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By deiafn [Ignore] at 08,Feb,18 21:36   Pageviews: 68

My last wife had quite an appetite for sex, when I look back. I don't mean she wanted it all the time, I mean she liked getting turned on by a wide range of things. I used to get frustrated that she didn't want to get into swinging but after I started dating other women I realized I had been lucky to get so far as we did. At least once or twice she was up for trying to get some other people into bed with us - it just didn't work out. She did fuck other guys early in our relationship, but not with me there. She would come home and give me the blow by blow while we had "reclaim" sex. That was pretty hot. The thought of her getting fucked was always arousing, and the thought of watching her getting fucked knocked me senseless. And I always wanted to share sucking a dick with her, especially after it had been in her. I really wish we'd got round to it. When we went our separate ways, the first thing I did was get into bed with another couple and it was awesome. I loved fucking the wifey for the husband's entertainment because I knew exactly where he was coming from. My present wife has told me she doesn't want anyone else in the bedroom with us, so my sex life has had the lid put on it to some degree. Oh well. Now I like to watch real amateur vids of wives getting shared and I enjoy a good jackoff thinking of what might have been. There's a great site called sharingher. No, this is not an ad, I just happened to come across the site if you'll pardon the expression, and it has loads of material. Anyone here into hotwives, sharing, MMF? Love to hear stories, see pictures. Please share!

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By deiafn [Ignore] at 09,Feb,18 20:15
Love it! Hotwives are the best thing ever.

By Jrbowen2016 [Ignore] at 09,Feb,18 09:24
Me and my exwife talked about her boyfriends when we fucked i got turned on hearing about it she said he had a 10 inch dick very thick she said the first night they went to his house they messed around a little bit she said he fingerd her and she pulled his dick out and she couldnt believe how big it was she said she sucked him and could only get the head in her mouth he was so fat. She said she went home that night and played with her pussy and came 3 times thinking about fucking him she went back to his house the next night and said she was so wet wanting to fuck it so bad she said the biggest she had was 6 inches and wanted bigger.she said he ate her and she sucked him and he ate her agian she said she told him she wanted him to fuck her with his big cock now she said the head was huge but it felt so good she said it hurt alittle them she got used to it and said she took all of hin in about 3 strokes she said it felt so good and she came 4 times and them she felt him swell up and she thru her legs over his shoulders and felt him cum deep in her she said she squirted and came harder than she ever had. I loved hearing about their fucking i would get so horny i would fuck her with a 10 inch dildo while she was doggy style and lick her ass whils i shuved all of it deep in her big pussy she would cum so hard i would tell her that i wanted to watch her fuck a huge cock while we fucked and we both got turned on by that i would cum in her and she would tell me to eat it out we did that for years and she got to talking about a guy she worked with she would like to fuck she started 2nd shift he worked on i told her she could if i could watch.we talked about it when we fucked i asked if he had a big dick and she said yea after worh they went to his house and they played around she let him eat her pussy and she sucked him off said he was 8 and a half inched but thick as her wrist i shot off when she told me that i told her to set it up i wanted to watch her fuck him she said she would talk to him about it a couple nights later she came home and woke me up straddling my face she said she needed me to eat her pussy i turned the lamp on as she straddled me and her hole was huge and open i saw cum in her hair and running out of her hole she told me to eat his load out of her and she rode my face and cum so hard then she told me to fuck her stretched out pussy i rolled her over and put her legs over my shoulders and sunk my 6 inch dich in her she was so loose and wet with cum i lasted about 10 pumps and shot my load in her she said i must really like that i didnt last long she told me to lick her clean and while i licked her she told me how good this big dick felt i got hard agian and stuck it back in it felt sooo good i lasted 5 pumps and shot off agian i was so horney feeling how big her pussy was she rode my face and came 2 more times she asked if i was mad she did it i told her hell no but i wanted to watch her fuck him i told her i would lick her ass while she rode tis fat dick long story short i never got to see them fuck but i licked her open cum filled pussy 3 nights a week for 4 months till we sepetated and she moved in with him.she asked me if i still wanted to lick her but no fuck her and i told her i would she would call me and tell me she needed licked and she would come over with her pussy full of cum and i licked it clean while i jacked off and cum all over her pussy and lick it off.her pussy hole got so big i couldnt believe how huge se was she let me stick it in her one day she wanted me to feel how loose she was now and i couldnt even feel it i shot off quick and she made me eat it anyway we did this for a year them i met another woman and she want do anything like that i think about her with huge dicks when we fuck and ill cum in her and lick her and she dont know i shot any them ill fuck her and cum agian.i started worshiping her pussy and ass every night she will lay on her side and bend her legs and ill spread her ass cheeks and rim her ass and lick her pussy but thats about as kinky as she will get

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