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The Truth

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By 42pupasmurfblue60 [Ignore] at 02,Feb,18 23:10   Pageviews: 58

A lie is something that you tell to avoid telling the truth, a good lie is when you can sell it to your self,after all if you don't believe it then you can't hope for anyone else to believe it,but the best lies are the ones that don't have to be proven, like saying that you vist a fetish club for torture but provide no proof or that you claim to be a whore or male slut with no proof in the way of selfies or videos but people still believe you and even if you tell the truth people will no clue if it is even the truth or not,to get to the truth questions are asked in different ways to see if the answers are the same, because the brain can't remember a lie there for the answers will be different but the truth is easily remembered and this is how police interrogate suspects, but if you can convince your self that the lie is the truth then you can sell it to any one and they will believe it, so thats how to sell a lie and to get to the truth

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By young_dude [Ignore] at 03,Feb,18 16:10
Do you smoke weed
By 42pupasmurfblue60 [Ignore] at 07,Feb,18 07:36
Used too, but woke up!!!

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