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Alison a true story

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By 42pupasmurfblue60 [Ignore] at 07,Feb,18 07:38   Pageviews: 72

Back in 1999 I had a franchise store called Arnolds Ribs and Pizza and had many staff working for me aged between 16-18 and Alison was 17 and almost 18.
Alison worked Sundays and Wednesdays and most of the time came to work wearing something nice and sexy from a party or a friends place.There was an area away from view where I would make coffee and chat,and would talk about her day and her dad who was a prick to her. then one day she started to talk about sex, I didnt think it was aproprete to talk about sex with me I was her boss and much older than her I was 35. Alison asked me what guys liked in sex! I said that I can't speak for every guy because everybody like something different, I could only tell her what I liked in sex. Soon this topic became the main conversation and I thought she just wanted the inforamtion so she could please her boyfriend.
One Sunday she came in early wearing a black short almost see through dress low cut at the front and very low cut at the back with two thin straps over her shoulders and it was evident that she wasn't wearing a bra this wasnt unusual so l let her in and made our way to the coffee area and while I had my back to her and making coffee Alison said "I Have a surprise for you" I replied what sort of surprise could you have for me its not my birthday!!! as I turned around their she was just two feet away and grabs the straps of her dress and pulls them to the side and lets them go and her dress falls to the ground and there she is stark naked infornt of me and before I could say a word Alison jumps at me and wraps her arms around my neck and kisses me and pulls her naked body up against mine and says "Im all nice and shaved for you just how you like it"stuned by what just happened I grab her arms and pull them off me and pushed her away and said wow this cant happen Im married and Im your boss not to mention that Im so much older then you Im faltered but I cant go there, Alison quickly turned nasty and grabed me by the shirt and said your going to fuck me every time and every where I want you too or I will tell my parents that you tried to **** me and I will also tell the cops, there not going to believe you over me because these things happen more often these days.I said why are you doing this to me! I dont deserve this, she said that she wants the experience with an old man and wants me to teach her! I know what most men would say " Im an idiot its free sex with a teenager doesnt get better than that!" but I was thinking with my head not my dick and I had a lot to lose and its only lust and that doesn't last. I didn't need this shit, my marriage had one foot out the door my business was failing and fast running out of money, I couldn't deal with a court case so I had no choice but to comply . I love sex all types but as long as its consentual Im ok with but having to be forced is wrong and I **** any body that does that to people.Alison wanted me to lick her to orgusm so I put up on the stainless steel bench and she squeeled because it was cold and was quick to spread her legs for me and I could see that she was already wet but before I could get started there was a knock on the door I looked around the corner and saw it was staff that turned up for work, so we had to stop and I was saved by the bell so to speak! Alison was so pissed the whole night she kept glancing at me and telling me its not over till she says it is. Alison finished her shift and went home and she called me when she got home and told me that she will be early on Wednesday and for me to come in early too and if I dont preform then she will tell her perants! Alison continued to use me as her personal sex slave after a while I told a staff members dad (he was a cop) that I was being blackmailed for sex, he said half your luck and can I send her his way and I said No Im not kiding!!! didnt take long for him to work out who it was and said what proof do you have,I said none he said with out proof the cops will believe her over you,so I asked him what should I do and he said I should try to make a home movie asking her questions that will prove that she is blackmailing you and write her letters asking her questions of what she likes and what would happen if you dont do as she asks ! I thought we could keep it a **** but the thing about secrets is that the real **** is that everyone knows, its the little things the jestures the wispers the body language that give it away,so if your having an affair then look around and see how many people are watching from the corner of there eye.If didn't feel like fucking her she would get mad and she would tell me that she was going to flog my ass till it bleeds and I just have to take it like a man, she didn't realise that I actually liked it and most of the time I didn't want to fucker her because I wanted her to flog me, in so many ways it was self punishment for being involved with her and she would flog my ass till it was black and blue with red welts over it , she didn't hold back,it was full on hits after she was finished she would feel sorry for hurting me and would apologize for being so mean I liked making her feel this way, it was payback, my marriage had failed and I was living at the shop I had know where els to go, this was very convenient for Alison because it ment she could come over even earlier, but the strangest thing happened I fell in love with her, it was unexpected but it happens you dont get to choose who you fall inlove with, it just happens and after a while she fell in love with me and would tell me she loved me time and time again, **** sex had turned into passionet sex but I still wanted out of the relationship I knew it wouldn't last but she wasn't going to let me go I knew she was moving because her parents sold there house and was moving away which ment she couldn't see me any more so I thought! but after she settled into her new home she rang me and said that I can start coming over and maybe stay over night and as fantastic as it seemed I had to say no because I loved her to much and it was already hard to get past the day with out her and now that my business is also gone there was nothing to hold onto but she insisted and was about to thretin me again so I reminded her about the letters and the video we made and said that I would show it to her parents and the police and have her charged with blackmail. Alison told me she loved me and didn'tn want to let me go.I said you have too ,you dontn belong with me!! we said goodbye. months later she emailed me just to say Hi and told me she met a nice guy that she realy likes and we kept intouch via email and one day my internet and computer failed and I couldn't email her, Alison thought something had happend to me and called me at home but when I answered the phone and said hello all I could hear was breathing and then they would hang up, two days later the phone rang at the same time and I answered and again all I could hear was breathing and then hung up, two days later the phone rang and it was the misterious breathing but this time I said" Im ok Alison dont worry about me, I love you always ,Forever in my dreams "and as I was about to hang up she said "Me Too" that was the last time I heard from her.I looked her up on Facebook and she is married with two **** and looks happy ,I hope she is happy but if she was to call me tomorrow and say that she wants to get back with me I would drop everything in a heart beat to be with her!. Thats why I have "FOR EVER IN MY DREAMS 69er " tatooed on my chest , because she will always be in my dreams and its our favorit possion !.If you can't love the one you want love the one your with!!
A True Story!!!

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