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By JordyE [Ignore] at 02,Feb,18 22:15   Pageviews: 166

Here's the thing....some people like my cock but tbh I don't really like it, I only masturbate because it feels good to cum but when it comes to size I have zero confidence in what I have

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By Ryan8inch [Ignore] at 12,Feb,18 18:20
You have a hot cock and a very sexy ass would love to suck your cock and fuck that nice ass
By JordyE [Ignore] at 12,Feb,18 20:23
Haha thanks

By mna87 [Ignore] at 02,Feb,18 23:03
It's perfect 😍
By JordyE [Ignore] at 02,Feb,18 23:03
Awww thanks
By mna87 [Ignore] at 02,Feb,18 23:05
U're welcome
By JordyE [Ignore] at 02,Feb,18 23:19
If you wanted I'd let you suck it
By mna87 [Ignore] at 09,Feb,18 21:34
Definitely 😍 i would never hesitate
By JordyE [Ignore] at 09,Feb,18 21:36
Oh really?

By Alittlecock [Ignore] at 05,Feb,18 06:01
it is one of the nicest sexiest most beautiful willies i have ever seen! if you don't want it, can i have it please?
By JordyE [Ignore] at 05,Feb,18 07:19
Haha sure

By phart [Ignore] at 04,Feb,18 15:38
the fact is that our peckers are something we really cant change alot about. Our body's,we can work out and eat right and so forth and get or keep them in some what of a shape.But pecker size,well, it is what it is. We all need to find places to stuff our peckers and help them get all excited and bring up last weeks juices and keep our prostates healthy
By JordyE [Ignore] at 04,Feb,18 17:44
That's true

By LittleWeewee [Ignore] at 03,Feb,18 12:14
Hey, just be glad you're not me
By JordyE [Ignore] at 03,Feb,18 16:35
I guess you're right
By LittleWeewee [Ignore] at 03,Feb,18 18:03
Gee thanks
By JordyE [Ignore] at 03,Feb,18 18:08
Just agreeing with what you said besides we both know how you want my cock
By LittleWeewee [Ignore] at 03,Feb,18 21:15
Damn right I do!
By JordyE [Ignore] at 04,Feb,18 09:06

By sissyEVELYNN [Ignore] at 03,Feb,18 12:07
Ooooh my, your cock is awesome! I would love to suck sooo much.
By JordyE [Ignore] at 03,Feb,18 16:34
Thanks sir

By m22r [Ignore] at 03,Feb,18 09:59
Itís a great cock mate
By JordyE [Ignore] at 03,Feb,18 11:24
Thanks dude

By phart [Ignore] at 03,Feb,18 09:36
nothing wrong with your pecker.Except you are not using it as intended.Stick it in something and let them decide if they like it.
By JordyE [Ignore] at 03,Feb,18 11:24
Haha true

By josh5800 [Ignore] at 03,Feb,18 01:52
I agree with mna87 - perfect.
By JordyE [Ignore] at 03,Feb,18 11:24

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