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My adventures in gay sex - part 3

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By josh5800 [Ignore] at 13,Feb,18 01:18   Pageviews: 57

Everything I write here is true.

See part 1 for Guys 1 & 2, part 2 for Guys 3 & 4.


Guy 4 (again).

I chatted occasionally with Guy 4 about the possibility of another meet and whether I should move onto trying anal. He persuaded and slightly bullied me into it: ďif not now, whenĒ kind of logic so I agreed to go round his place. I showered to clean my body but, being a novice about these things, didnít do anything with my insidesÖ

Heíd moved house and I struggled to find it, got slightly stressed out before calling him and getting directions. When I arrived he got me some water and then led me to his bedroom. We lay clothed on the bed and I was very nervous. We chatted for a while before he kissed me, I responded and he started to remove my clothes followed by his.

He lay on top of me as we kissed, his hard cock frotting against my slightly limp effort but I started to respond and soon our cocks were rubbing against each other. He said he wanted to fuck me, if I was ok with that. I nodded nervously as he put on a condom and himself up. He put some lube around my hole and then pressed forward. It didnít hurt as such but I was tight and uptight and with some effort he managed to get the head inside. Iíd gone limp again and despite his gentle thrusts I wasnít feeling anything but discomfort. He pulled out and my uncleanliness was obvious. I felt disgusted at myself and went to the bathroom to clean up.

When I came back to the bedroom he was still hard and offered to let me fuck him. He sucked me back to hardness before putting on a thick condom, lubing me and his hole. I pushed at his hole but with my inexpertise, nervousness and rapidly deflating cock I gave up before entering him. I donít remember if we made each other cum after that, Iíd really lost my enthusiasm.

I didnít meet Guy 4 again, it was a few years before I met another guy and nearly a decade before I let anyone attempt to fuck me again.


Guy 5.

Another guy I started chatting to online, he was a student nearby and we quickly arranged a meet.

He snuck me into his university dorm and kissed me quickly before removing each others clothes. He kissed his way down my body, licking both my nipples (I know some guys like this but it generally does nothing for me, I let guys do it if they want) and then down on his knees to my hard cock which he grabbed with both hands, gently slapping it against his lips before taking the head into his mouth. Fuck, it felt good to have my cock in someoneís mouth after such a long time. He was good too: using my entire length, his hands and his tongue bringing me close but never letting me cum.

He suggested a 69 and he lay on the bed while went on top and finally got hold of his cock. We started to suck each other with relish and for once I wasnít ready to cum, he kept holding me back which felt amazing. He pulled my cock out of his mouth and started to lick my balls. I pulled off of his cock and sat up and his tongue snaked between my cheeks. This was my first rimming and I moaned as his tongue explored around and just inside my hole.

We moved back to 69 and he kept playing with my arse as he sucked me. He got me so excited I spunked my load into his mouth which he promptly swallowed. I kept wanking him and he finally spurted his load over his belly.


Guy 6.

I donít remember the exact circumstances I came to meet this guy, much about him or exactly where we met other than it was in a quiet layby a few miles from where I was living.

We parked next to each other and both got into the backseat of his car. A quick fumble and unbuttoning of jeans and we were wanking each other. He sucked me first for a few minutes and then I reciprocated until he came in my mouth. I didnít swallow and spat his load on the ground outside of the car. He finished sucking me off and did the same with my cum.

Like I say, I donít remember the finer details and it was a quick one-off.

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