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By ferret7615 [Ignore] at 10,Feb,18 15:15   Pageviews: 100

I recently bought a new shower head. The one I chose is a hand held job with selectable types of water outlets. Placing it to the underside of my penis and putting is into pulsating mode the first time was the most intense sexual feeling I have had is some time.
When I got closer and closer to ejaculating waves of fantastic sexual excitement came over me. I forced myself to back off several times to avoid ejaculations. I was home alone at the time and moans of excitement got louder and louder.
Finally I gave into the shear pleasure of cumming and it was possibly the best I have ever experienced in my life!
I came in wave after wave the pleasure was so intense I thought I was going to die. Huge spurts of cum shot out of my penis, like almost never before.
When my wife came home I suggested we take a shower together to show her the new shower I had installed. I aimed the pulsating head at here vulva and before long she was feeling the excitement herself. I held in on her with one hand and embraced and deep kissed her as she went into ecstasy of cumming.
Now we had the new shower head a while and we must be the cleanest people on our street! Enjoying the toil of showering very often. Get out to Home Depot and check out the new showers guys!

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By #543354 [Ignore] at 19,Feb,18 03:17
and then he peed on her ;-)

By riccismall [Ignore] at 11,Feb,18 09:07
Yes I recently showed my lady friend the feelings that the jets from the hot tub and it drives her crazy. It also feels good on my cock and bung.
By ferret7615 [Ignore] at 11,Feb,18 15:26
There is a difference between high pressure water and pulsating water. Pulsating is better.

By alanhuk [Ignore] at 10,Feb,18 18:26

By thebeewolf [Ignore] at 10,Feb,18 15:40
Man, I gotta get me one of those!

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