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By ferret7615 [Ignore] at 25,Feb,18 13:15   Pageviews: 84

When I first met my wife and married her, while not a virgin, she was inexperienced in the male body. One day I was peeing and she came up behind me and grabbed on cock. Of course I sort of jumped, she said Male urination was of interest to her. I let her hold my cock and she exclaimed she could feel the movement of the piss through my cock. By that time I was getting a monster hard on and could no longer really pee. Sex was inevitable, and that's what we did.

For a while after that first piss time, she came running in to hold my cock whenever I went to the john. I went along with it for her sake although I sort of like it too.

For a while it was my joke to invite her if she wanted join me at a public toilet in restaurants or theaters. Of course she would not join me, but once she said: "Don't let anyone hold it for you in there!"

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By t-rex [Ignore] at 25,Feb,18 15:51
I have had that happen before, I enjoyed it too

By decatur212 [Ignore] at 25,Feb,18 13:32
WOW, that is very HOT

By thebeewolf [Ignore] at 25,Feb,18 13:17
I've had a GF hold it for me once, too. Something about her criticizing men's aim. I said if it's so easy, try it!

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