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Oriental pleasure (Eng translation)

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By 1972_Kallen [Ignore] at 26,Feb,18 11:42   Pageviews: 43

I tried to translate my dutch blogs.


Part 1:

I met Aytül for the first time during a classical concert during a festival in Groningen. She looked fantastic. And I soon had the feeling that she also noticed me.

After a while we met with each other and found out that we could have something to offer each other musically. She plays the piano and I am a guitarist.

She invited me to visit her the next weekend.

She lives in rural areas in a detached house and the interior does a bit of an Oriental. She says that she originates from Istanbul and that she came to the Netherlands at a young age. She is very nervous and it also seems that she is afraid that she has too much attraction. She tries to be as unattractive as possible. After an hour or three she is much more relaxed and we make a new appointment.

The first few months we meet regularly and I notice that she looks sexier. She is also increasingly relaxed.

Something she was not in the beginning. I also feel more and more at ease. Conversations are also deeper and she says that she originally lived in the south of the Netherlands. She had fled there at the age of 15 after naked pictures of her were made by her schoolmates in the shower area.

She came to live in rooms in Groningen.

One evening had another deep conversation. She lay on the leather couch, I sat on a lovely leather chair. During the conversation, I got some coffee and tea and sat down with her on the couch. She smelled so delicious, she had a nice tight dress, so tight that I knew for sure that she had no bra and panties on. She was just behind me on the couch and she began to caress my back. For me a sign to also throw some of my hesitation. The serious conversation soon turned into erotically tinted subjects. For example, I said that I had noticed that in the beginning she was dressed very inconspicuously and that we often came together, her clothes became tighter and sexier and her breasts became more and more prominent.

She smiled something and she said that was the intention.

I asked, "Shall i lay down next to you?", After which she nodded in agreement. I lay down next to her and she almost immediately crept on me. Her beautiful breasts hung in her tight dress that could hardly bear it. She pushed one of her legs between my legs and pushed her thigh against my pole that had been rock hard for a while.

I felt my horniness rise quickly and her eyes also spoke volumes. Convinced that I was, that if we put all the brakes off that there would be nothing left of our clothes, I tried to keep it on the right track.

Not that that helped a lot. We were horny and we only wanted one thing: sex.

We first kissed something, which quickly turned into French kissing. I let my hands glide over her divine body and then became 100% convinced that she only had the black minidress. Her full F cup breasts pushed on my chest.

She chuckled and said she could feel that I had a stiff pole. Gee, you mean it I said. She put her hand on my pole and began to gently rub it. "Shall I free him from a plight?" She asked. I said "yes". She opened my zipper and took my phallus in her hand after taking it out of my underpants.

She pulled back the foreskin and said she thought it was a nice cock. She asked if I was also very curious about her 'boys'. "I've been fantasizing about that for months!". She smiled and asked if I often fantasized about her. I said every day.

She came up on her knees and pulled her dress from bottom to top.

God, how beautiful she is. My pole was about to explode. Her beautiful face, her full breasts, beautiful belly, smooth pussy and delicious legs.

She got up and said, undress and come to my bedroom. I'm going to please you. You deserve to be pleased and to cum. She went to the bedroom and I followed her after having taken off my clothes.

Part 2: First night

She was already naked in the oriental-looking bed. Such a bed where mine is completely out of the question. Well, have such a pre-Ikea bed that almost falls apart after 30 years.

Her bed is a waterbed .. oh, yeah.

What does she look delightful. Her 40 years have not had much impact on her. As I climb on the bed, she spreads her legs and I see that she is already wet. I crawl between her legs and kiss her abdomen. My hands let me slide past her torso and later find her breasts that are found very easily. Licking her navel, I let my fingers spin circles around her nipples that slowly become stiff. Aytül lets her hands slide through my hair and holds my head.

She is coming up and that is the sign for me to come up too. She takes my pole in her left hand and begins to slowly massage it. We tongues for a while and she feels that she should not continue massaging for too long.

"Lie down on your stomach", she says and after I lie down, she sits down on me and starts massaging my back, neck and buttocks. Not really erotic but very relaxing. "You are quite tense, that has to be done," says Aytül, and she is well aware of her job.

After a minute or 10-15 she pushes my legs apart and grabs my balls with one hand. God, that has an effect on my erection !!! It makes me horribly horny.

"Turn around", she says and I turn around. She lies between my legs and takes the head of my phallus in her warm mouth. Teasingly her tongue goes around my head. Here is a pro busy I think.

She is so good at pampering my cock that after a while I do not like it anymore. After indicating that I am about to get ready, she looks at me while she holds my head in the mouth. I see her smile and she continues. Less than half a minute later I spray my sperm into her mouth. She continues to squeeze while I'm moaning heavily. She lets my phallus come loose on me and shows very clearly close to my ear that she swallows the seed. GVD ..

You just have a moment in your life that all happiness comes together. A nice job, training ... such a day that you only experience once in your life.

This was for me that day.

She kept lying comfortably in my arms, while I had to recharge my battery. Frustratin that you see all your horniness evaporate after you cum.

There was once a serious mistake made when tinkering our DNA.

Fortunately, she also has experience with this, so she gives me the time to get excited again. We have a long night she says, so that promises something. She likes to cuddle and kiss. And she uses her breasts to make it even cozier. What a wonderful boys it is! NINETY FIVE F !! That seems to be great. Well, I can check it because I see a bunch of breasts that I have not seen in this position in this position. I take one of her delicious nipples in the mouth and gently suck and lick her nipple. Hmm, it looks like some milk is coming out! Damn! That's horny!

I also 'test' her other nipple and there also some milk comes out. She groans a little and I also see that she likes it that I'm surprised that she lactates.

I put her on her back and lie down next to her. Now I want to really let her enjoy. I put my left hand behind her head, massage her breasts with the other and my tongue finds her tongue. In french kissing I am among the best and she enjoys it to the fullest. I let my right hand slide down and feel the area between her legs. These are already moving apart. She is soaking wet. I quickly found her clit and then let my fingers slide through her whole slit. And while I kiss her, I let my fingers go from her clit to her fuck hole and back. Aytül is enjoying immensely and is starting to breathe more heavily and faster. I notice that she is heading towards her orgasm. Just before her orgasm I stop with kissing and look her deep in the eyes and whisper to her "Come on, come on, let go and cum". Moments later I feel her body shaking and a few deep groans come from her throat.

Wow. You often see women "cumming" on porn sites, but I really enjoy the real thing. Someone you love, give the ultimate pleasure.

It takes a while and she comes back to her positives. She crawls nicely against me and I take the blankets and hit them over us. Just a piece of rest.

We will continue the hours afterwards at different intervals. What a bliss it is with her.

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