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It Started with a Trac Phone- An SYC Original Production- Act Four

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By Skittles [Ignore] at 25,Feb,18 12:38   Pageviews: 29

After Richard tuned up JNK for her scandalous cheating, he realised he needed to send a message to keep this from happening again. A listening device had been placed in JNK's auto and now one in the bedroom. After all, Richard could not maintain this lavish lifestyle by not working. His services were needed at the rendering factory. He had just accepted a much coveted and newly created position. State road crews were now bringing in road kill and it was Richard's job to process the carcasses. Jealousy reached a new level at the factory.

New rules were also applied to keep JNK on a tight leash. She could no longer go to the store by herself and was required to be visible on the cameras at all times that Richard had installed throughout their dilapidated house. It was a sad, new era for JNK and she was busy plotting on how to subvert these new constraints to get back with her lollipop. It was paining her to know he was still so close in their romantic Motel 6. JNK also worried that he was shagging another woman. He was so handsome that he could easily score someone else. Like a maid or female trucker. Someone elegant and classy.

Luckily, JNK had successfully hid her Trac Phone and had been using their landline at the time of her attack. But where to hide it was another story. They rarely had sex so she got a zip-lock bag and put the phone inside. Next, she covered it with Astro-glide and hid it up her cunny. Much like a inmate would do to hide it from the guards. It was a brilliant move. She did worry it would stretch her pink parts out, but came to the conclusion her box was already broken. If only she could come up with the readies to pay for a vaginal rhinoplasty surgery.

She stayed at home that day watching her stories and eating Doritos. JNK fell asleep on the sofa and started dreaming of her Lollipop filling her cunny up. It was just when her dream was getting good when she woke up to the sound of Richard's piece of shit truck pulling in. The muffler was fucked off and she was so embarrassed he drove that around town. The door opened and she raced to get a beer for him. If beer was not served upon arrival, there would be hell to pay.

He walked into the kitchen in his usual profane and hillbilly manner yelling for the beer. She handed him his beer and panic set in. JNK could not remember if she turned off the phone, or put it to silent. The last thing she needed was for Michael to ring her up and her cunt would start ringing! That would be a disaster she would never survive. But how would she mange to get away and pull the phone out to check? Richard was so paranoid he ripped the door to the bathroom off the hinges so there was no privacy. At least she knew Richard would not touch her cunny as it was still craving Michael's much bigger size.

After Richard's usual 12 pack of pre-dinner beers they sat down for dinner. It was Tuesday so that meant frozen fried chicken and Doritos. JNK was cussed and yelled at for 20 minutes because she had gone through most of the bag of chips today, leaving hardly any for Richard. Somehow she knew this night would end badly. Thankfully, Richard fell asleep on the sofa watching re-runs of Dukes of Hazard.

Richard woke up with a raging boner. He must have been dreaming about Luke Duke again. JNK did not see it coming. He started to rip off her clothes and got her bent over. She really started to panic but then felt the warm lube on her arse she thought she would be okay. Richard decided to fuck her back cunt and demanded she answer to the name Luke Duke whilst he hammered her with his small knob. The thought of arse shagging Luke Duke really got him going. Before she could stop it or react, the phone shot out of her pussy like some kind of cunt missile. At first Richard did not know what was happening.

The phone that came flying out of JNK's cunt was sitting on the floor when it started to ring........

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