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J and I first sucked each other’s dicks when we were 13 or 14

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By ixelfou4r [Ignore] at 08,Feb,18 22:40   Pageviews: 113

during a sleepover and enjoyed it so much we kept it up for years. At first we only sucked dick and jerked each other off in the dark but soon we were having incredibly fun after-hours sessions after his or my parents would go to bed and we’d stay up playing video games. The video games would turn off and our cocks would come out. In addition to sucking and touching we would lick and suck each other’s nipples and J also gladly licked my ass, but we didn't do anything else. We'd play like this for hours watching late-night Cinemax or Showtime. We had a VHS tape at the ready to record any good parts. Those were the times. We’d then cum into tissues and call it a night. Fun times.

Many years have gone by since we had such fun until recently when J came to visit me in New York. He walked in with a bottle of red wine and we embraced and immediately began talking, joking and laughing. We opened the wine and I prepared some things to eat. Not long after we rolled a joint and put on some music. I have Metallica’s Ride the Lighting on vinyl and J was the one who introduced me to that record all those years ago. It felt like the perfect, exciting thing to play.

I lit the joint, inhaled the sweet cannabis smoke and passed it to J. He took a few drags and passed it back to me. “Put your hand down my pants” I said as I dragged on the joint. J slid his hand down my pants and touched the base of my hardening cock. He ran his fingers down the shaft as I inhaled. His fingers lightly rubbed my head, which was still covered by my foreskin. I passed the joint back to J and slid my hand into his pants. His thick, juicy, circumcised dick was hard already. We held each other’s dicks like that while we continued to smoke. I pulled J’s dick out of his pants and it sprung to attention immediately, sticking straight out, his head hard and swollen. I blew smoke on his dick and watched it quiver slightly. “Take my cock out too” I said quietly and J obliged happily. My 7 inch cock was hard by this point and it also stuck out, bending to the left as it always does.

J began to slowly move my foreskin back and forth over my head. A drop of precum appeared on the tip of my head and J spread it over my cock. I was getting harder and higher by the minute. I passed the joint back to J, turned to face him, grabbed my own cock and pressed my head to his. The precum from both of our dicks combined and as we pulled away a translucent string connected our cocks. Fuck it felt so good. We rubbed our wet dicks together, staring down at ourselves with smiles on our faces.

J reached down and cupped my balls with his hand as he blew smoke out at my face, which I tried to inhale. “I can’t wait anymore” said J and dropped down to his knees. I took off my pants completely and stood at attention in front of him. At first he gently licked my head with the tip of his tongue. My cock shuddered on his lips. He opened his mouth and took me in. He always sucked my dick so well. With hunger. His wet mouth enveloped my head and most of my shaft. He began to suck and grabbed my ass with his hands. I thrust my hips tlowards him and he held my cock in his mouth, swirling his tongue over my rock hard head. I also wanted a taste of cock so I pulled mine out of J’s mouth and asked him to stand up. I got down and had his cock right in front of my face. It was thick and hard. I licked around J’s head and took him in. We sucked and jerked each other off for close to an hour, stopping to flip the record and drink wine.

We rolled another joint and lit it, now standing naked next to each other, our hard dicks swinging. We passed the joint and playfully fondled each other. I wanted more.

We finished the second joint and now were really buzzing, J and I walked over to the couch and within seconds my cock was in J's mouth, fully erect and firmly held between his lips. I fucked his mouth and he loved every second of it. "Make sure you get enough," I said and continued to fuck J's mouth, pushing my swollen head between his lips and over his tongue.

J sucked me like that until I popped my dick out of his mouth and looked him in the eyes. We stood up and walked to the bed in the bedroom. I laid down in front of J and put my legs up over my head.

“Want me to lick your ass?” J asked with a sly smile. “Yes” I practically moaned. J came close and got on top of me. He sucked my nipples, bit down on each one gently while our cocks touched and rubbed against one another. Fuck I was turned on. So was J. He moved downward and gave my cock a quick suck - in and out - and then propped my ass up, my legs still in the air, so that he had a clear view of my asshole. J flicked his tongue around my rim and I shuddered with pleasure, my dick right standing up above his head. J licked me from the bottom of my ass up to my balls, over my cock and up to the tip and down again. He then thrust his tongue into my ass and tongue fucked me - in and out, in and out.

Fuck it was so hot. I wanted more. “Are you hard?” I asked. J said “fuck yeah” but I already knew that. I loved that I made him so hard. I wanted to admire his cock and so I reached for my lock box of toys and accessories and took out a leather cock ring. J nodded and I put it around his balls and cock and clipped it closed. His thick dick looked so good, his head huge with a drop of precum at the tip. I licked it off. It tasted sweet.

I took J into my mouth and enjoyed the feeling of his hard and heavy cock resting on my tongue. His head pressing against the sides and roof of my mouth. I sucked it with pleasure while jerking my self off as J took photos from above.

I was so turned on and J’s dick was so hard and looked so good. I wanted more of it.

“Put your dick in my ass. Please” I said, still on my knees and holding J by the balls. This is not something that we did all those years ago but now I wanted it. We moved back to the bed, me laying on my back and J standing above me with his cock pointed at me. He took off the cock ring and put it aside. J covered his dick with oil, spread some on my asshole and moved closer to me. He let his hard head touch my ass and kept it there for a few seconds, smiling at me. He rubbed his head around my ass and pressed it more forcefully against my asshole. I was so excited with anticipation. J then pressed harder and his dick popped into my ass as I moaned out loud. J's dick is the perfect size for my ass; thick, hard and not too long. God it felt so good to have my ass filled with a hard, wet dick. My own cock was rock hard and my legs were in the air. Over the years I've gotten comfortable with expressing my femininity and readily admitted that I loved being fucked. I held my legs apart as J pumped his cock in and out. He grabbed hold of my cock and continued to fuck me while jerking me off or just holding onto it like one would a joystick. I loved the feeling of him sliding in and out. I was so turned on and judging by J's hot and deep fucking, so was he.

"I want your cock in my mouth again," said J and pulled out of my ass. I gasped with pleasure as his head popped out. He couldn't wait to suck me again. "Fuck, your head is so hard!" J exclaimed as he put his lips around it. My cock was covered in precum, oil from our sex, and the wetness of J's mouth. I wanted to get freakier still. "Hold on a second, man" I said and got up to walk to the closet. J watched me curiously, wondering what I was going to do. My desire was to feel more feminine, like a slutty girl thrilled to be fucked, so I got out a pink slip-on corset and a pink wig. I would have preferred a blond wig but I had the pink one from another occasion. So there I was in a pink corset, long pink hair, with an erect 7 inch cock and tight balls below it. I took out a pair of high heeled wedges and slipped them on. I felt hot, like a sexy slut with a hard cock. J admired me up and down and motioned for me to bring my cock to his mouth. He sucked it slow, he sucked it fast, he licked the head, he took the whole shaft into his mouth, and he sucked on my balls, making a popping sound as he released them. We filmed this from the bottom up. I love watching it: J hungrily and with great pleasure sucking my long and hard cock.

We felt like we needed a smoke and drink break and so we exited the bedroom. I was still dressed like a tall, skinny, emo slut with a hard dick. J had on a simple black t-shirt and nothing else. We rolled a third joint and poured ourselves more wine. Ride the Lightning ended long ago so I put on another record. I felt hot and sexy smoking and drinking with J, our dicks out and occasionally rubbing together. The joint made us super horny all over again. I wanted to fuck more and so without leaving the area where we were, J sat down on a chair and I positioned myself on top, facing him. My ass was still wet and ready and his dick was hard and willing to fill me. I slowly sat down on him and felt my ass open up as his cock slid in. I moaned and at the same time J leaned forward and put his mouth on my nipples. He flicked his tongue over them and I felt them getting hard. I returned the favor by sucking and gently biting his nipples as I moved up and down on his dick. This felt so good and I felt so turned on I did something that I've never done before. I leaned forward and kissed J on the mouth. He was a little surprised because that has never happened before, but he was into the hot, sexy and positive experience. He kissed me back and I sat all the way down on him. J was in my ass up to his balls and we flicked our tongues together and I began to grind in circles on his cock. We were both panting with excitement. J reached over to where our burning joint was resting, took a big drag, and pressed his mouth against mine. He blew the smoke into my mouth and grabbed my dick in between our bodies. I was going out of my mind with pleasure and knew it wouldn't be long before I came.

Before the grand finale, we switched positions several times. I sat on J's dick facing away from him. I rode him while he laid on his back. He fucked me doggy style. And finally I laid on my back on the floor with J on top of me, pumping and pumping my ass. J was grunting with each pump and began breathing heavily. I could tell that he was close but wasn’t sure where to cum. “I want you to cum in my ass,” I said, looking J straight in the eye. He began to fuck me fast and deep and with each stroke his cock felt bigger and bigger, ready to explode. J let out a loud “Fuck!” and pressed himself against me, his cock all the way in, mine hard and up, and all of a sudden I felt his cum filing my ass. It felt so good, his dick still hard and still sliding in and out so easily, covered in cum inside my ass. I kept jerking myself off and knew that I would cum any second. I wanted to cum all over J's cock. He sat back holding it, fresh out of my ass and I stood over him and began to jerk off. I let out loud grunts as I felt the cum building up. And then it exploded out of my hard, throbbing, wet cock, with my ass tightening up and releasing pleasurably after the fucking it received. My hot cum covered J's dick from the base to his head and when the last drop was out J let out a "holy shit..." and I collapsed next to him on the couch, my cock practically vibrating from the orgasm.

Next time I want J to cum into my mouth as I jerk myself off. Until then, this skinny emo slut will wait patiently.

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By JustWill [Ignore] at 09,Feb,18 12:24
That was a very enjoyable read. Well done!
By ixelfou4r [Ignore] at 17,Feb,18 11:09
I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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