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By thebeewolf [Ignore] at 28,Jan,18 15:30   Pageviews: 112

You've always been curious about sucking cock. You've wanted to try it for a long time, but never had the courage to make it happen. Well, it's ok! Just give it a try. hit up one of your buds. You know the one. The straight one who you think will probably say "what the hell" and unzip for you. Then get on your knees and try sucking that dick.

Enjoy it! You already know you're going to. Have fun. Feel that hot, hard penis in your mouth. Massage it with your lips and tongue. See if you can take it all in. If you can't, try again. Over and over again. Make him moan and swear with exquisite pleasure. It doesn't make either of you gay. Nothing has changed.

Except there's one thing you need to know. You have to understand this warning. If you suck it too hard or for too long, he might ejaculate in your mouth. Do not let this happen. Because if he does, you're going to taste some of that hot sperm, squirted straight out of his nut sack. And once you taste that, it's game over. You're going to become addicted to sperm and turn into a cock sucking whore.

If that happens, you'll lose all control. You'll want to suck cock every day for the rest of your life. You'll need as much sperm as you can get. You'll be the cock sucking bitch of every man who unzips in front of you. Every man in town will soon learn this and you're going to be sucking a lot of penis and swallowing a lot of sperm.

And the worst part is the ones who you're going to fall in love with. Those are the ones who try their hardest not to cum so that they can feel your hot slut mouth on their hard penises for as long as possible, trying to extend the pleasure. You won't be able to resist the challenge. You're going to need their sperm more than anyone's and you're going to work hard to get it.

And that will be your life. Chasing cock. Begging for sperm. Servicing every cock in town.

So go ahead and try sucking. But don't let him cum in your mouth. Or else. You've been warned.

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By ferret7615 [Ignore] at 09,Feb,18 13:41
Oh god, don't go over to the dark side! I tried a dick once and didn't care for it.
By thebeewolf [Ignore] at 09,Feb,18 13:45
Same! I tried it. It was ok. I didn't let the guy cum in my mouth though, so maybe I narrowly escaped!

By #437938 [Ignore] at 28,Jan,18 18:42
Ooooh this is sooo TRUE!
By thebeewolf [Ignore] at 31,Jan,18 18:34
You sound like someone who knows from experience
By #437938 [Ignore] at 04,Feb,18 09:01
I don't have a lot of experience but after sucking the first cock,I am hooked! Now all I can think about is sucking cock.
By thebeewolf [Ignore] at 04,Feb,18 10:32
I wish you were my next door neighbor. I'd have you sucking my cock every single day!

By #482237 [Ignore] at 28,Jan,18 20:08
But, baby,,,getting hooked is what it's all about,,,
By thebeewolf [Ignore] at 29,Jan,18 17:02
It's such a sexy concept. "I'll suck just a little bit long--oops!"
By #482237 [Ignore] at 30,Jan,18 10:14

By #549397 [Ignore] at 29,Jan,18 08:35
Yes, cum is addicting and delicious cumming from a hot hard pulsating cock

By Tedge33 [Ignore] at 28,Jan,18 23:35
Just say Aaaahhhhh and swallow the evidence.

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