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How to Attract Friends and Influence People

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By NiteRider [Ignore] at 24,Jan,18 07:55   Pageviews: 62

The following is an Unedited dialogue initiated by someone with the name "Skittles", which, had it not been for the Toxic intent "Anger,Upset or otherwise put someone down" I would have categorized humorous. Sadly, this dude was/is a Serious as a Heart Attack with an attitude that I feel is Toxic concerning accepting Others who may not punctuate, spell as accurately to his satisfaction. At the least an interesting diversion from the usual.

Jan 20, 00:16 Skittles: learn to fucking spell before you post in forum you old geezer loser

Jan 20, 21:30 NiteRider: If there are typos in my post, hopefully, the text remains readable. Concerning 'old geezer loser' SKITTLES, while you have a right to you opinion, Your Opinion, is of No consequence to me.

This 'Old Geezer' age is a testament of I Am Still Here with a Hard Body unlike many of my peers. Consider yourself fortunate, should you live as long as I have, especially, if you remain in good physical condition instead of going Bald, Fat, etc.

Person behind the screen often times is reflected in their attitude and their online behavior. Usually, someone successful, happy with their life are Kind, Empathetic, Generous in their treatment of others online.

No Skiittles, I am not upset or angry assuming that was your intent of the PM to me. It saddens me that someone supposedly in their early Twenties actions online are Toxic instead of enjoying what there is to enjoy, agreeing to disagree while maintaining a healthy dialogue with those who share this online experience.

FYI, Do check out the link or do a cross link search on google on the link I posted. Some very interesting data on the WHY's of the Finger to Penis Length relationship.

Jan 21, 11:59 Skittles: Fuck off

Jan 21, 12:08 Skittles: do you stand naked in the mirror and yell curses at your limp noodle because the little knob won't budge?

Jan 22, 09:39 Skittles: Skittles has sent you the gift

Jan 24, 06:21 NiteRider: Ha Ha , you are a riot. SOooo Juvenile. You know...I could say, I imagine you as a high school drop out or a **** still attending community college at best, STILL, living at home with Mommy and DADDY. No Future other than working at Burger King, hoping to inherit you parent's home, assuming your parents are not living in government subsidized housing. I am not laughing , SAD but true for the majority of the Clue Less of Your Generation. Hey, I have been Young, Mid-Aged and now OLD. Been there, seen it, Done It All. Fucked my Wife to be on the Sandy Beach adjacent to the Great Barrier Reef , in you do not know, Australia along with traveling the world on someone's else Dime as Unix Project Manager, later as a Microsoft MCSE+I migrating Networks from London to Saudi Arabia. Had a Great Life, Health, Wealth Hard Body. How about YOU? Have a promising future ahead of you? A Hard Dick alone will not get you very far, PUP. Young Pup, like you needs Intelligence, Great Attitude toward even those you feel could never benefit you, Compassion and a Sense of Humor. So far from the brief online dialogue you and I have engage in...I am not hopeful of you possessing any of the qualities I stated, instead, your reply is indicative of a juvenile thug whose idea of being The Man is attempting to bring those you converse with Down to Your Level of Toxic Trash. Whether it is online chat, real time in Your Face chat or interacting with a co-worker, One is required to answer, rebut a difference of Opinion, Intelligently, instead of the LIMP REPLY I received from you " do you stand naked in the mirror and yell curses at your limp noodle because the little knob won't budge?" Speaking of Limp, your reply is the quintessence of LIMP/IMPOTENT. HA Ha, Reminiscent of a **** in High School. Hopefully, you future may develop into one You will reflect back upon when you are my Age and be Contented that You Did Well Financially, now as an OLD MAN, Retired long ago, you have the assets to Travel, Dine and purchase the Toys you now have time play with along with a Penis Implant IF you needed a penis implant or wanted one just to have a Penis Implant. Take a look at my page...of going an doing, seen, touched more Tits and Pussy, because, besides having a Hard Dick, Women like a MAN that has a Hard Body and a Quick Sense of Humor, NOT a **** with a hard dick, Unemployed or Under-Employed, whose Best Line is Lame. I have owned every Harley since and Iron Head in the Sixties and still ride every year to Sturgis Rally in Sturgis,South Dakota. To ME, it is unbelievable, that You would think Lame Toxic Insults would anger or upset me, however, after reflecting upon you age, potential lack of education or potential future employment, YES, I can understand "where You are Coming From" the same destination you are traveling, NO WHERE. NO, I feel Sorry for You because if your are depending on a Hard Dick for Success in this Life, you are in for a World of Disappointment along with a sad minimal Existence dependent on the Charity of others. PEACE

Jan 24, 06:31 NiteRider: BTW, Skittles
If and that is an IF you take a moment and ask yourself WHY...did I bother to reply. The answer is two fold. One, I have the luxury of TIME, time to do what I wish when I desire to do so and your initial PM to me was Representative, Classic of the growing number of young adults who are CLUE LESS concerning what if important in Life, the Proper Intelligent avenue to justly Insult someone Intelligently instead of the Lame One Liner you sent me. I felt an obligation to inform you unless you make a course correction concerning what you feel is important along with How to Make Friends and Influence People...Your Life will be far more Limper than your opinion of how limp my Dick is.

That's all Folks. For there will be no further discussion on or about this topic with Skittles. Yeah, I misspelled his Nick once or twice, Geezer, I need to Get a Life or at the least an Efficient spell checker.

An interesting foray into the psyche of One who would rather attempt to offend someone instead of making a connection, possibly a Friend.

IMO Sad :-(

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By admin [Ignore] at 24,Jan,18 19:38
Skittles is one of the regular trolls whom I ban when they get too annoying to members. He gets off from messing with people. I.e. all that he says may be made up intentionally with a sole purpose to upset you. They feed on attention you give them. That includes your post here. It's best to ignore them completely. Though if you find it entertaining I won't stop you, indeed.

Considering how long he's hanging around this site, he's probably at least 35 now. May be even 40+. So, yes, he's morally immature, despite his obvious smarts.
By NiteRider [Ignore] at 27,Jan,18 03:37
I appreciate the "Heads Up", although, Truthfully, Not a problem concerning me, however, I realize some allow characters like skittles to 'Rattle their Gage' needlessly. Yeah, I am an Old Man, experienced/witnessed the Worst of the Worst in the environment of Hiding behind a Monitor. I was there when what everyone refers to the Internet was called Darpa, worldwide network of University s that eventually evolve into today's Net, Delphi, Compuserve, BBS's, etc, T'was the wild west, on the Strong, Savvy and Resourceful survived during the infancy of the Net along with contending with some who were as pathetic as skittles, although, most were Tech Savvy and occasionally wreaked havoc on the naive who accepted file transfers only to have an executable or command file wipe all or part of their hard drive, then along came the Script Kiddies who were clueless, depending on others for malicious code to cause the unsuspecting a bad day. AAaah, the days of debug, low level formatting hard drives, three baud acoustic couplers, DSl, etc. Sorry bout reminiscing of the Old Days, haha, I began my career with Unix, Novell, seeing the Trend, I made the transition to Microsoft years prior to most of my peers acknowledged the Writing on the Wall by then for some too little too late. So yeah, skittle is not unique, Now, with millions online, reflecting the chaotic nature of a portion of our society, I would characterize skittles as Legion, one of many who derives enjoyment from attempting to create discord instead enjoying life and the people he shares this existence with. Compared to many social sites past and present, SHOWITOFF's users enjoy sharing, not mean spirited, generally a good place to visit sharing adult content along with general chit chat. Out of sight outta mind,the cliche, after the last reply to his one liner, until I noticed a reply from you, I had not thought of skittles at all, even years ago, much younger, I was, I could fathom WHY anyone would allow someone's else opinion of them or about them to aggravate, consume a person. Opinions abound and unless I am proven incorrect, I Value my own opinion, My Self Worth above that of someone who appears Socially Deranged so No skittles was not anything to me other than mildly amusing due to the ineffectual method he attempted to anger me. Laughable. I do appreciate that you took a moment to explain the background concerning the incident, although, definitely, he, or his opinions are Nothing to me, no more than a Bratty **** screaming for attention. Cya

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