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My masterbation introduction

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By creampie [Ignore] at 08,Feb,18 16:43   Pageviews: 72

Havning no parents was a challenge for me when it came to learning about sex and in a way i learnt from complete strangers, when i was 9 i use to go roller skating and one day i went by myself in the park where i decided to have a break in a kind of hill which was surrounding by trees when i met this guy maybe in his early 20s who got talking to me when he took out his cock and made it hard by pulling it. was shocked at the size of it and asked him how was it so big when he asked me to show him mine which was hairless and really small although i was a nine year old till he told me it will grow. he put his hand my cock which gave me a thrill while stroking his own when this white gooy liquid came out, to my amazament.

fast forward to me being 14th years old and like most boys i woke up with hard ons and never really knew what to do till i met a complete stranger again on a dark night when he said he found me very attractive which flattered me , gues he was 18 or 19 and eithier gay or bi at least and asked me do i wank often which i being a late starter did not know what he meant, he said he would show me and introduce to a wonderful pleasure and i went into a park with him where he showed his cock and asked me to hold it and then suck it which i guess i was not very good at. then he he put his hands into my underwear and reached out for my cock which was getting hard and uncomfortable in my pants so he pulled it out, it had a bush of hair and 6 inches where he just pulled the foreskin back and forth which made my legs turn to jelly till i got this urge to pee and warned him but he just kept going till i shot my first load of milky boy juice and i groaned so loudly with this new pleasure and and to pull his hand away as it became to much,
after this experience i realised that i was bi as l iked girls but liked seeing boys in the shower room as well. have a few other true blogs of my first mutual bj to follow , enjoy

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By cheltenham [Ignore] at 15,Apr,18 20:28
I will be waiting......

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