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My adventures in gay sex - part 1

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By josh5800 [Ignore] at 08,Feb,18 21:01   Pageviews: 100

Everything I write here is true.

I think I've always known I was bisexual, I had a fascination with guys but the stigma of the 90's meant it you were either straight or gay, no in between, no room for experimentation. I would declare myself to be bisexual but my slightly prudish fiancee would see this as a declaration of being gay and that I didn't love/fancy/get-a-raging-boner-for her, which wouldn't be true.

I secretly know myself to be bisexual in that I will have sex with men or women, but I only have love for my fiancee, as bastardly as I have been to her.

I'd lost my virginity to a girlfriend at uni when I was 19 but the relationship ended after a few months. I fell into a depressive state and (with open internet access) I first properly thought about sex with a man. After many false starts, dropping out of possible meets and generally feeling guilty about the whole thing, I arranged to meet someone at the age of 21.


Guy 1.

He was also curious about men and came to visit me in my rented room and I'd made my first mistake by not asking for a face pic. He wasn't ugly or horrible but I was disappointed, which affected my mood on the whole thing.

We sat on the bed, we kissed and, gravelly beard aside, it was ok but it didn't turn me on. We felt each others cocks through our clothing, he was getting hard but I wasn't. He eventually undid my jeans and pulled out my limp cock, taking me into his mouth and finally getting me hard. When I'm nervous I cum quickly, and told him after about 30 seconds of oral. He kept my cock in his mouth as I came and he swallowed my load.

I felt... slight exhilaration, embarrassment at cumming quickly and then shame at letting it happen. I panicked, said he had to go and left him disappointed.


Guy 2.

A year later and I'd got over the situation and was back on a gay hook up site that rhymes with 'radar'.

This time I found someone who would share a face pic, was a but more experienced but about the same age as me. Again, he came round to mind, we sat on the bed kissing and feeling cocks through fabric.

The I was still nervous and still not getting hard. He was and it was big. He removed my clothes and pushed me back on the bed. He held my limp cock in his hand, attempting to stroke it. He kissed and licked the head and it started to get hard as he took more into his mouth. My nerves got the better of me again as he stroked my balls and I came unexpectedly, he swallowed every drop. I apologised for being premature, he said not to worry. I didn't panic and get rid of him, I hardened my resolve and removed his clothes pushing him back onto the bed.

He was slim with longish dark hair, a trail of hairs from his belly to his groin and a dark patch of hair around his erection. His cock was huge, about 9" long and thick. I reach out to hold my first cock, it was warm and hard and wonderful. I stroked up and down and he moaned quietly as his eyes closed. Giving into the moment I kissed and then licked the head tasting small amounts of precum. I took the head into my mouth, swirling my tongue around it and loving the moans and groans he made. I couldn't get more than 4 inches into my mouth but using a combination of mouth and both hands I brought him closer to climax.

He let me know if was about to cum and I prepared myself for his load which came thick, salty and sweet into my mouth. I swallowed each time he spurted and I didn't spill a drop. Feeling pleased with myself, I grinned at his satisfied expression.

My cock had recovered and I'd started to get hard again. He gave me another blow job but the same thing happened to me and I came quickly once again.

This time I was embarrassed and I made my excuses for him to leave. Afterwards he said he'd wanted to fuck me but at the time I think I would have refused. Knowing what I know now, that was a mistake!

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By cruisebi [Ignore] at 12,Feb,18 17:20
Hot mate, thanks for sharing

By liketoedge [Ignore] at 11,Feb,18 10:21
Great story. I believe all guys have cum very quickly at some point in there life. Actually I think fast cummers are Hot

By Billy4995 [Ignore] at 09,Feb,18 13:43
Thnx for the hot stories.

By restored4skin [Ignore] at 09,Feb,18 01:17
Great stories, thanks for sharing

By pifad [Ignore] at 08,Feb,18 22:14
That was a good couple of stories. Yeah, I think you should have let him fuck you too. You look like a fuck and 8m sure it would have been enjoyable for both of you. Maybe you can hook up with him again. Happy hunting.
By josh5800 [Ignore] at 08,Feb,18 22:19
Well, i sucked the big cock nearly 20 years ago so no, I won't get to meet him again!

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