, deeply and often
By fucktoy96 [Ignore] at 12,Sep,18 07:12
Mmmm yes

By nicejuicycok [Ignore] at 09,Sep,18 22:14
i want to fill your beautiful pussy with my hot creamy cum.
By fucktoy96 [Ignore] at 09,Sep,18 22:45
Mmmm yum please do fill my pussy

By lundshastra [Ignore] at 26,Aug,18 18:19
I want to breed. Look my cock
By fucktoy96 [Ignore] at 26,Aug,18 20:44
Oh my, yes please do

By bigdickndn69 [Ignore] at 26,Aug,18 12:24
Let me fill that pussy full of my cum all night long
By fucktoy96 [Ignore] at 26,Aug,18 12:49
Mmm yes please!

By Bambicd1 [Ignore] at 04,Aug,18 16:30
By fucktoy96 [Ignore] at 26,Aug,18 08:31
Mmmmm that would be amazing, you have a lovely cock!

By WristThick [Ignore] at 30,May,18 02:37
I had a monstrous cum the last time I unloaded inside a woman a couple of months ago, which I rarely do for obvious reasons. So came hard too when she felt me go off like a throbbing cannon. If I blew inside your cunt I'm positive I would cum even harder. Just imagine being stuffed to capacity after being pounded hard, then feeling my cock start violently throbbing and pumping blast after blast all over your back walls. And you knowing you're milking ever drop out of my swollen balls. You give me some expert squeezes to greedily try to get even more
By fucktoy96 [Ignore] at 30,May,18 10:30
Mmmmm yes please, fill my slutty cunt

By pussystem [Ignore] at 26,Apr,18 11:17
I would gladly cum deep inside your beautiful cunt
By fucktoy96 [Ignore] at 26,Apr,18 11:21
Mmmmm hope you cum a lot, i want it deep in my cunt!

By lordice [Ignore] at 24,Apr,18 01:39
i will creampie you if i can eat it all after
By fucktoy96 [Ignore] at 24,Apr,18 04:45
Of course you can!

By Bddaddy [Ignore] at 24,Apr,18 00:58
i will cum all up in there!
By fucktoy96 [Ignore] at 24,Apr,18 01:17
Please do! Fill my slutty cunt

By SlutWhore [Ignore] at 08,Feb,18 13:18
I'll pound your slutty pussy all night long, make your pussy flood with cum
By fucktoy96 [Ignore] at 11,Feb,18 04:37
Mmm yes please give me that cum
By SlutWhore [Ignore] at 13,Feb,18 14:06
Fill your pussy, have it leak out onto my cock and down your throat it goes
By fucktoy96 [Ignore] at 13,Feb,18 17:39
Fuck yes
By SlutWhore [Ignore] at 17,Feb,18 18:02
Tie you down so there's no struggle. Just me using all of your holes as I please
By fucktoy96 [Ignore] at 19,Feb,18 22:04
Yes yes,more
By SlutWhore [Ignore] at 09,Mar,18 06:57
Both your hands and feet tied to the 4 corners of the bed. Stretched so you can't even flinch as I pound your slutty pussy all night long
By fucktoy96 [Ignore] at 12,Mar,18 20:44
Mmmm as long as you fill my pussy full of your cum
By SlutWhore [Ignore] at 15,Mar,18 10:40
I'll fill it so it'll be leaking out, then keep on fucking your sloppy cum filled pussy all night long
By fucktoy96 [Ignore] at 15,Mar,18 19:21
Mmmm just what i want! Bring friends if you want

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