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Surprising night out......

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By Derby_Dong [Ignore] at 25,Feb,18 08:19   Pageviews: 44

In the last few months, I've been the best behaved bloke on the planet - not through choice mind, but because the young lady that I've been seeing for years finally got too involved with it all and put a stop to everything.

Contact, talking, the whole works - it took a few months before I could even get a word back in reply. Totally cut out.

Anyway, I was invited out with an old, but shared friend. I agreed to go on the old Facebook. Surprised I got a message from her asking if I fancied a drink before we met the main group and some food.

Awkward, but I reluctantly agreed.

We met up and it was .... strange. Hardly spoke, but she kept looking at me and smiling. A few beers later and we were chatting, but it was still really distant. She had a skirt on, if you can call it that, that left little to the imagination with some hot fishnet tights on too. Proper head turner!

Night goes on and we've met the rest of the group and the beers are really flowing. It got to about midnight and she says she wants to get out of there and head home - am I joining her for a bit of TV and a few more beers before calling it a night.

We leave and get a taxi back to hers. She checks her husband is asleep and she makes some drinks and puts a film on for us. This is where it all gets a bit weirder....

She said her neck was sore and would I mind rubbing it....sure, why not! So I lean over and give it a bit of a rub and squeeze and she stops me...

"No, sorry, it's not working"

Oh, I think - she's realised it's a bad idea!!


"Let me move so you can use both hands...." !!!

She climbs on top of me, onto my lap and tells me to carry on now!

I start to rub and obviously get a hardon - I've got a hot woman sat on my lap, moaning and rocking with the massage.

She comments that she can feel it pushing against her and that it feels good!! I keep massaging, not wanting to make a move and ruin a good thing.

Well, didn't need to worry there....she grabs my hand and pulls it round to the front and places it onto her pussy region!

"try rubbing here....that needs some attention too" she moans.....

I start to tease her and rub, running my hand over the top of her tights.....but decide to venture in. My hand goes down the front of her lacy knickers and man alive is it wet.....fucking soaking in fact!

By now, she's moaning louder - I'm a bit worried that her husband might hear - but not worried enough to stop.

I slip a finger in, then two.....wet as anything and start to play with her clit how she likes!! It sends her wild and she let out a deeeeeeep moan and tells me how much she's missed me playing with her and my cock!!

She comes from my fingers - hard - shuddering from top to toe....leaps off me, making me jump thinking someone is coming......pulls her tights and knickers down, flicks my belt open and pulls my cock out and starts to ride me!

WE are fucking like ****. My cock is about hard as a diamond and she's thrashing around on it- it felt amazing. She was so wet, you could hear it so loud - my balls we soaking wet and just slamming into her.

She jumps off again - AGAIN making me jump and sits on the sofa and tells me to go down on her. I don't need asking twice and tell her how much I love the taste and smell and get my tongue deep inside, fingers in her pussy too to help out.

She's literally **** my face in as hard as she can - to the point where it was actually a bit painful (like I care!!) and she just came on straight into my mouth - it was like a fountain, so I lap it all up and go up to share with her - she licks it all off my lips and our tongues are darting around each others mouths frantically sharing.

I push my cock in again and then stand up and let her suck me off for a while. I couldn't hear what she was saying properly, but it sounded like she loved my cock

She stands up, takes me into the kitchen, leans over the table and commands me to fuck her as hard as I can behind - she wants to be as rough as I can. We fuck for a while more, I think the beer was helping on the holding power - she came another few times dripping all over the table.

She said she could go anymore as her whole body was just a orgasm filled mess!

Stood up and sucked my cock again for a while, cleaning it all up and came to kiss me.....and basically wanked me off into her knickers that she'd somehow managed to keep on the whole time round her ankles!! lol

It was like a tsunami in there.....I just came and came and came. She pulled them up, smiled at me and just rubbed my cum all over her pussy.

Pulled her skirt up and led to the sofa and collapsed. We watched a bit more tv and I got a taxi.

Sent her a message today and I got a reply saying "nothings changed - but we are going out again....soon".

That's it. I've been offically used as a sex slave!

Fucking love it.

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