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Father's Day

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By soccermomaudra [Ignore] at 01,Feb,18 10:32   Pageviews: 158

Father's Day

My father-in-law and I are a lot alike we both were sending each other the best jpg files we could find of attractive disrobed ladies we could find on the Internet. Now and then there were even some fetish and bondage pictures exchanged but nothing too extreme. After many exchanges he started jokingly asking if I had any pictures of his daughter to e-mail to him. I told him I didn't but I would see what I could do.

My wife did not like having her photo taken in the nude but she does enjoy light bondage and being blindfolded. So I figured I could snap a few shots now and then when she could not see what I was doing. I used a digital camera and would have the music up a bit loud so she would never hear the clicks of the camera. She became wild with lust while tied up with loud music because it would keep her from both seeing and hearing and this excited her **** fantasy. As long as I knew her (and probably long before I met her) she has had this strong **** fantasy, even gang ****. She knew that she did not really want to be raped but just the safe fantasy or Idea just made her very horny.

Well as time went on I sent lots of great shots of my wife bound and blindfolded in every possible way to her father along with my best finds of other gals on the internet. He loved them and even began asking for special requests. One day he came out and asked if it were all right with me if one day while she was bound and gagged that he could come over and look at her in person without her even knowing he was there. This Idea turned me on big time, not that I want to share my wife with any other man but her father seemed like no threat and the near **** angle made it sound like a very great idea. We set a night he was to park on a side street and find our front door unlocked at 9 PM. By 8:40 I had my wife in the bedroom with the music loud, beginning to tie her face up spread eagle on our four corner posted bed. I had her head down at the bottom of the bed with her head tipped halfway off the bed where it would be easy to slip my cock into her mouth. I tied a wide secure blind fold over her eyes and still had ten minutes until 9:00 so I sucked on each nipple before I started to eat out her pussy. This always put her over the edge where she would go mad with wanting to be fucked hard and long, just the frame of mind I wanted her in.


At 9:00 I went down and found her dad waiting on the couch. We tip toed into the room and it worked she had no Idea that when I came back into the room I was not alone. I began right off kissing her nipples again and she began begging me to fuck her. I told her she had to wait, I stepped back and motioned to my father-in-law that he could touch her. I could tell he wanted to touch her and he knew she would think it was me so he rubbed her tits a while and became bold enough to play with her pussy. This made me so horny to see her hips rise up with desire humping up at her fathers fingers as he probed them back into her hot wet snatch. He looked at her with hungry eyes and then looked me with a grin. I motioned to him it was my turn again.

He stepped back and I stepped up to the foot of the bed where her head was tipping backwards partway off of the mattress. I rubbed the head of my cock on her lips and she obediently took it in her mouth and began sucking me off with her lips sliding up and down my shaft. After a short time I was ready to share and I stepped back, my cock left her mouth with a loud slurping sound. Old Dad in law knew he going to be asked to try his daughter's oral skills and he already had his pants and shorts off when I turned around to tell him to try her out. I could tell by the look on my wife's face that she suspected something was out of the ordinary but she eagerly gulped down her daddy's prick and he looked like he was going to pass out from pleasure overload and her grabbed the bed posts on each side to steady himself.

I think it was because she had a slight suspicion that the cock in her mouth was not that of her familiar husband's that she really went wild sucking it like a starving woman. Her head lifted and dropped moving her whole back and shoulders as she enthusiastically swallowed her father's meat over and over. He knew he would not last long like this and did not want to miss anything else he might get so he backed away leaving his daughter straining and gasping to take a cock in her mouth. She complained loud how badly she wanted to suck a cock, and then whined that what she really needed was to be fucked real hard and deep.

I was not going to keep her waiting so I climbed up on her and slid my cock into her soaking wet pussy. It was so wet that there was very little resistance; her cunt really just sucked me inside. Her juices were puddling on the sheets I never seen her so wet, I am sure it was due to the feel of an unfamiliar prick in her mouth a few moments ago. The walls of her cunt swelled around my cock, her muscles clamped down on me as I could feel her well trained, sex loving, cunt try to milk my load from my manhood. I had to pull out now or it would be game over for my fun. I pulled out and she cried out in frustration "god-dam it don't stop now!"

As I removed myself from the bed I waved to her father to take my place, Him being a chubbier, heavier man, was an obvious change just in the squeal of the mattress and the amount the bed sank when he climbed on. She had a startled look on her blindfolded face and she gasped, "you really do have someone else here!" Her dad froze for a moment and slowly lowered his heftier self down onto her; she could feel he clearly was a very deferent man who was still wearing his tee shirt over his bear like chest. As his penis pushed it's way into her now tightening pussy she squealed with delight "who ever you are just fuck me you bastard! Make me cum! I need to be fucked hard right now or so help me I will die!"

Hearing his daughter demand that he fuck her hard was more than he needed to hear, it flipped a switch on him and he began pounding her cunt so hard that they were both sliding down the bed with each driving thrust of his cock. The ropes on his daughter's arms and legs grew tighter the farther they moved. Her whole head on shoulders were well off the bed and her back was inching over as well.

The ropes on her wrists and ankles were really digging in and the pain only made her hornier, the tight ropes were holding both her and her father from sliding over the edge of the bed. She was both crying out in pleasure and begging to be fucked harder and deeper, even though that would be impossible because he was slamming his whole body down with great might causing them both to bounce on each crashing trust. She already knew that another man was screwing her so I moved in and put my cock to her lips. This worked out to be a great thing for me because she was insanely horny and sucked my cock harder than I imagined humanly possible.

In no time I was cumming into her mouth, it seemed to flow on forever, I just came and came and came some more. Soon my poor limp cock was too sore to keep in her mouth and I retreated to the corner of the room where I found my trusty digital camera. I took several pictures of my wife being fucked by her father. My wife was obviously enjoying the flogging she was getting, her arms strained on the ropes at her wrists as she was being ridden nearly off the bed. Her loud moans of pleasure became higher pitched and more rapid as she thrust back up at him, then finally screamed out as she climaxed.

Her dad dismounted her snatch and placed the head of his dick to his daughter's lips. She happily opened up and sucked him inside as his whole body spasmed in wave after wave of orgasm pumped from his balls out his cock and right down the throat of my wife, his daughter. He pet her hair and rubbed the side of her cheek with the back of his hand, showing tender thankfulness of the fulfillment she gave him. As his now flaccid penis slid from her mouth she smiled up and him and said "thank you who ever you are" and as she spoke a string of cum still linger from the corner of her lips to the head of his cock. I am so glad I had the digital camera ready; I managed to get some great shots of the incestuous fucking and blowjob.

Since that day I have shared the photos with Dad in law, and we plan to do this again real soon. My wife has been more lustful then ever she wants sex nearly every moment of the day anymore. She does ask about who it was and I am keeping it a **** for now. She is a bit disappointed during bondage sessions because she hopes each time there will be one or more surprise visitors. I may have to make her happy and arrange several guys to screw her one day soon.

I am trying to figure out when I should let her know it was her own father she made love to that special day. Should I just show the photos? I would love to do the same thing and take off her blindfold as she is about to climax with her father's cock sunk deep inside of her pussy. When she is horny she will do anything or anybody to enjoy an orgasm.

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By onthelose [Ignore] at 02,Feb,18 18:04
Great story but I am not sure she would be cool with knowing it was her dad. Why spoil that unless you are just looking to hurt her. I guess you know her better than anyone so that is your call, myself I would not spoil a good thing just because I wanted to shock her.
By soccermomaudra [Ignore] at 05,Feb,18 11:45
It's a story! I would love to be shocked like that by my husband and father.
By beingcurious6 [Ignore] at 27,Feb,18 00:54
I wish you were MY daughter

By #236957 [Ignore] at 26,Feb,18 12:30
great story!

By #437938 [Ignore] at 02,Feb,18 13:03
Ooooh my, that is such a exciting story that my sissy clitty got hard.

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