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Going Commando

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By smoothcocky [Ignore] at 07,Feb,18 16:51   Pageviews: 122

I haven't worn underware for ten the feeling !
I especially love it if I get a hard on and it is obvious to anyone who looks at my crotch. I find the stares very erotic !

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By #460523 [Ignore] at 10,Sep,18 20:29

By hornycock420 [Ignore] at 07,May,18 17:44
i never wear underwear!
By smoothcocky [Ignore] at 07,May,18 18:03
Only way to go !!

By wmw6cut [Ignore] at 13,Apr,18 18:28's been over 20 years since i have worn underware and i have gotten alot of compliments on my bulge thru my jeans
By smoothcocky [Ignore] at 14,Apr,18 18:01
Erotically satisfying ??

By #460523 [Ignore] at 30,Mar,18 02:23
same here
By smoothcocky [Ignore] at 30,Mar,18 18:20
Only way to go !!

By bi4u [Ignore] at 29,Mar,18 12:43
As a Florida nudist who completed all six Full Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Treatments, why would I wear underwear. Six years ago I threw it into the garbage where it belongs. Commando for life.
By smoothcocky [Ignore] at 29,Mar,18 18:57
Now that is the way to go !! I love your style !!

By diamund [Ignore] at 23,Mar,18 03:07
Going commando is the best
By smoothcocky [Ignore] at 25,Mar,18 17:56

By uncut1944 [Ignore] at 02,Mar,18 17:32
Go commando in the summer, to cold here for the winter. Can't wait for warmer weather.
By smoothcocky [Ignore] at 03,Mar,18 18:23
Enjoy it when the weather warms up !! Glad we don't have that problem here !! It's rarely very cold and I can usually wear shorts in the winter !

By cutroundhead [Ignore] at 18,Feb,18 10:34
I go commando whenever I feeling my bare helmet rubbing and balls swinging free..just have to watch for precum spots when horny at work...
By smoothcocky [Ignore] at 18,Feb,18 16:45
Nice !! I love it !! As I said...I haven't worn underware at all - ever ... not in the last ten years ! I am full body shaved so it feels especially good having smooth skin rub on clothing ! Sometimes if a hot colleague comes into my office I give my dick a little encouragement rub !
Feels so dirty !!

By dura2000 [Ignore] at 14,Feb,18 18:35
I do around the house, just wear satin boxers I like the feel of my cock swinging under them. My stepdaughter lives with us too.
By smoothcocky [Ignore] at 15,Feb,18 17:38

By #549651 [Ignore] at 08,Feb,18 17:06
I go commando most of the time, but nothing it's to do with getting more attention to my crotch area. If it does sobeit. It's mostly because I live in Florida and when it's very hot and humid it's just simply more comfortable.
By smoothcocky [Ignore] at 09,Feb,18 18:24
I agree ! When I was in the military services in the tropics I first discovered the benefits of going commando. I **** the restricted feeling of underware.
By #549651 [Ignore] at 09,Feb,18 18:55
See! There ya go. If it's more comfortable then leave the undies in the drawer.

By rikki2 [Ignore] at 09,Feb,18 15:57
Same here........also keep it shaved !
By smoothcocky [Ignore] at 09,Feb,18 18:20
Smooth is great !!!

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