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Life's cruel at times but you just have to keep going

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By Likedick [Ignore] at 22,Jan,18 21:15   Pageviews: 73

Well itís 2018.
could things get any better lol.
I have
( I T P )

( none alcoholic scroses of the liver )

( kidney damage)

( in-larged spleen)

Sistes on the back of my knees )

(Heavy scarring to my lungs )

( I have a chance I could bleed out at any time night or day ) (( this means the **** is leaving the vains so fast itís pushed through the top layer of skin and out of my body. I have been told that it canít be stopped not even if I get rushed into hospital. Thereís a chance that if it happens it wonít stop.

Itís not always a big bleed. As I have already exspiranced. I have had 1 dubble bleed already.
Thankfully a very small one in 2 places.
Fist in my head and the other in my bladder Ď liver/ kidneys or spleen. As i had **** in my urin. It was pretty darn sceary. That got me 3-4 was in hospital getting all sorts of meds. I also had a **** clot travel around my entire body. Passing through my heart liver kidneys and spleen. That was so scary and so painful. I thought I was going to be a gonna that day.

Itís affecting fings like
( reading writing vision tuch sound walking for more then 5/10 mins at a time. Ballence. As I keep walking into things. It can be funny sometimes. But not as well. Getting up to the bathroom or bedroom. On a good day itís a pain. And bad days Iím in so much pain I want it to be all over. Group activityís with the family or friends. Well forget that. Sitting down for a long time use to be bliss. After a long day of work But now itís painful real painful. So you have to stand. But thatís just as bad. Along with a back injury when I was a teenager after falling out of trees 3-5 stories high as a young teen. And being slammed into on my motorcycle by a posh car that never stopped donít help. Thereís days I get up in the morning can very from 6/7am at the amount cos of the pain Iím back in my bed by 10 is so server Iím back in bed by 1030/11am. And thatís me for the day. I have to have my bloods taken upto 7-8 times a week. I love to get out but it normally means I have to rap up because I catch any illnesses going about. So if I do catch a bug that means more bloods have to be taken or into hospital again for testing n more meds.

I currently have to take more pills then Iíd like. Probably what I have to take to keep me going is more than I would have to take a year as a young Boy Iím constantly back forth to the doctorsí hospital ( itís like a second home at times. Iíve had to give up my work because Iím so unwell. I can no longer drive or ride my motorcycle. I feel like a 90 year old man with no retirement plan at my best But Iím not lying down to it IM still fighting this illness with every bit of strength in me.

My wife and kids are so understanding. although itís a downwards fight that I will loose in the end. I know I have my wife and kids by my side keeping me going when ever I need them. And they know Iím there for them as much as I can be.

Iím not looking for simper-fee.

So if you want to say hi. Or comment on my stuff then Iíll do my best to do the same in return ok.

I donít leave bad comments lifeís to short.

So cum say hello and if Iím on line Iíll reply back. Iím always logged on but not always here. Itís easier for me cos being on this site via my mobile phone.
I donít have Skype but do have kik. Iím not always there too lol. I donít do cam to cam.
Hope you like my pics n vid clips. Feel free to comment Ď like Ď tribute n wat not. Oh I donít travel Ď accommodate Ď tribute.
Please ask about my used underwear with extras as trying to sell for my funeral LOL only joking Iím trying to rase funds to take my family on a holiday to the Welsh valleys as we havenít had a holiday in about 20 years. So pm me if interested I can model. All underwear from China and sizes m to xl silkish see through raige of colours. I will try and put up some pics of me in some of them. Can post out of uk for more then 1 item.

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By avgdick69 [Ignore] at 26,Jan,18 17:31
so sorry to hear . hope you are feeling better. take care

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