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By deiafn [Ignore] at 01,Feb,18 19:51   Pageviews: 36

I love dialogue. It seems many men don't. It was men who invented the blow-and-go wasn't it? Presumably because they feel uncomfortable with conversation for whatever reason. But what about linger-and-finger? That's more up my alley. If you linger, you have to hold a conversation and that can be a massive turn-on for me. You can't linger in silence. The last time I had a craigslist meetup with another guy, it lasted an hour and a half because we began slowly, with our pants on, watching porn and fingering our own cocks. We chatted away with things like Oh I like that, have you ever tried this, does your girlfriend do it, what does she like, have you ever... The dialogue helped build towards popping our hard cocks out and reaching over for each others. Then without a hurry, we were asking each other "how's this feel?" and saying "oh yeah, I like that" as we graduated from fingering to sucking. Our first cum was still part of the warmup. Conversation and porn moved us along seamlessly to the next round of hardons and more cum.It would have been impossible to do all that without dialogue to keep it going. And I say dialogue rather than just conversation because you don't actually have to be in the exchange to enjoy it. Ever seen the tumbr video where the "hot wife" talks about sex with other men while playing with her husband's cock? Now that's hot. And so is reading a first hand account of someone's experience that invites comments. I love the "real couple" videos where couples talk about themselves and the sex they like before they get down to it. The best MMF I've had started on a couch with glasses of whisky and a long talk that included each other's previous experiences and raised the heat enough for clothes to start slipping off irresistibly. Much better than just ripping into it. So if dialogue turns you on, leave me some comments. Maybe we can spin some dialogue together. If you read mine, I'll read yours. And I'll let you know if you get me jacking off.

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By onthelose [Ignore] at 02,Feb,18 17:36
I agree with you completely. There has to be more to it than just a quick wank without any talk. MrBone is correct. That isn't the norm though. most just want to cum and run off without saying a word, as if they are embarrassed by what they find themselves doing.

By MrBone [Ignore] at 01,Feb,18 21:26
You have an excellent outlook on things. I love to chat! Interesting conversation is a gateway to fulfilling the pleasures of the body. You don't put the cart before the horse. It's better to connect with someone on all levels to achieve the ultimate in the human sexual experience.
By deiafn [Ignore] at 02,Feb,18 11:50
Thanks for your reply. I looked at your page -it's great to have a connection when looking at someone's pics, much better than looking at dicks of complete strangers. Do you share your cock in real life or just like to show in pictures?
By MrBone [Ignore] at 02,Feb,18 12:07
Never had the opportunity yet. Love to chat and pic swap. Also love Skype jackoff.

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