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My adventures in gay sex - part 2

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By josh5800 [Ignore] at 11,Feb,18 10:34   Pageviews: 66

Everything I write here is true.

See part 1 for Guys 1 & 2.


Guy 3.

It was a couple more years before I met anyone and I was on a different hook-up site that rhymes with ‘blurt’.

This next guy was a couple of years older than me, slim and sexy but like me couldn’t accommodate so we agreed to a car meet.

I picked him up and he directed me to an industrial estate, in the dark, it was very discrete and he’d obviously used it before.

He didn’t want to kiss, which was fine, he undid my flies, stroked me through my underwear and pulled out my cock. I was still limp and he gently stroked me to get it hard then leant over in the car to take me into his mouth. He was good, taking me deep and then licking my head while he stroked my balls. I warned him I was about to cum and he backed off, which was a relief. He stroked me a bit more and then I asked if I could do the same to him.

He pulled down his jeans and underwear to reveal his cock, he wasn’t hard either. I tried stroking his cock then bent over to take him into my mouth. I sucked and licked and caressed his balls but I got no response. He seemed a little embarrassed but said it happened when he got nervous. He said he didn’t mind as long as I enjoyed it and he went back to sucking me. I lasted a few more minutes before giving him notice. He let me cum in his mouth but didn’t swallow, instead he opened the car door and spat it onto the ground.

I dropped him back at the station and went home feeling satisfied and much less guilty than usual.


Guy 4.

It must have been a few months later and I was chatting with a guy who lived nearby, we seemed to get along and he had his own house so it was easy to arrange a meet.

When I finally found his place, he met me at the door and led me straight to his bedroom. We shared the usual nervous moment sat on the bed before he kissed me, lips only not shoving his tongue into my mouth. He took my hand and placed it on his erection, I rubbed it and he gave a guttural moan.

I got onto my knees and pulled down his jeans. His cock was bulging in his underwear and I kissed and playfully bit his cock as he pulled off his T-shirt. My hands found his waistband and I pulled his boxers down to reveal his red coloured pubic hair before his cock sprang out into my face. With my hands on his ass cheeks I took the head of his cock into my mouth and started working up and down his length. His cock was slim and I could take 4 to 5” into my mouth before gagging slightly then I used one hand to stroke him as I licked his hairy balls.

He pulled me up and kissed me again, his cock pressing into me as he tried to remove my jeans. For the first time with a guy I was already hard as he pulled down my underwear. He took me into his mouth and I savoured the warm and wet envelope my cock. Knowing my tendency for cumming too quickly, I asked him to go slow and he changed his sucking to make it softer and gentler allowing me to enjoy the blow job instead of him desperately making me cum.

I suggested we get comfortable and we moved into a 69 on our sides, so we suck each others cocks and caress each others bodies. After a few minutes I was ready to cum, sensing this he took me deep into my mouth and gladly swallowed my load. He then lay on his back and started to jerk off while I licked his head and held his balls. I moved my head away before he came and he shot several spurts over his stomach.

He kissed me and then went to clean up while I got dressed. We small talked for a bit and then I left to go home. No guilty this time - I was becoming more comfortable with gay sex.


Guy 3 (again)

I kept chatting with Guy 3 - we seemed to be on the same wavelength. At odds with homo/bisexuality versus the expectation of friends and family and the misery that these contradictions brought.

We discussed our lives, my (limited) sexual activity and our fantasies. I rarely met anyone whereas he’d found a regular meet and would bottom for him.

We met again a while after our first meet. He then had a flat to himself and so we arranged to spend a few hours together in a warm room instead of a cold car. As I knew he liked to bottom, I presumptuously took along some condoms and lube.

I arrived and we chatted for a bit over a cup of tea. We removed our clothes and lay on the bed next to each other, before we both reached for each others cocks. I became hard as he held my cock and he moved down to suck me. I groaned quietly as he took me into his mouth, he ran his hands over my torso as he held his head still, his tongue swirling my head.

I asked him to stop before I came and then made him lie back. I worked my way down his chest, licking his nipples and kissing the trail of hair from his belly button to his groin then taking his cock into my hands I gently rubbed it. Unlike our first meet, he started to get hard and I kissed the head before licking up a few dribbles of precum. I took him into my mouth and he closed his eyes as I tried to take him all the way in. He was about 6” and I nearly got my nose to his pubes but started to gag so pulled back. I wanked him and sucked his cock for over 5 minutes before he said he wasn’t close, it wasn’t me but nerves stopped him getting to ejaculation.

We paused for a bit, chatted a while, gave each other massages and while I rubbed his back I rested my semi between his cheeks. He said he would normally have let me fuck him but he was not feeling 100%. Feeling slightly disappointed but incredibly horny I whispered into his ear that he could fuck me instead but he said he preferred to bottom. He turned over and grabbed my cock with his hand getting me fully hard again. They I lay back and let him suck me to completion, taking my load into his mouth but not swallowing.

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Hot mate

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