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Truth and Fantasy of Emma and her Master

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Truth and Fantasy of Emma and her Master
Master v Sub
Emma is a twenty year old young lady that has an over active sex drive, Also Known as an Nymphomaniac she needs it three times a day she dreams about sex and breaths sex, Emma is a student nurse and has doctors and other staff members fuck her on a daily basis.
Emma goes to work without any underwear, she never wears them, one because she doesn’t like them and the other is because it’s easier to be fucked and fingered ,when she’s not being fucked she’s fisting herself just to get off. Emma has given patients a hand job many times and allowed them to grope her during her rounds, many have stuck their fingers in her pussy while she was checking their **** pressure and often she would bend over so patients can see she’s not wearing underwear and doesn’t care who sees and takes customer service to a whole new level..!
Emma has a dark side and likes to explore her boundaries and once a month she visits a fetish club on Oxford Street in Birmingham for some bondage and discipline. The Doctors Know about her fetish and even if her pussy is still suffering for her ordeal at the club ,they don’t care they still fuck her , it adds to the excitement to see her pussy swollen and bruised and the fact that she means nothing to them ,she’s just their living sex toy hear for their pleasure.
Emma goes with her older man, he’s not really her boyfriend just a regular fuck buddy that she met at the club, they have a love **** relationship , he likes to beat her while fucking her and at times just beats her for the sake of it, but they know they need each other and serve a prepose, He comes around when he needs to bash and fuck someone, but Emma is the same at times she calls him over when she needs him, he knows what to do, he just enters the room, she will be naked and on the bed legs spread, there’s no talking, he removes his belt and wraps it around his right hand Emma knows what’s going to happen its happened many times before but she needs this, it’s a emotional, physical and mental release from her day, an escape if you will, that only can be achieved through pain, while holding her legs back and wide apart, he starts belting her pussy hard and fast ten strokes in quick successions, wack, wack ,wack, wack, wack ,wack ,wack ,wack ,wack, wack, then he drops his pants, Emma is in tears ,but he shows her no mercy, his cock is rock hard and he grabs her by the legs and lifts her ass off the bed and drives his cock deep into her swollen, bruised pussy and pounds her like there’s no tomorrow and with the last thrust he lets lose a huge load of cum deep into her pussy as he pulls out of her pussy a torrent of cum spills out onto the floor, he lets her fall back onto the bed, but it’s not over, he picks up the belt and Emma`s egger to cum spreads her legs for him, and he starts belting her pussy again only this time much harder than before wack, wack ,wack twenty quick belts Emma couldn’t take it anymore and lets out a huge moan and cums like never before , she finally got her release, he stops belting her and Emma closes her legs and curls up into a ball rubbing her swollen and battered pussy it hurts so bad but she knows it was worth it Both satisfied with the outcome and this is why they continue to see each other they both know their place and self worth.
And today is Friday and it’s time to go to the club and when they get there, they go separate ways but at times her man fucks her during a session he gets off on it. Emma doesn’t always uses the same master, but tries too. She trusts him and he would do anything for her “she’s daddies little girl” Emma doesn’t realise that she’s just a piece of meat that he’s going to punish and brake. Her Pain is his pleasure, it’s been a month since her last visit and she’s over due. She wears a short Red mini dress and a black belt and no underwear, with knee high boots and thigh high black stockings and no makeup and she looks stunning. They make their way to the bus stop to catch the bus with her man, other guys walking by check her out, she’s dressed to kill!! The bus arrives and her man knows she wants to fuck, they fucked on the bus many times and this is no different, there in luck its 9:30pm and there’s not many people on the bus so they head down the back to the last row her man gets in first, his cock is already hard in his pants so he unzips his fly and out springs his cock standing to attention needing a pussy to sit on it, Emma moves to straddle him and get`s into position, her man pulls her down hard and impales her on his cock driving it deep in to her pussy and because there on the bus Emma couldn’t cry out so she had to just take it, and continued to rock backwards and forwards till he came ,Emma gets off his cock and grabs it with her left hand at the base of his cock and squeezes it and bulls it all the way to the end of his shaft draining every drop of cum out of him then licks it off her hands, she then puts her hand down under her pussy and sticks two fingers in to her cunt and scrapes as much cum out as possible and starts to lick it off , she knows she’s going to be dripping cum while walking off the bus and now there at their stop so they make their way off the bus. Emma can feel cum running down the inside of her thigh, and keeps on walking. They walk up the road to the club called the DUNGON and make their way to the admission window and pay the entry fee of $35 they walk down the hall and split up Emma makes her way to the change room on the way she asks an attendant if they could get Tony the dungeon master. She uses the same guy when possible because she trusts him.
While waiting for Tony she undress, not much to take off, and puts her dress and bag in the locker and puts the key in her boot, and makes her way to the door ,she is greeted by tony
“How’s daddies little girl “said Tony
Emma replies I’m fine Tony how are you?
What would it be today asked? Tony
I want more than usual replies Emma
Normally we charge for our service but Emma , she’s special, she`s an open book with no boundaries or restrictions we can do anything we like to her, she has never used her safe word “legohouse” she`s either stubborn or stupid or brave but sometimes she passes out but most of the times she lets her Dom decide when she has had enough, we have done many things to Emma but she`s just a piece of meat, and she should never trust us, one time I hung her by the neck it was fun to see, her hands where bound behind her back and a hood placed over her head, I asked her if she was ok, she replied “yes” I placed a noose over her head and placed it in position just to the left side of the head with the knot just above her ear. I went over to the pulley and pulled on the rope and applied some tension and continued till I had her on tippy toes I could hear her trying to breath and gasping so I let her down just enough to catch her breath then started to lift her off the floor she couldn’t use the safe word and this was bad but I didn’t care, I lowered her again and gave her a minute to breath and a chance to use the safe word, she would have been on the verge of passing out, I ask her if she “ok “and Emma replies Yes, this time she’s going up for the count, I pull the rope till she’s completely off the floor and I tied the rope off, leaving her dangling she`s now feeling the full effect of no oxygen and her body is going into a panic , her body is convulsing and twitching but I leave her their till she stops moving this means that her heart has stopped and clinically dead, I`m the Dom I have the power to take life and to give it back, but I fear that one day I will take it to fare and she will stay dead and I will have to live with that, I lower her to the floor and remover her bindings and the hood and start CPR it takes me five minutes to revive her and I leave her on the floor to recover ,this is why we love Emma.
Tony puts a collar on Emma with a leash attached to it so he can lead her around like the bitch she is, Tony asks Emma if she has had any Alcohol or drugs recently and she replies NO
Tony asks what is your safe word.? Emma replies “Legohouse” Tony looks her naked body to see if she is suffering any ill effects from her last visit, he can see some bruising from last time and asks her to spread her legs wide and sticks his hand up against her pussy and squeezes it hard testing to see if she’s still tender from her last caning, Emma doesn’t flinch and notices she’s wet and takes a sniff he looks at Emma and said you`ve been busy,where going to have to deal with that. I have something different install for you today said Tony. Tony lets Emma lead the way she thinks they’re going to the waxing room as she always gets waxed first just to relax her, but tony leads her away from there and down the hall to the torture room , Emma is concerned this isn’t how it goes, Emma cases the room and sees a bench in the middle of the room with two poles either side of the bench at one end and a table up against the wall with whips and floggers hanging off the wall the usual staff and a tray ,oxygen tanks, and a large Pot. Tony leads her to the bench and tells her to climb on and to spread her legs. he started to shackle her hands up behind her head then moving down to her left leg, he shackles her left leg high on the pole then binds her left knee to the pole so she can’t close her legs then he moves over to her right leg and repeats the process, after tying her legs he passed at rope under and around her waist and secured it to either side of the bench, this will stop her from wriggling then Tony places a wedge board under her ass to elevate her ass and pussy giving him a clean strike at both. Emma knows her ass and cunt is going to get punished how bad is yet to be determined.
We target there pussy because it’s the most sensitive part of the female body, the clitoris has over 8,000 nerve endings and the virgina has over 20,000 nerves but repeated torture of this area can render it useless as nerve damage can occur it can make it hypersensitive meaning she will experience chronic pain ,every time her pussy gets touched or her clit or her pussy can become disincentive which means she will have no feeling in her pussy or clit again , never to orgasm again or feel a cock inside her again this can happen !!But we don’t care after all it’s not our pussy!
Now that she’s restrained tony goes over to see Emma and asks her if she`s ok Emma replies “yes” tony goes over to the table and comes back and places a gage ball in Emma’s mouth and gives her a tennis ball to hold and tells her that the ball is her safe word and if she drops it than he will stop. Tony asks her if she understands and Emma nods she understands, Tony then places a hood over her head, this adds to the fear and he can see she’s scared. He goes over to the table and brings a tray with some medical supplies, he used to be a paramedic but quit because he couldn’t deal with losing people but had a dark side, he was into kink and S&M having a medical background made him more efficient at inflicting pain. It’s time to start and he starts to chop up pieces of ginger into small chunks. When he has enough he takes a piece and starts to rub it up against Emma’s pussy, right between the folds all the way to her clit, and around her asshole then pops one piece into her ass, it’s not long before Emma feels the burning sensation, and starts to squirm, Tony takes the ginger and inserts them one at a time into her pussy and puts a vibrating duo ball in as well, the vibrations keep the ginger working, Emma is bucking like a bronco her ass and cut is on fire, but tony is having fun. Tony takes the forceps and clamps them down on Emma’s libia then he clamps another one on the other side he continues to clamp her pussy till he has six clamps on her pussy, the whole time while Emma’s in pain, but it’s nothing yet tony is just getting started, then he takes a surgical needle and thread and pushes it through her libia and out the other side he then pushes through the other side of the libia , tony take both ends of the thread and ties them together, tony continues this process till Emma’s pussy is stitched shut, Emma doesn’t know what hurts more the stitching or the ginger. Tony turns the vibrator on and can hear it vibrating in her pussy which makes her thrash around even more, Tony looks to see if Emma has dropped the ball, but he should have known she doesn’t give up that easy and now comes the pleasure I `m not a total Sadist.
Tony goes over to the table and gets the big pot; it’s got hot wax inside. Emma likes this but today it’s a bit hotter than usual and its going to sting, but not burn and my paint brush in hand, I stir the pot to insure no hot spots, then started to apply the wax, I first paint wax on her nipples and she wriggles because its hot than I paint her other nipple, I can see her hands shaking and her body tremble ,the ball is still in her hand, so I continue, tony moves down to her pussy and starts to wax her cunt, the wax is hot and it adds extra pain to where the stitches are, tony continues till Emma’s body is covered in wax , Tony continues applying layer after layer till he had three coats of wax on her body and he leaves it for a while to harden and then it’s time for the pain to start.

Tony Goes over to the table and removes the Cat of nine tails also known as the Flogger, it’s made of heavy nylon cord with a melted end that adds weight to it, tony moves over to the bench and Emma’s is still squirming from the ginger, Tony takes the flogger and twirls it around to warm it up and to warm his arm up, Emma can hear the whooshing sound its making and adding to her fear, but she knows the sound she’s heard it many times before, before she knew it Tony lets rip with a huge blow to her abdomen and Emma flinches and squirms even more he hits her again this time harder with every blow wax fly’s off her body, he continue working her body over wack wack, wack, wack, wack, wack, he move to her pussy , her love nest, her evil
Hole that makes men do whatever she wants, and without warring tony starts striking her pussy, hard and fast wack wack, wack, wack, wack, wack, wack, wax fly’s off in all direction poor Emma pussy is very traumatised but Emma is still holding her ball, she`s not ready to give it up yet, Tony stops flogging her and inspects her pussy, its red and swollen but not too badly damaged not yet any way, it’s time to take it up a notch. Tony goes over to the wall and puts the flogger back this is a breather for Emma, and removes the rattan Cane from the wall, Tony`s goal is to brake the stitches in her pussy with the cane or whip. And takes a new device a vibrator shaped electrode and the battery pack, Tony makes his way to Emma and he looks at Emma and said I have a nice surprise for you, without warring or any lube he inserts the electrode into Emma’s ass and secures it in pace with packaging tape and attaches the cables to the battery he sets the timer on the trigger to go off every minute and sets the voltage to 8 volts, it`s just higher than a 6 volt battery, and he knows that the electrode will ark between the vibrator in Emma`s pussy and its going to hurt bad. Tony tests the probe and sets it off and Emma convulses uncontrollably with pain and tries desperately to scream, but all in vane, know one cares, her pain is my pleasure, Emma can stop this at any time just use her safe word, but she’s stubborn, but today I`m going to brake her once and for all. Tony walks around the Bench and at times taps her on the tits just to let her know he’s still here the he gives her a sharp wack on her stomach and Emma flinches and he strikes her again at the same time the electrode goes off and sends her in to a world of pain, she`s bucking harder than a bronco in a rodeo, Tony continues to move around her body waking her with the cane then he makes his way to her pussy, it’s time to tenderise her love nest and I have to remove the stiches. Tony looks at the voltage meter and decides to turn up the juice to 20 volts and set the timer for 2 minutes so as not to cause burning her bowel, Tony is directly in front of her pussy and lines up a strike and unleashes a blow just near her clit Emma thrashes about in pain Tony strikes her pussy again and again and again three hard wacks right on her pussy. Tony walks over to her pussy to inspect his handy work and notices a stitch has broken just what he wanted to see, the combination of ginger and vibrations and electrocution is way too much for the brain to overcome, the brain gives in faster than the body will, the body can always in dur more it’s the brain that gives up.
Tony goes up to see how Emma is copping and removes the Hood, poor Emma she’s in tears streaming down her face snot running down her cheek and the gage ball full of marks then she convulses as the electrode goes off, tony move to the battery pack and turns it off, Tony looks at Emma and he can see beads of sweat forming on her body, her breathing is very rapid and puts his hand on her chest and can feel her heart racing like a runaway train, threatening to beat its way out of her chest. He then goes over to the table and brings a paper towel back and wipes the tears from Emma’s eyes and then the snot, he removes her gage ball and Emma starts crying , Tony can see she’s in a bad way and asks her for her name, what`s your name asked tony ?, what’s your name,?... tell me your name...? but all that came out of her mouth was crying, Tony goes over to the table and brings a oxygen cylinder over and turns it on and places the mask over her head and just watches her and said Breath Emma breath ,if Tony can’t bring her back than he has to stop, after a few minutes he Repeats What’s your name...? She replies Emma and where are you..? Emma replies in the Dungeon what’s your safe word...? Emma replies “legohouse”
Are you happy to continue..?Emma replies “YES” so shall it be done said Tony, this time no Gage ball he wants to hear her scream, Tony removes the oxygen tank and turns the battery pack back on and the juice up to 30 volts, then he goes over to the table and removes the bulls whip from the wall, this, if used properly can remove skin, but Tony`s not going that fare ,not yet ! he walks over to the table with a box that has no bottom or top just four sides with a curve cut in one side, tony place the frame over Emma’s head, this stops her from being able to see what tony was going to do. Then Tony moves over to her pussy and starts to twirl the whip to warm it up and cracking it every now and then and Emma know the sound of a whip and she starts to buck with fear and the pain that the electrode is giving off, Emma is sobbing and trying to brace herself for the first strike and it sure came! Tony wacked her cunt right up near her clit and Emma started to scream Tony has never heard her scream like that He’s satisfied that his doing a good job, tony twirls the whip around over his head and brings it down hard on Emma`s pussy pow, he draws back and hits her again pow, pow, pow Emma is screaming with pain and convulsing, thrashing around like a shark in a tank, but Tonys not about to stop.
After whipping her a few more times Tony goes over to her pussy to inspect his handy work, then goes to see how Emma`s doing and he see her in a bad way tears streaming down her face and snot running down her cheek, Tony looks at her and Yells “ GIVE ME YOUR SAFE WORD”? And I will stop, But Emma’s holding out for more. Let’s continue said Tony. Tony looks over to the door and sees a crowd gathering to witness the spectacle; they have never heard anyone scream as much as Emma and they have me doubting my efforts and maybe I`m going to fare.
Tony moves over to Emma’s Pussy and sees that four stitches have broken and the whole time Emma convulses with Electrode going off, Her pussy resembles a piece of meat from the butcher , you couldn’t tell which parts are the natural folds and which ones I created, her pussy wasn’t bleeding yet, so she’s go to go another round, Tony goes over to the table and removes a whip, but this is no ordinary whip its and electric whip also known as an electric eel, it works by attaching a positive end to the subject via clamps and when the whip touches the subject it completes the circuit and a electric shock is given, so they feel the sting of the whip and the electric shock, mean while Emma is still feeling the electrode going off. Poor Emma`s in a terrible way, Tony goes over to the power pack and turns it off and removes the electrode for Emma`s ass, it comes out extremely worm, and he turns off the vibrator. Tony plugs the whip into the socket and turns up the juice Emma’s crying and whimpering the crowd is watching with amazement, Tony moves over to Emma’s pussy and starts to twirl the whip and he flops it onto Emma belly and she jumps as the current surges through her, but this is no fun it’s time to crack the whip and Tony lets fly with a crack right on her pussy Emma feels the pain surging through her body and creams and thrash about like a caged dog, Tony yells at Emma “Say The Word “ Emma! And it will end!, But Emma’s holding out like it’s the last thing she will do.
Tony lets fly with another strike right on Emma’s ass and another on her pussy, her pussy can’t take much more it now resembles a split ripe melon swollen and contorted. Tony can hear the crowds sys in disbelieve but tony isn’t about to give up, part of him wants too, but his reputation is at stake so he must brake Emma. Tony goes over to Emma and sees that tears streaming down her face and snot running down her cheek her eyes are **** shot from creaming , her hands and her whole baby is trembling she can’t control it , Tony knows she’s on the verge of passing out and possibly go into shock, This is the turning point, does Tony risk her wellbeing or just call it quits, It’s a difficult decision, Tony turns the whip off and unplugs it and takes it to the table, there`s only one thing left to use but it’s very harsh and certainly not for the fait hearted, Tony picks up the weapon and He can hear the crowd saying “NO”... SURLY HES NOT “Tony turns to the crowd with his weapon in hand and Emma Man is watching in disbelief and he says “HAVE A HEART MAN” she had enough!!!! But Tony know`s all too well that the human mind is a very complex machine it has the ability to overcome and adapt the mind can take you away from pain and suffering and leaving your body to deal with it.
Tony takes the weapon over to the bench. It’s a high powered air rifle, it fires pellets at high speed and it will penetrate the skin having to dig the pellet out. Tony stands 8feet away, any close and he would have to dig every pellet out, Tony lines up his sight on her ass and pulls the trigger bang goes the gun in an instant there’s a red cherry welt on Emma’s ass, bang again and another instant cherry, its having a delayed pain effect and Emma starts to scream Tony yells! “scream you bitch scream”, and he shoots her again this time in the space between the anus and the virgina called the Perineum it’s a very soft and sensitive spot and the pellet penetrates the skin and it starts to bleed, the crowd is shocked but Emma’s is still holding out, it’s time to shoot her in the pussy and those stitches. Tony lines up his shot and shoots, bang, bang ,bang bang four shots find there mark right on Emma’s pussy one stitch brakes and Emma’s kicking and thrashing creaming her head off, “Give Me the word Emma” cries Toy!! and I will stop, **** welts the size of cherries are all over her pussy and tony lets loose with a barrage of shots and sprays her pussy and ass with pellets, Emma can’t take it anymore and screams “LEGOHOUSE, LEGOHOUSE, LEGOHOUSE, LEGOHOUSE, Tony stops shooting and puts his gun down. A moment of relief come over him because he has finally broke her, but at the same time he feels remorse and anguish having to push the boundaries so far and goes to Emma. Emma’s crying hysterically and in a lot of pain, her whole body is quivering and it’s now that she will feel the full **** of the pain, when the adrenaline rush ends. The crowd is silent and seems relived it’s over; many people left could stand watching the ordeal she was going through. Tony goes over to the table and brings back a first aid kit and paper towels and the oxygen bottle, Tony wipes her eyes that are now **** shot, Tony turns on the oxygen bottle on and place the mask over Emma’s head and tells her to breath, it’s not just oxygen it’s a mixture of helium and oxygen known as laughing gas, it will help to take the edge of the pain. He un shackles her hands and puts them by her side than He moves to her pussy and removes the remaining stitch and pulls the broken thread out of her libia then parts her pussy open and Emma squirms in pain, but he needs to, so he can remove the ginger and the vibrator form her pussy and he inserts two fingers into her pussy and starts to retrieve all the ginger that he put in there, ginger come out with **** on it, It must of coursed some serious irritation, he finally removes the last bit of ginger, but to be sure he had to use four finger to spread her hole wide open and Emma screams in pain but it’s necessary and irrigate her cunt with saline solution to get any leftover ginger. Then he moves to her right leg and frees it from its bindings then make his way over to her left leg and removes her bindings, Emma lays there helpless and exhausted taking in the gas, her breathing is starting to slow Tony removes the Mask and turns off the Gas, Tony Move in front of her and reaches for her hands and asks Emma if she could get up, Emma reaches for Tonys hands , the hands of evil, but she knows he did what he had to do and she’s ok with that. Tony pulls Emma up in to a sitting position and moves her to the edge of the bench he helps her down onto the floor, but as soon as her legs touch the floor her legs buckle and she falls to her knees, Tony catches her and helps her up, her legs are numb from being elevated for so long so she stands there for a while, The crowd start to clap and cheer it`s an ovation reserved for rock stars and I seems I made her into a legend. Tony helps Emma to walk to the recovery room her pussy is a mess and she’s walking like she been on a horse for days, can’t put her thighs together, Her Man came over to her and grabs her just to hold her, he’s never seen her take that much punishment and could clearly see the master was on a mission, he feels a sense of remorse and despair that he has never felt before, he’s never ever saw her in that way other than a fuck toy, maybe this was the turning point where he sees her as an inspiration of courage and determination and that he will never think of her as his fuck toy. This doesn’t mean that he’s not going to beat her while fucking her!!it means and that he can beat her even more, knowing how much she can take.
Tony tends to Emma`s wounds and takes her to the recovery room and keeps an eye on her ,Tony needs to know she will be ok before he lets her go home, after a while Emma seems ok, but in a lot of pain and finds it hard to put her dress on. Tony waits for her to finish dressing and escorts her to her man who’s waiting in the hallway, she`s still walking bow legged, Emma Leaves the Club with her man and catch a taxi home sitting is an effort as pain is still great and she can’t wait to get home, when they arrive Emma finds it hard to get out of the taxi, every movement hurts her ass and cunt so her Man helps her out and to her front door they enter her house and they make their way up the stairs and to the left ,Emma`s room is at the end of the hall, it’s the master bedroom that her parents gave her. Emma walks in front of her mirror and can’t wait to see what state her cunt is in, she drops her dress to the floor and can’t believe her eyes, the cherry welts and swelling and black and blue bruises, this is the worst that her cunt has ever been, she turns around only to see her ass is worse condition, And knows she will not be able to go to work on Monday, But she needs a shower and her man asks if she needs him to stay and replies “ No” He heaves the room and Emma hears the front door close, Emma takes her phone and takes a few pictures of her pussy and ass. Then she goes to the bath room to pee, and that hurts like hell, her cunt is on fire the whole time she’s peeing, she knows that the shower is going to hurt but she needs it and turns on the water to just warm, when steps under the running water it like someone kicked her in the cunt the pain was intense, she had to bite her lip to keep from screaming after a few moments the pain subsided and she just stayed there for a while the water was soothing after her shower she pated her pussy dry and ass and wandered if her pussy will ever be the same again, Emma went to bed doubting her sanity and new she had to **** on her side and it was another tough night at the club.

Some of these things did happen to Emma and some didn’t, but all that was mentioned did happen to others and can be found at

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