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By twowarmtts [Ignore] at 23,Jan,18 19:30   Pageviews: 80

You body touches mine and it burns
My nerves,,, Oh,, my nerves
How can a woman endure, mi amor
I want to flow into your being
I want to loose myself in your aura
Mingling my essence with yours
I want to be you,,,feeling what you feel, mi amor
Seeing what you see, hearing what you hear
But,most of all, I want to feel my love for you
To see if I have enough love to make you happy
Because, mi amor, that is the only desire I have.
Your body touches mine and I burn,,Oh,, such glorious burn,,,my nerves,,,,,mi amor.

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By RandyB69 [Ignore] at 24,Jan,18 03:06
Yes we lie together naked on the bed , kissing passionately sucking each others tongues sexily , our arms around each other pulling our bodies hard against each other , your breasts squeezed hard on my chest and we stroke each other feeling each others body ... Our bodies wanting to merge with each other as if one ,.. our sexual organs so aroused ... my cock a huge hard monster , your pussy dripping wet ... it goes inside you like a mind of its own ... And we fuck and fuck and fuck till we have mind blowing orgasms exploding cum ...

By Timpeter [Ignore] at 23,Jan,18 21:43
Your hot sweaty body lays tightlyagainst myhairy chest as you run your sexy fingers over my chest..The heavybreathing of our bodies grow with the anticipation of my precum dripping massive erection sootobe buried deeply insideyour hot tight honeyhole....i slowly lube mythrobbing erection and rub the headslowly againt youranticipating pulsing be continued

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