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By deiafn [Ignore] at 02,Feb,18 20:22   Pageviews: 35

I watched a home-made vid this morning. Wifey was wearing black lingerie. She knelt on the bed over naked hubby and lit a cigarette, took a few draws and put it in his mouth. He puffed on it while she climbed on and started rocking back and forth with his dick inside her, then gave it back to her to draw on. I come from a place where, when I grew up, it seemed everyone smoked. I was a smoker in my teens. Like many I gave it up years ago in favor of a healthier lifestyle but watching that video I suddenly felt, wow, I want to do that, I want to share a smoke with a girl, passing it from lips to lips, eyeing her all over, before we go fuck. And I don't even smoke any more. What is it about smoking? They used to give screen stars a cigarette to look sexy. Smokes, beer and sex were the activities that made you feel grown up when you were a **** but somehow smokes have faded out. I remember having sex years ago with a gf where we shared a smoke (blew some in her vagina and up her ass!) and it made sexy feel even sexier. Perhaps smoking makes things sluttier? I think I got a smoke fetish - anyone else got one? How's it play out? Stories welcome.

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